PC Update Friday 4/13/01

Port Charles Update Friday 4/13/01

By Beth
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Alison and Jack return to the bike shop. Alison is beside herself, trying to decide what to do about the mysterious note and key. They agree that the key seems to go to a post office box. While Alison wants to know what's in the box and why she can't tell Jamal, Jack is more interested in finding out who sent it to her. Alison starts to speculate wildly about what this is all about. She wonders whether it's a secret plan of Jamal's in which she'll open the box and a thousand rose petals will fall out--along with a huge diamond ring. Jack points out how unlikely the diamond is, considering Jamal's income. He suggests that they close up shop for twenty minutes and check out the post office box. Alison agrees at first but then changes her mind. She refuses to lie to Jamal under any circumstances. She tells Jack that Jamal will be back soon. "Well, I bet you a slice of pizza you can't wait that long," Jack says. Alison takes him up on that challenge.

Karen is adamant about not accompanying Frank to Kelly's to meet with Cookie. She can't understand how the computer managed to start working again after she yanked out all its wiring. Frank doesn't have an answer for her, but he points out that there are a lot of unanswered questions where Cookie is concerned. That's why he really thinks Karen should go to Kelly's with him, because things might finally start to make sense. He promises to take her shoe shopping or even to a really long foreign film if she'll just go to Kelly's with him. "Name your price," he offers. Karen won't argue about his involvement anymore, but she tells him not drag her into it; he's going alone. Frank tries appealing to her sense of responsibility as a doctor to help people in need. Karen thinks Cookie's desperation is just an act, but Frank can't take that chance. Karen finally gives in with the stipulation that this has to be over tonight. Frank understands, because he wants the same thing.

Cookie finishes ironing her blouse for her meeting with Frank. Looking at a photo, she talks about how much she misses her friend and says that Frank is her new friend.

Ian sits in the hospital chapel, asking for divine guidance. Alan quietly joins him, staring Ian down. Ian won't look at him. Neither man says a word until Alan finally breaks the silence, asking whether he can sit down. Ian scoots over to give him room, warning that Alan is wasting his time if he's there to talk him out of taking Arianna home. Alan tells Ian that he has every right to do what he thinks is best. All he wants to do is make sure that Ian has thought this through and offer his full assistance if this is really what he wants. Alan knows what Ian is going through, having been through something very similar with his own wife. Ian thinks there's a difference; he could have stopped Ben, whereas Alan couldn't prevent the cancer from attacking Monica. Alan tries to argue, but Ian insists that he has no one to blame but himself. Alan reminds him that Arianna doesn't have to die, because there is a drug treatment. When Ian says that it's a risk, Alan says that everything in life is a risk. He can guarantee that Arianna will die if Ian takes her out of the hospital. Ian doesn't agree that it's a certainty. Alan asks why Ian is so reluctant to try something new now, when that's always been the way he went about things. Ian replies that Arianna has put her trust in him, and he can't make another mistake with her life. Alan advises him to think very carefully about this so that he can say with conviction that he did everything he could to save her life. He gets up and walks toward the door. Ian has a question for him. He would like to know what Alan would do if Monica were lying in that hospital bed. Alan states confidently that he would give her the drug.

While Jack works on a bike, Alison waits impatiently for Jamal. She checks her watch, but when she sees that not much time has passed, she thinks it must not be working right. "Wait a second, do you smell that? I smell pepperoni pizza," Jack teases, grinning. Alison tells him to dream on. She wants to talk about something else and stop thinking about the key. She asks Jack to tell her what happened with him and Livvie. Jack informs her that some things are private, even from her. Alison accepts this but states that Livvie will give her all the details tomorrow. She is really happy that the four of them will get to hang out again. Jack admits that he kind of missed it. Alison says that she's thinking about asking Livvie to help raise some money to turn the bike shop into a hangout, with coffee, magazines, and food. Jack recalls that Jamal vetoed that idea, but Alison thinks he was just being cautious. Jack manages to get her thinking about the key again. Satisfied, he whistles happily while Alison leafs distractedly through a magazine. Unable to stand it anymore, she grabs the key and heads for the door. "Come on, pizza boy," she tells Jack, who is grinning from ear to ear.

When Colleen starts making preparations for Arianna's discharge, Eve tells her to stop. Arianna isn't going anywhere if Eve can prevent it. When Arianna opens her eyes, Eve tells her that she would like to discuss her treatment. She tells her about the drug, including the fact that it's risky. However, she believes that Arianna will be in more danger if she doesn't try. Arianna asks what Ian says about it. From behind Eve, Ian states that he agrees. Eve is surprised, and very pleasantly so. Ian approaches his wife to assure her that everyone wants her to get better. "I trust Eve to do what's best," Arianna says, agreeing to follow her recommendation.

Frank and Karen arrive at Kelly's. Karen is nervous, stating that this is all a little too mysterious and spooky for her. Frank assures her that this can be a quick meeting. He'll give Cookie Kevin's number so that she can get the help she needs. Seeing a girl seated on a barstool, he approaches her. "Cookie? Cookie?" he asks until she finally turns around and acknowledges him. Assuming it was a line, she tells him that she just ate. She refuses to believe that he wasn't trying to pick her up. Chuckling, Karen watches from across the room. Frank goes back over to her, and they sit down at a table by the window to wait.

Cookie takes a few seconds before going inside Kelly's. She wants to look just right for Frank.

When Jack stops abruptly just inside the post office, Alison accidentally bumps into him from behind. Jack is gleefully eating a slice of pizza and teasing her about it. Alison just wants to find Box 398, so he helps her. She inserts the key but then worries about keeping this secret from Jamal. Jack tells her that it's not a secret if she tells him about it later. He urges her to open the door. Alison balks, forcing her curious friend to do it himself. He takes a bag out of the compartment, and Alison opens it. It's filled with money.

When Cookie doesn't show up, Frank says that she could have gotten cold feet, or maybe her dad wouldn't let her leave the house. Karen thinks Cookie could be a fifty-year-old truck driver with a beer gut, but Frank is confident that she'll show up. Karen agrees to give her a few more minutes before making Frank take her to an all-night mall for an extremely long shopping trip. Frank still thinks she'll show.

Cookie steps inside Kelly's.

When someone comes in the door, Frank and Karen both turn to look.

Ian promises to stay with Arianna through her treatment. Eve states that it's time to administer the drug. She prepares the injection and then adds it to the IV. Although it initially seems fine, Arianna soon seizes.

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