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Port Charles Update Thursday 4/12/01

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Jamal wishes Alison would stop pacing, but she can't. She feels horrible about giving Amanda a heart attack; she's afraid she may have killed her own grandmother. Alan emerges from Amanda's room and assures her that her grandmother will be fine. They'll know more when the test results come in, but the attack seems to have been a mild one. Alan gives Alison permission to see her for just a minute. Alison goes inside and is shaken by the sight of her grandmother in the hospital bed. She is truly sorry about what she said before, and she admits that no matter what happens, she loves "Nana." Opening her eyes, Amanda thinks she should be the one to apologize, to both Alison and Jamal, but Alison discourages her from talking. Amanda still wants to help her, but Alison doesn't want her money. She just wants her to get well. Terence arrives with Amanda's personal items, and Alison leaves them alone. Amanda tells Terence that there's something she wants him to do for her; it's for Alison.

"Guess where I am and what I've got in my hand, other than a cell phone," Frank tells Karen, who asks whether this is an obscene phone call. Frank is going into his garage with an empty box intended for what's left of Nellie. Karen is pleased to hear this. They confirm plans for their date later on. Frank hangs up and prepares to pack up the old computer. To his horror, it turns itself on. He can't believe this. There's a message from Cookie, who is obviously drunk. Frank writes back to her, urging her to contact him, but nothing happens.

Eve tries to talk Ian out of his plan to remove Arianna from the hospital, but his mind is made up. "For the last time, I'm taking her. I will not let you or your people kill her," he says loudly. Eve slaps him. She then apologizes and asks for five minutes of his time. She wants to know what he's trying to prove. Ian claims to just be doing what's best for his wife. Eve wants to know how he really feels about his wife. Ian assures Eve that she's the only woman he'll ever love. However, he's trying to save a life. Eve argues that he's too close to this, but Ian doesn't agree. Eve understands that this is a reminder of what happened to Granya, his beloved sister, but he actually has a chance to save Arianna. She urges him to trust her on this. Ian tells her to trust him; he knows Arianna better than anyone, and she's not strong enough to survive any complications that could arise from the drug. He tells Eve not to try to stop him if she really wants to help.

Cookie sees the message and replies to it. She and Frank correspond a few times, and Frank learns that she was hoping a guy she likes would ask her to the upcoming dance but that won't happen. She could totally disappear like on "Bewitched," and no one would even notice. Frank assures her that he would miss her. He asks whether she's drinking and learns that she's drunk. He offers to meet her somewhere and talk. Cookie considers this and asks him to meet her at Kelly's. They agree to be there at 6:30.

Perturbed, Colleen urges Karen to speak to Ian. Karen approaches him and learns of his intention to take Arianna home. Ian tells Colleen to go ahead with this. When he walks away, Colleen asks Karen what she should do. Karen doesn't think they have any choice but to go along with it. Meanwhile, Eve is consulting with Chris, who agrees with her assessment. He is stunned to hear of Ian's plan, and he urges Eve to make Ian understand that while there's no guarantee than the drug will work, Arianna will certainly die without it.

Alison is anxious to hear back from Alan about the test results. He appears and tells her that the news is good. The cardiac damage was minimal, so they'll keep Amanda there for a couple days and then send her home with orders for regular exercise and a change in her diet. Alan suggests that Alison go home and check back with him later. Alison is relieved that her grandmother is okay, and she's grateful that her friends were there for her. She suddenly realizes that Livvie is going to be late for her interview with the dean of admissions. Jamal offers to give her a ride over on his bike while he takes care of a house call, and Jack agrees to give Alison a ride home and cover the shop. After Livvie and Jamal leave, a man approaches Alison and asks her to sign for something. He leaves the envelope with her. Alison opens it; it's a key with no address, accompanied by a note. "This is just for you. Don't tell Jamal," it says.

Frank tracks down Karen to give her the news about Nellie. Karen tells him that it's impossible for the computer to be working. She wants to know what it will take to destroy that thing once and for all. Frank tells her that he is worried about Cookie, who is drinking and at the end of her rope. He would like Karen to go with him to meet her at Kelly's. Karen insists that something strange is going on, and she doesn't want him to meet her. Frank says that he has to. "Then you'll be making a big mistake. A very big mistake," Karen warns.

In preparation for meeting Frank, Cookie irons her clothes.

Ian goes to the hospital chapel for guidance.

Not seeing any other option, Eve calls Alan to enlist his help.

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