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Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/10/01

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Lying in Jack's arms, Livvie wishes they could stay there by the river forever. When she comments on how dark it is, Jack asks whether she heard what he just heard. He tells her that it's definitely not human. Livvie tries to get up and leave, but Jack suggests staying there so he can protect her, hold her close, and make love again. Livvie playfully smacks him for scaring her that way. She threatens to leave, but Jack is confident that he can keep her there.

Promising to take care of Arianna, Ian tells her to get some rest. He steps outside with Eve, who gives him the latest labs. In her opinion, they offer a little bit of hope, but Ian thinks they look pretty inconclusive. He points out that Arianna is very weak. Eve thinks it could be from the trauma instead of something even more serious. While they talk, a man slips into Arianna's room and introduces himself as Stan Burns from World News. He has a few questions about her brother, especially about who could be responsible for his death. When Arianna is unable to deal with him, she yells at him to leave her alone. Ian and Eve rush to her room. Ian grabs the intruder's tape recorder. When the reporter demands it back, Ian slugs him and destroys the tape.

Alan is trying to make sense of everything. A State Department official informs him that Ben's family is suing the hospital for every penny it's worth, and their government is behind them on this. They're prepared to take this to the Supreme Court and even the UN if necessary. The Shapours are very powerful, and they blame Kevin for Ben's death. The man adds that the U.S. Government isn't happy about this either. As he leaves, Kevin arrives, and he knows this can't be good news.

A security guard escorts the reporter away, and Ian orders him to see that it doesn't happen again. Arianna doesn't understand why anyone would ask about Ben if it was an accident. Ian tries to reassure her and tells her not to worry about reporters. Instead, he wants her to focus on regaining her strength. Eve backs him up on this and gives her something to help her relax. Ian promises to be come back when she wakes up. Referring to the incident with the reporter, Eve advises Ian to go home for a little while, but he insists on staying and keeping an eye on his wife. He approaches Colleen and asks her to stay with Arianna until he can arrange for 24-hour security. Colleen agrees and goes to her room. Eve is quite worried about Ian, who is more and more on edge. She wants to arrange for Arianna's protection to give him a break from the hospital. She tells him that he's an accident waiting to happen, and she wants him to go home. Ian can't do that.

Kevin is stunned to hear the news, and he doesn't understand how the hospital could be held responsible. Alan states that it's because Kevin is on the payroll. Kevin says that he didn't do anything wrong. Alan wants to know why Ben was being held against his will. Kevin explains the situation, but Alan tells him that the Shapours claim that Kevin is solely responsible for Ben's death. "He's not responsible. I am," Ian announces. Kevin argues that Ian isn't responsible. Ian tells him to stop trying to protect him. Alan wants to hear from Kevin first, and it had better be the truth. Kevin tells him that Ben was responsible for his own death after trying to kill his sister. When his diplomatic immunity got him off, all Kevin could do was have him hospitalized. It's Ben's own fault for knocking out an orderly, going to the roof, and falling off. Kevin has never doubted for a second that he did the right thing, and he'd do it again. Although Alan has the utmost respect for Kevin's ethics, he's the one who has to deal with two governments and the international press. Ian thinks that Alan should hear the whole story. Although Kevin is trying to protect people he thinks have suffered enough, the truth is that Ian was on the roof with Ben. When Alan asks why, Ian admits that he wanted to kill him.

Karen is shaking as she pours a cup of coffee. She tells Eve it's from having too much caffeine. Eve wants to hear what's really going on with her, and Karen obliges by filling her in on all the weirdness. When she admits to killing the computer, Eve takes the cup from her hands and suggests that she switch to decaf. In her opinion, Karen and Frank have something really good, and Karen shouldn't sweat the small stuff. Karen knows that she's right. She asks about Arianna. Deneice appears with more test results, and Eve grabs them without a thanks. Eve is disheartened to see that Arianna's liver is damaged beyond repair. If she doesn't get a transplant, she'll die. Karen points out that in Arianna's condition, a transplant would be a long shot at best. Her heart would never survive the post-surgery trauma. Eve knows that, but there must be something they can do to make her stronger so that she can accept the donor liver. Karen thinks there may be something after all. At the course she took in Tennessee, they were testing a new drug on potential transplant patients. It was a cell stimulator, and it helped prepare the body for a new organ. It's actually pretty promising, but so far it's only been tested on children and in very small amounts. Obviously, Arianna would need more, and there's no telling how her system would react. Karen offers to get her research from the on-call room.

Jack apologizes for scaring Livvie, who blames Alison for telling her a creepy story about something that happened a long time ago, not too far from there. Jack scoffs, calling it an urban legend, but Livvie says that Alison swears it's true. Jack tells her he's all ears, and Livvie begins the tale of the Hook Man. Jack laughs it off, and Livvie tells him to stop joking. Jack listens raptly as she tells the story. After promising to protect her, he prepares to tell her a story he heard when he was a kid, but Livvie doesn't want to talk about any more scary stories. Jack relents and tells her how beautiful she is and how much he loves her. He admits that she's the only person who's ever heard him say those words. Livvie asks about his mom. Jack tells her that they really weren't together long because of her illness. When he finally told her, it was too late; she was dead. Livvie assures him that his mother knew how he felt. Jack says that this is why he didn't want to wait to tell Livvie. He wants to make sure she knows that he loves her.

As Ian finishes telling his story, Alan asks whether he has any idea what a mess he's made. Now Alan and the hospital are involved in an international incident. He's not even remotely happy with Ian or Kevin at the moment. He informs Kevin that he will stand by him, because he thinks he did the right thing in hospitalizing Ben. "But insofar as this conversation goes, not a word goes outside this door, you understand? Kevin's report will stand as it was filed. Shapour's death was an accident," Alan states. He reminds them that if procedure had been followed, none of this would have happened. Ian offers to talk to the State Department official, but Alan forbids him to talk to anyone. The Shapours will be watching them like hawks, and from now on, everything has to be by the book. Ian understands. Alan excuses himself to attend to some personal matters. Ian heads for Arianna's room, but Eve stops him to say that she may have found a way to save Arianna--and their own relationship.

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