PC Update Monday 4/23/01


Port Charles Update Monday 4/23/01

By Jeanne

Frank at Kelly's staring at the note from Cookie. Again he questions his sanity. He takes off.

Inside the Bike shop Alison Jack and Livvie are toasting to the new name for the business "Muffins and Mufflers." Outside Zach tells his gang to take off while he and Jamal discuss the money Alison took from him. Jamal still doesn't believe him until Zach shows him pictures of Alison and Jack picking up the money from the post office box.

Karen at the hospitals reading the result of her blood test. Eve walks in and she tells Eve that she is an almost perfect match for Arianna. Eve is thrilled but Karen says she can't do it.

Jamal is trying to get rid of Zach who tells him he is in over his head. They owe him $30,000; next week it will be $40,000. They will never be able to pay him back. Jamal wants Zach gone. Zach says make us happy and make your woman happy and walks off

Frank is at a bar and tells the bartender that he has spent the last couple weeks talking to someone who lives in 1973.

Eve is very enthusiastic and tries to talk Karen into the transplant. Karen keeps saying there is time to find someone else someone who is a perfect match. Karen's biggest concern is having to be on narcotic analgesics. Eve starts to understand. Karen isn't sure she will be able to come back from it if she has to go off drugs a third time. Donating to Arianna may destroy her life.

Jamal interrupts a clinch between Livvie and Jack and pulls him out to the front of the shop. Once outside he grabs Jack by the throat and pushes him up against the wall. He shows him the pictures and asks Jack what he was thinking. Jack tells him that Alison did it because she loves him. Jamal tells him where the money came from.

Frank is going on and on with the bartender about talking to someone in the past. The bartender won't serve him anymore because he thinks Frank has had plenty already. He asks Frank why would this kid try to contact Frank of all people? He goes to get Frank a cab.

Eve is sympathetic to Karen's situation. She realizes that Karen's mom falling off the wagon has affected Karen strongly. Karen admits that taking care of her mother again made her want to take a pill. Karen is terrified of taking drugs and losing her life again. She asks Eve what decision she would make if she was in Karen's shoes.

Jack swears that he had no idea that the money was a setup. He says Alison thought the money came from Amanda Barrington. He persuades Jamal to end the fight and work together to fix the problem. They agree not to leave Alison alone. Jamal tells Jack that Zach wants him to race for him. And that these people fix races. They are bad news. Alison comes out all happy and snuggles up to Jamal saying all their dreams are going to come true.

Frank is back at his place, beer in hand. He looks at the wires that were torn out and starts talking to the computer asking "Who the hell are you and what do you want from me Huh??" He guzzles more beer and rambles on and on about the computer and wants to know why he was picked on then the computer turns on he stares at the computer. It says "You are the only friend she has."

Karen tells Eve she doesn't know what she should do. Eve tells her that they will find another donor if she can't do it. Karen can't help but think that is Arianna was well that Eve and Ian could be together. Eve tells her she has put that behind her so she shouldn't think about that. She doesn't know how to make the choice easier for her. Karen says I know a woman is dying and as scary as it is I may be her only chance...... fade out ~~Jeannie~~

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