PC Update Monday 4/16/01

Port Charles Update Monday 4/16/01

By Beth
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While a nearby patron reads the paper--which has a headline about Watergate--Cookie waits for Frank. She takes a quick peek at herself in her compact mirror.

Karen is more than ready to leave Kelly's, but Frank insists on giving Cookie a few more minutes. When the door opens, they turn to look.

Cookie walks in.

Frank and Karen are surprised when Rhonda comes in the door. Rhonda is equally surprised to see them. Suspicious of her behavior, Karen gives her mother the third degree and then accuses her of drinking. Rhonda hedges, but Karen insists on knowing how much she's had. Rhonda admits to having had a drink or two. She knows she shouldn't have had anything, but all the talk about Carolyn really upset her. She really misses her sister, which is why she came to Kelly's; Carolyn always used to be there, and they were there after her funeral. Karen wants to get her mom into rehab, but Rhonda accuses her of making a big deal out of one little mistake. Karen insists that her mother drink some coffee to sober her up. Rhonda admits that she is to blame for Carolyn's death.

Waiting for Frank, Cookie drinks her Coke and impatiently plays with her fork, which she uses to carve her name in the windowsill.

Alison and Jack return to the bike shop. Alison is flustered about the money. She wants to count it again, but Jack reminds her that they've counted it a dozen times, and it amounts to twenty-five thousand dollars. Alison knows that her grandmother is responsible for this, and she intends to tells her that she can't accept the money. She picks up the phone to call her. Jack grabs it away from her and tells her to think about this. He doesn't want her to make a big mistake. Alison doesn't want to take Amanda's money, because there are always strings attached. Jack suggests that the heart attack brought about a change, but Alison isn't too sure. Still, the money could certainly come in handy, and they did sort of make up. Jack agrees with Alison as she talks herself into keeping the money. He tells her that she can use it to fix up the shop the way she wants--and give him a raise while she's at it. Then, when she starts to make a profit, she can pay her grandma back with interest if she likes. Alison is worried about the instructions not to tell Jamal, but Jack says to go along with that, at least for a while. Jamal hears them talking about money and asks about it. Alison quickly hides a stack of bills under her magazine.

Eve, Ian, and Colleen work to save Arianna, who is in cardiac arrest. Chris arrives to help, as does Gabriela. The team works to save Arianna's life. They're successful, but only briefly. Arianna starts seizing again.

While Alison struggles to explain the money, a customer stops in to ask Jamal to look at his bike. He says that some of his buddies were served some food when they were there. Alison tells him that it was a one-time thing. "Oh, too bad. I heard the food was real good. Almost better than the service," the disappointed man says. He leads Jamal out to look at his bike. Looking at Jack, Alison knows what he's thinking. He's thinking that she should hold off on telling Jamal, use the money to make the place a hit, and pay her grandmother back out of the profits. Jack points out that the customer was practically begging for food. Alison concludes that postponing the truth would be in Jamal's best interest.

Nothing helps Arianna. Eve suddenly realizes that she could be seizing because of a drug-induced metabolic lactic acidosis. Confident that she's right, she administers an amp of bicarb. Arianna stabilizes.

While Jack works, Jamal tries to clarify the story Alison just told him about where the money came from. She claims that it's from an old bond her parents gave her when she was a kid. Now she's ready to start the cafe. Jamal tells her to slow down, because there are other uses for the money. Alison tells him that this is what she wants. Her dream is to work there with him. Jamal asks her to think about it overnight, and she agrees to do that.

In Arianna's room, Chris tells Gabriela that their patient isn't out of the woods yet. They still have to find a liver donor, which won't be easy with her blood type. Gabby points out that Eve did a great job, but Chris worries about the effect all this is having on their friend.

Ian finds Eve sitting alone. He sits with her, pulls her to him, and holds her close.

Rhonda explains that she was supposed to meet Carolyn at Kelly's that night, but instead, she hung around the school waiting for some guy to notice her. Carolyn ran into some friends and accepted their invitation to go to the movies with them. Unfortunately, a car hit her as she was crossing the street. If Rhonda had been there as promised, it wouldn't have happened. Karen wants to take her mom home, and although Frank offers to help, Karen wants to handle this herself. She's sorry that Cookie didn't show up. Frank is beginning to doubt that she even exists. After Karen leaves with Rhonda, Frank notices that Cookie's name is carved in the windowsill by his table.

Tired of waiting, Cookie pays for her soft drink and gets ready to leave. As friend passes by. "Hey, Scotty," Cookie says. "Hi," the blond teenage boy says, heading out the door.

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