PC Update Wednesday 4/18/01

Port Charles Update Wednesday 4/18/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Kevin and Lucy have spent the night at the Port Charles Hotel. Lucy doesn't understand why everything is suddenly working out between them. Kevin tells her that it's because they aren't fighting their love for each other. Kevin heads down to breakfast first, knowing to order decaf for Lucy, who promises to be right there. She calls Richard Silver, the attorney, again to confirm their breakfast meeting. She assures him that Kevin is very anxious to finalize his divorce. Lucy is confident that she will recognize him because of his attire and briefcase.

Jack and Jamal carry a heavy cappuccino machine into the bike shop when Alison and Livvie return from an auction where Alison bought supplies for the cafe. Jamal would really like to know how much it all cost. Sensing trouble, Jack takes Livvie outside while they talk. When Jamal asks point blank how much of the $25,000 is left, Alison admits that there's nothing left. In fact, they owe $280. Jamal can't believe his ears! Alison defends her purchases, confident that they'll be able to make all the money back and then some. Jamal finds that hard to believe. Alison brushes aside his concerns, stating that she has to get to the hospital to see her grandmother. She leans in to kiss him, but he turns away, and she kisses his cheek instead of his lips. After she leaves, Jamal hits the cappuccino machine and thinks about how stupid it seems to put a cafe in a bike shop. He tells himself he must be in love.

At the hospital, Karen approaches Ian to ask about Arianna. She's glad to hear that Arianna is doing better. She tells Ian to get some rest. He asks whether she's spoken to Eve, but she hasn't. He admits that they ended things yesterday. Karen is stunned to hear this. She doesn't understand. Ian explains that he intends to stay with Arianna and get her well. He wants to drop this subject now. He and Karen talk about the difficulty finding a donor for Arianna. She has a rare blood type, and they'll also need an exact tissue match. Her family won't even take his calls. Karen wants to try contacting them for herself.

Alison finds Livvie and Jack kissing outside the bike shop. She feels guilty about leaving them with so much work to do, but they tell her not to worry about it. Livvie takes some things inside and expects Jack to do the same, but Alison asks to speak to him for a minute. She wants to make sure Jamal won't find out where she really got the money. Jack promises not to say anything to anyone about it. In his opinion, Amanda is the best. Alison intends to thank her today, whether she likes it or not.

Kevin sees Eve sitting alone in the restaurant. He goes to her and sits down across from her. Kevin thinks her funk must be about Ian. Eve tells him that they both realized they can't be together. They've agreed that his place is with Arianna. Now she doesn't know what to do. She can't eat or sleep, and she can barely work. She's grateful to still have Kevin in her life. Kevin promises to be there for her, for as long as she needs him. While they talk, Lucy sees them and realizes that she'd better cancel the appointment with the attorney. She tries to get in touch with him, but he's already on his way. Lucy approaches Eve and Kevin. Eve tries to leave, but Kevin doesn't think she's in any condition to drive. Wanting to get Kevin out of there, Lucy tells him to go to work because she can take Eve home. Eve states that she doesn't need the ride, since her car is there. Lucy excuses herself to make a phone call. Seeing a man she believes must be the attorney, she excuses herself and goes over to him. She rushes him out of sight and talks about how happy she is to see him. As they talk, another man passes by and brushes against Lucy. The first man asks how much she charges. Learning that Lucy will be paying him, he is one happy camper. Lucy realizes that he has the wrong idea--and she has the wrong man. She gets away, but too late. The real Richard Silver has just approached Kevin to talk about his divorce.

Livvie tries to convince Jamal that Alison really did get a bargain. "Whatever. You know, it's her money," Jamal says, defeated. Jack tells Livvie that Jamal is just worried that Alison is getting in over her head, but Livvie assures him that she'll be fine. She thinks Alison was very lucky to have come into all that cash. Kissing Livvie, Jack says that they're all on a lucky streak. Livvie agrees they have a lot to be thankful for. She gives him the news that she is now officially a pre-med student, and she did it all on her own. Jack is thrilled for her. He thinks she's going to be a great doctor; she can treat him anytime.

Alison walks Amanda down the hall for exercise, with Terence nearby. She rattles on about her new cafe, and Amanda asks how she managed to afford it. Alison tells her that a very wonderful and very generous person sent her a key to a post office box containing a very large bag of money. "Well, if you don't want to tell me, I won't push you," Amanda says. Alison assures her that she will pay back every penny. Amanda has no doubt that she will. They're both glad to be family again. Getting tired, Amanda tells Alison to run along, saying that Terence will help her back to her room. "Terence, did I give her money?" she asks after Alison leaves. "No, ma'am," Terence replies, reminding her that she simply asked that Alison be reinstated in her will. That's exactly what Amanda thought. Although she promised to stay out of her granddaughter's affairs, she does wonder what's going on.

Karen reports that the operator couldn't get through to Arianna's family at all, but she intends to keep trying. Ian thanks her. Karen really wants him to go home and get some sleep, but he refuses. In that case, Karen tells him to do something to get his mind off this for a little while. Ian admits that he's never been good at relaxing. Karen thinks there must be something that calms him. Ian admits that there used to be; he used to play chess with his sister. Karen strongly advises him to play again. Ian promises to think about it. He goes inside Arianna's room, where his wife is sleeping. Taking out his wallet, Ian looks at a photo of his sister and thinks about how much he misses her. Looking at a picture of Eve, he tells her that he also misses her.

When Alison returns, she finds that everything has been unpacked. Jack and Livvie tell her to thank Jamal for this. Jamal admits to having been too hard on her earlier. He now knows that if anyone can make the place hop, it's Alison. Livvie thinks that's really sweet. When the phone rings, Jamal goes to answer it. Jack and Alison take the sign outside to announce that the cafe is now open for business. Jack asks how things went with Amanda. Alison tells him that her grandmother is really cute. "Even when I told her that I would repay her every single penny that she gave me, she still pretended like she was totally clueless," she says.

Karen's persistence pays off when she finally gets through to Arianna's father. Identifying herself, she tells the man that his daughter needs him desperately.

Ian goes home and takes out his chess board. He sets it up and pours some Irish whiskey. He makes his first move. In his mind, his sister makes a move and points out that he has quite a mess on his hands. "I know," Ian states.

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