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Port Charles Update Monday 4/9/01

By Beth
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Looking at the old photo, Karen is amazed by how much she and Carolyn look alike. Rhonda comes back inside and comments about the photo. Karen doesn't understand why her mother never mentioned the resemblance. Rhonda doesn't offer any information, which makes Karen press her for some. Rhonda says that it's still very difficult to talk about her deceased older sister, even after all these years. She admits that Karen's resemblance to Carolyn is more than physical. Carolyn wanted to be a doctor, and she could have been a really incredible one, but it wasn't easy for a young woman to get into med school back then. Besides, there were family issues, and neither Carolyn nor Rhonda had an easy time of it at home. Rhonda regrets not making things easier for Karen, who deserved a mother who was sober enough to listen to her dreams. The happiest day of her life was when Karen became a doctor, and she knows that Carolyn would have been very proud of her niece. Indicating the locket around Karen's neck, Rhonda tells her that it belonged to Carolyn. Rhonda wanted Karen to have it to connect her to the woman she was named after. When Karen asks how Carolyn died, Rhonda clams up. It's just too hard for her to talk about it, even now. It was a really terrible accident, and she's all talked out. She decides to go home. Karen asks to keep the picture, and Rhonda thinks Carolyn would have liked that.

At the dinner table, Serena can't eat her food. Lucy understands and says to remind her never to go into the kitchen again. Serena assures her that the food is fine; she's just excited about the school trip to New York tomorrow. So is Lucy. This will be their first official mother/daughter trip to the Big Apple. Serena is surprised that Kevin isn't going with them. Kevin wishes he could, but he has a lot of work to do. Serena asks to be excused so that she can do something. Lucy grants permission and promises to make her some toast or something later. "You don't have to pretend to like my food," she says as Serena rushes upstairs. "I like it," Kevin says. Lucy points out that he hasn't eaten anything. Kevin quickly eats a bite to show her that he can. Knowing how much stress he's under right now, Lucy offers to postpone the trip, but Kevin insists that she and Serena go to New York and have a wonderful time.

Eve can't believe that Ian really wants to end their relationship. Ian tells her that Arianna needs him, and he owes it to her to be with her. He still blames himself for her attack. Eve tells him to stop it. She's as much to blame as he is, but they can't let this tear them apart. Ian tells her that it already is tearing them apart, and this isn't about blame. It's about his responsibility, and they can't build a life with Arianna's blood on their hands.

In Arianna's room, Deneice asks Chris what he knows about Ben's death. All Chris knows is that Kevin put him in a much-deserved psychiatric hold and that the guy broke out of the psych ward and went over the roof. Deneice comments that it's terrible. "Yeah, it's a lot swifter death than I would've chosen for the idiot," Chris remarks, unaware that Arianna is awake. Arianna hears him and asks whether Ben is dead. Chris and Deneice look at each other somewhat guiltily. Chris goes to the patient and asks how she's feeling, but she only wants to know about her brother. Chris apologizes for what she heard and informs her that her brother is dead. "Soon I'll join him," she states quietly.

Eve says that this isn't the right time to make decisions about their future. They should be concentrating on getting Arianna well. Ian worries that she won't ever get well. Eve refuses to let him walk away from her. She didn't come this far and fight this hard for him to end their relationship this way. Overwhelmed, Ian tells her that first it was his sister and then Arianna. He thinks he hurts everyone he touches. Eve reminds him that they're in the relationship together, and she won't let him do this. She urges him not to compound this tragedy by destroying what they have. Ian tells her that he's just trying to make this right. "How? By ruining three lives?" Eve asks, making a lot of sense. Ian agrees not to worry about the past or the future. they have a patient to save. Chris finds them and tells Ian that he really should go talk to Arianna. When he admits what happened, Ian loses his temper. He gets mad at Eve when she defends Chris as having made a mistake. Chris reminds him that he just spent the night saving his wife's life. Ian slams the door into the wall and storms off. Chris refuses to take that from him. He thinks Ian has completely lost it. Eve is afraid for Ian.

Frank tells Cookie that he also lives in Port Charles, and because of that, he can better help her with her problem. With Kevin in mind, he asks for her number so that he can give it to a doctor friend of his who can help. "Nooooo!" Cookie protests, freaking out at the thought of anyone else knowing about her or her problems. Frank is the only one she wants to know anything, and she will never forgive him if he tells anyone. Frank really believes that she needs help, because she can't solve her problems alone. Cookie reminds him that she has him. When Frank tells her that they have to stop contacting each other, Cookie asks whether his girlfriend is jealous. Frank talks to himself, trying to come up with a way to explain that Karen actually thinks he's nuts. While he thinks, Cookie comes back with a solution. She's going to have a few drinks; they'll make her feel a lot better. Frank tries to dissuade her, but Cookie is confident that this is what she needs. Karen comes in and finds Frank at the old computer again, and she's not happy about it. Frank tries to defend himself, but Karen doesn't want to hear it. She shows him the old photo and tells him about what happened with her mother. As she talks, Frank keeps looking past her at the monitor, where Cookie has left another message. Catching on, Karen tells him that she told her mother to go to a bar and wait for her so that they can meet some guys. Oblivious, Frank goes along with this. Karen angrily informs Frank that she's leaving. Frank again tries to explain, but she thinks he's crazy. It's her computer, and she can do what she wants with it. Therefore, she's going to turn it off permanently. With that, she jerks the cord out of the wall. Frustrated, Frank tells her that he was very close to getting Cookie some help before she does something drastic. Karen doesn't care. All she cares about is putting a stop to this. Her pager goes off, and she has to go to the hospital. Frank tries to get her to talk about her aunt first, but she's no longer in the mood. She storms out of the garage. Worried, Frank hopes Cookie is all right.

With maps spread out on the floor, Lucy tries to plan their itinerary. Kevin observes with amusement, thinking about all the money they'll be spending. When the phone rings, he says that he'll get it, but Serena beats him to it. It's Mandy, and they have to talk about their CD list for the trip. Serena goes upstairs to talk. This is the third call from Mandy so far, and it's always about which CDs to take. Lucy seems to think that Kevin is expecting a call about some crisis, and she's worried about him. She knows that he has doubts about his ability to do this new job. Kevin assures her that he can do it, thanks to what she told him earlier about how when things get too overwhelming, he should just go home and spend time with his loved ones. Lucy really believes that love is the greatest healer of all. Kevin thinks she might be right. When he's with her, the bad things just don't seem so bad. He doesn't know how he got so lucky. Lucy thinks she's the lucky one. They kiss and cuddle on the couch.

Ian goes to Arianna's side and apologizes for the way she heard about her brother's death. He knows that she loves him, regardless of what he did to her. Arianna knows that Ben came back for her. Ian tells her that she's safe now, and that's the important thing. When he shows her the photo album, she apologizes for leaving the apartment. Ian knows why she did it, and he promises that she can fill it with as many pictures of Port Charles as she wants, because she doesn't have to run anymore. He's going to take care of her and help her get better. He'll make sure she gets the life she deserves. As he talks, Eve approaches quietly and listens worriedly from the doorway.

Dragging her suitcase behind her, Serena comments about how mushy and disgusting Kevin and Lucy are being. Kevin can't believe she has another suitcase, since there are already three of them waiting. Serena informs him that the others belong to Lucy. Lucy calls her a "big mouth." Kevin takes over with Serena's and can't believe how heavy it is. She admits that since she couldn't decide which CDs to pack, she packed all of them. Lucy decides to do something about that. The phone rings again, and it's for Kevin this time. He is told to go to an urgent meeting in Alan's office. Lucy worries about what the call could be about, but Kevin assures her that it's nothing. He makes her promise to have a great time in New York.

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