PC Update Thursday 4/19/01


Port Charles Update Thursday 4/19/01

By Jeanne

Kevin and Eve
are at their table at the grill. The Lawyer Lucy hired to
handle Kevin and Eve's divorce is standing their dumbly. Lucy is wincing in
the background as Eve sarcastically thanks Kevin for his great timing. That
she is going through a lot and this is just what she needs. Why didn't he
tell her he had done this, had she know she wouldn't have been crying on his
shoulder. He says he didn't and asks the lawyer what the hell he is doing
there anyway. Lucy steps forward and asks them to let her explain. Kevin
realizes that Lucy is the one who called the lawyer and asks her what the
hell she is thinking

Karen is on the phone with Arianna's father trying to get him to be tested as
a living donor for Arianna. She starts getting angry with his when he
apparently refuses and say that he is forbidding any other family members to
be tested. She wants to know how he can do that to his own daughter. Without
the transplant Arianna will die. We hear the line click and a dial tone.
Karen stares at the receiver before slamming it down and cursing.

Ian and his dead sister are sitting together at Ian's apartment. She asks Ian
if he is going to say anything. He says he doesn't know where to start. She
says fine she wills start she always did all the talking anyway. She asks him
to pour a her a drink and he does. She tells him he looks like hell as she
takes a sip. She asks why she is there. He says he has no one else to talk
to. She comments that he has no friends in this fine town of Port Charles so
he has to ask his dead sister for advise? He says she isn't dead to him to
which she answers "But I am."

Karen and Chris are at the 8th floor nurses station. Karen is seated at the
computer banging on the keyboard. She blames the trouble she is having on the
computer so Chris asks for a crack at it. She steps aside for him and he
remarks how long the waiting list is for cadaver organs. She says she is
aware that is why she is looking for a living donor for Arianna. Chris asks
why Karen is so "Gung HO' on Arianna's case. She answer that it is because
she is a doctor and Arianna is a very sick patient. She reminds Chris about
the Hippocratic Oath. He tells her to take it easy. He was just asking an
innocent question but she doesn't think anything is innocent when it comes to
Chris. He recommends a Narcotics Anonymous meeting to Karen. She flips out on
him and asks if he is saying that an ex-addict might need the support of an
NA meeting. He says "Well Yeah" and she thanks him for reminding her and
storms off.

Ian's sister asks him how she can help him. He isn't sure what his next move
should be. She thinks this is a reoccurring theme with him! He remarks that
being dead hasn't dulled her tongue any. She asks if ha had expected it to
but he says No. I guess not. He admits that he has made some big mistakes in
his life starting with her. He blames himself for her death. She says he is
carrying a big load-Her death, the children in Africa, Arianna and Eve. He
says he has caused a lot of pain. She tells him pain is unavoidable. It is
Conquering the Pain that matters. He asks how to do that. She tells him he
could run right over it like she always did to which he remarks that things
were always so much easier for her as a tear rolls down his cheek. He says he
is trying to do the best thing for Arianna but what if pushing Eve away is
wrong, What if she is his one true chance at happiness. She says then he had
best take that chance. She didn't and look what happened to her. He says that
things would be easier for him if she would forgive him for not being there
for her. She tells him that he knows in his heart that she never blamed him
for anything that happened to her. He has to forgive himself. The phone rings
and he tells the person on the other end that he will be right there. He
heads for the door stops and turns back but she is gone.

Lucy is apologizing and making a bigger mess of things. She gets the lawyer
to leave and ushers him out. Kevin apologizes to Eve and says that Lucy
didn't really mean any harm. Eve remarks that she never does! They discus
getting a divorce. He thinks she should take more time but she thinks that
too much time has passed already. She asks him to get things started. They
hug and Eve leaves. The bartender comes over to Kevin with an apology note
from Lucy. He signs heavily shaking his head and strides out of the

Frank is talking to Cookie. He is angry that she didn't show up at Kelly's.
She says that she was there sitting at the window. He thinks that she is
lying because that is where he was sitting. She asks how that can be and he
wants to know what kind of game she is playing and that he is sick of it!

Karen is on the phone trying to get hold of Eve. She gets her Voicemail and
says she needs Eve's help and asks her to call her back.

Ian approaches the 8th floor nurses station now in scrubs. Chris is still
working at the computer and he shows him the transplant candidate form and
tells Ian to fill in Arianna's information. Ian thanks him but Chris says it
was all Karen's Idea. Eve comes off the elevator and heads towards Chris at
the nurses station. She sees Ian and stares. Ian turns and sees Eve. They
make eye contact for a moment then Eve walks away. Chris takes off after her.
Eve goes into the On Call room and is fighting with a can of coffee as Chris
comes in. They talk about Arianna and Eve says that she almost killed her but
Chris reminds her that she saved Arianna's life. He tells Eve she did
everything right there except telling him to shut up. He pulls her over to
the couch and makes her sit he starts to rub her shoulders. She fights him at
first but gives in. They banter some more and he gets her to lie down so that
he can rub her lower back. He tells her that he thinks she is an amazing
woman and that Kevin and Ian are fools to let her go.

Frank walks away from the computer saying that Karen was right but cookie
writes that she can prove that she was at Kelly's because she scratched her
name into the window sill. He says he saw that but that it looked like it was
done years ago and there was no way she had done that last night. She says
that she did and that she was board because all they were playing on the
radio was the stupid Watergate Trials. He want to know what she is pulling
and says here is how it ends everyone goes to jail and Nixon resigns. She
wants to know what he is talking about, He wants to know what year she is
living in anyway and she says as if you didn't know it is 1973.

Chris has rubbed Eves back so well that she falls asleep. He remarks how she
is always falling asleep on him. He is paged and leaves. Karen comes flying
in the door and heads to the back room. She doesn't notice Eve sleeping on
the couch. Ian comes in and sees Eve. He squats down and watches her sleep
for a moment then grabs a blanket and covers her. He leaves.

Frank has an Encyclopedia Year Book. He is going to quiz Cookie with
information from 1973. He asks her about the Vietnam war and she says "what
about it? we are all just happy it is over." She says that everyone in her
class was crying when they announced that the troops would be coming home. He
asks what day that was and she tells him Jan 28th. He checks the book and
that is what it says. He wants to know how she knows so much about 1973 and
why she is pretending that she lived then. She says because it is 1973 what
year do you think it is?? He tells her 2001 and she says that she is glad
that he stood her up and that he is crazy. "Im Crazy??" he yells at the

Karen is wrapping her arm with a rubber band. She picks up a needle (looks
like the ones they use to take blood not to inject something). She pulls the
cap off the end looks away and sighs as we fade to black.