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Port Charles Update Wednesday 4/11/01

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Doing the books for the bike shop, Alison is tickled to see that they managed to cover all their expenses for the month. This means that next month they'll turn a profit, which they'll use to open up their cafe! Jamal teases her about the cafe, which doesn't seem to go with a bike repair shop. In any case, he has to start getting some of the bikes fixed. He asks Alison to hand him a wrench and a pair of pliers. Alison really doesn't want to touch the greasy things. She's afraid the grease will get underneath her pink nail polish. Instead of touching the tools, she uses a red cloth napkin to pick them up and pass them to Jamal, and he teases her about it. She asks where Jack is, and Jamal thinks he's probably in his room. Alison thinks he should be earning his money instead of hanging out in his room. Calling out for him loudly, she goes to his door and knocks. Without waiting for a response, she opens the door. Startled, Jack and Livvie look at her from the bed. "So I guess that means you guys are talking now, huh?" Alison says, covering her eyes.

Karen makes a call about the drug she thinks could help Arianna. Frank gets off the elevator and is accosted by Colleen, who says that Alan is waiting for the paperwork Frank is carrying. When she can't really get his attention, she sees that he is staring at Karen, and she takes the paperwork from him. Karen hangs up, and Frank approaches her to say that he brought her something. "It's Nellie's heart," he says, showing her the crucial part of the old computer. He wants to be sure that he and Karen are going to be all right. As an answer, Karen kisses him. Frank takes her aside to apologize for neglecting her when she needed to talk. Karen tells him how weird it was to find out how much she and her deceased aunt have in common. She just wishes there were a way to tell her the things she would like to say. Frank thinks there is a way. He tells her it's time for a break.

Eve tries to persuade Ian to consent to putting Arianna on hepatin, the new drug that could help make her strong enough to undergo a liver transplant. Ian refuses and tries to leave, but Eve won't let him go anywhere. Ian stubbornly refuses to consider giving Arianna an experimental drug that has been tested only on infants, when there are other options. When Eve asks what those other options are, Ian states that he's working on it. Eve reminds him that there aren't any, and he can't just stand around and will Arianna to live. Ian tells her not to be so sure about that. According to Ian, the power of the human spirit is stronger than anything he's ever known. What Arianna needs now is the will to live, and she needs to know that someone needs her. Eve won't argue with that, but she still wants Arianna to have the drug. When Ian refuses, she reminds him that they also took a chance with Lucy. As doctors, they make choices like this every day. Ian steadfastly refuses to gamble with Arianna's life again. If he had been there with her, she wouldn't be going through this now. Eve urges him to try the new drug so that he knows he tried everything. Ian interprets this as Eve's way of saying he'll be absolved of all guilt after Arianna dies. Eve can't believe he thinks she wants Arianna to die. Ian admits that he doesn't think that. Eve wants him to take a step back, but he can't do that. He intends to take care of his wife, and that means getting her out of the hospital.

Livvie and Alison have some girl talk while Jack and Jamal do some work. Livvie tells the guys that Alison was just telling her about the plans for the cafe. The guys both think it's a strange combination, but Alison insists that they'll soon be going to coast to coast with this. The mood is broken when Sam arrives and asks to speak to Jack and Livvie. Alison butts in and tells her off, while Jamal has to drag her out the door. Unfortunately, a different kind of trouble is outside: Amanda.

Frank takes Karen to the cemetery, where they visit Carolyn's grave. The name on the gravestone is Carolyn Cook Wexler, who was born in 1948 and died in 1973. Karen says that it was also her grandmother's name. Talking to Carolyn, she promises to always keep the locket safe. She leaves some gardenias on the grave. She regrets never having had the chance to meet her aunt.

In 1973, Cookie is working on a beer, and she's already had a few. She types a message for Frank, asking him not to abandon her, because she really needs a friend. Because she's drunk, her typing is getting really bad, and she's misspelling a lot of words.

Sam apologizes for taking things too far. Jack listens to her and hopes she's ready to leave now. Sam also apologizes to Livvie, saying that Jack was perfectly clear about not being interested in her. She claims to be sorry for messing this up for them. Gloating, Livvie tells Sam that she is actually grateful to her for the wake-up call. Jack tells Sam that he and Jamal won't be doing business with her or her friends. Sam leaves but stops just outside, where she gleefully watches the drama unfold between Alison and her grandmother.

Alison informs Amanda of the plans to open a cafe along with the bike shop. Amanda offers financial support, which Alison turns down. She and Jamal would both like to know what the woman is doing there. Amanda states that although she's given Alison cause not to believe her, she really does love her with all her heart. "We're family," she says. Alison tells her that it won't work; Jamal is her family now, as are Livvie and Jack, who have joined them outside. Alison no longer considers Amanda to be part of her family. "You mean nothing to me," she states.

Frank thinks that Carolyn would have loved her niece. Karen thinks it's amazing how everyone is so connected, and Frank agrees that people never really know the kind of impact they have on others. He asks how Carolyn died, but all Karen knows is that it was an accident.

Cookie's typing gets increasingly worse as she bids Frank farewell.

Going inside, Amanda asks Alison how she can be so cold. "Because I learned from the best, Nana--Mother, you, all the rest of the Barringtons," Alison replies. What scares Alison most is the possibility of ending up like Amanda. She would rather be penniless and homeless than be a Barrington. Jamal tries to stop her, but she continues. Amanda asks for some water. Alison gets her a glass and states that water is all she's getting from her. She orders her to drink up, get out, and never come back. Clutching her heart, Amanda says that they're much more alike than Alison realizes. Jamal understands that something is wrong. Amanda starts to collapse. Alison is horrified. Jamal orders Jack to call 911. Livvie tells everyone to give Amanda some air.

In Frank's garage, the dismantled computer turns itself on.

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