PC Update Tuesday 4/17/01

Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/17/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

As Kevin sits at the bar at the Port Charles Grill, Lucy approaches him as if they're strangers. She tells Kevin that he'll get lucky if he plays his cards right. Kevin has no problem playing along. He introduces himself as Hank Grady, a traveling encyclopedia salesman. As for Lucy, she says that her name is Bobo Larue, causing Kevin to almost spit out his drink. She would love to take a peek at his products. The bartender asks how long they've been married. Sure of himself, he says that he can always spot these things, and he gives them a C+ on their performance, with an E for effort. Lucy is insulted.

Frank stops by Karen's place to check on her and her mom. Karen tells him that Rhonda and her old AA sponsor are talking outside somewhere. She asks whether Cookie ever showed up, and she's far from surprised to hear that she didn't. Frank tells her about finding Cookie's name carved in the windowsill, pointing out that it looks old, as if done years ago. He's determined to solve this mystery. Karen is tired of hearing about it. In her opinion, he's every bit as bad as her mother, except that in his case, it's a computer he can't stay away from. Frank asks why she's yelling at him. Karen is angry about all the games between Frank and Cookie. She's also mad at her mom for drinking. She just wants to scream! Frank suggests that she take it out on him. Karen argues but decides to give it a try. She punches his arm five times before asking Frank whether he feels better now. He doesn't. Karen hits him one more time, eventually admitting it helped her a little. Frank offers to let her go another round, but she declines. Karen talks about how she felt when she smelled the alcohol on her mother's breath. She never thought it would happen again, and now she's worried that she herself will turn to drugs again at some point. Addiction runs in the family, on both sides. She's terrified of giving in again someday. That's why she has to take a good, long look at her life and everything in it. She doesn't believe that Frank can break free of his addiction to the computer. Frank tells her she's wrong; he didn't mean for things to go on this long with Cookie, but he was trying to help her. Karen points out that they don't even know for certain that Cookie is who she claims to be. Even if she is, they can't handle her problems. Frank admits that she's right; he's in over his head, and he'll let go and back off for good. As for Karen's problems, he intends to help her. Karen turns him down. She doesn't want to involve Frank in her problems. "I just told you, my whole family's a disaster. I keep thinking about popping pills every day. Who in their right mind would want to be involved with someone like that?" she asks. "That would be me," Frank says, raising his hand. Karen strongly advises him to get out now while he still can, but Frank has no intention of doing that. She can't scare him; she's stuck with him. Karen just doesn't understand why he would do that to himself. Frank tells her that he's falling in love with her. "That's the right answer," Karen says, kissing him.

Eve pulls away from Ian. She feels guilty about almost killing Arianna with that experimental drug. Ian says that giving it to her was the right thing to do, and if Arianna pulls through, it will be because of Eve. Gabriela interrupts to say that Arianna is asking for Eve.

Depressed, Kevin and Lucy sit quietly at the bar. Lucy thinks the bartender's mistake was because they have such a connection. She doesn't know exactly what they are to each other, though. After all, he's still married to Eve. Kevin states that he and Eve were over the day they split up, but he doesn't need the hassle of paperwork and legalities. Lucy doesn't think it's such a hassle, but Kevin reminds her that she divorced a lawyer, who knows his way around all the red tape. He tells her that he was having a much better time trying to sell encyclopedias to Bobo. He decides to get a room so that she can view his volumes. Bobo thinks it sounds very educational. When he leaves, she makes a phone call.

Outside Arianna's room, Chris catches up with Ian and shows him the latest lab results. Arianna is improving little by little, and Chris believes the drug is what's making the difference. He congratulates Eve on her work. Eve wants to see Arianna alone. Arianna thanks her for saving her life. Eve doesn't want her gratitude. Arianna doesn't understand. Eve can't do this now. She hurries out of the room to be alone. Ian tries to find out what happened, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Ian persists. Eve tells Ian that she couldn't listen to Arianna's praise and gratitude when all she could do was wish the younger woman would go back to where she came from. She can't help but wonder what her life would be like if Arianna had never come to town. She can't keep pretending things will get better, because they won't. When Ian told her before that they couldn't be together, she didn't want to hear it, but now she's ready to listen. She tells Ian that he can't let go of Arianna now, because she needs him. He is her will to live, and Eve is in the way of that. Arianna has to be the top priority, which means that Eve is taking herself off the case. "I will never love another woman in this life," Ian vows. Eve promises to hold him to that. Ian walks away from the woman he loves, who tearfully lingers at the door he walked through.

Lucy calls an attorney to set up a meeting for the next morning about a divorce for a friend. Hearing Kevin calling for her, she asks the man to meet her for breakfast at the Port Charles Grill. That settled, she hangs up. "I have a fresh set of encyclopedias all laid out for your examination in our private showroom. Feel free to peruse them at your leisure," Kevin tells her. Lucy tells him that she's free right now. "Well, I think with some squeezing, we can fit you in. I'll give you my best hard sell, and if you decide to take what I'm offering, I can guarantee you you'll be thanking me in the morning," Kevin says. Lucy tells him that he'll be the one thanking her in the morning.

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