PC Update Friday 4/6/01

Port Charles Update Friday 4/6/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Jack goes to Livvie, draws her to him, and kisses her passionately. He apologizes for the incident with Sam, and Livvie admits that she jumped to conclusions. She tells him that her relationship with Chris is over. As for Jack, she thinks he has too many clothes on. She tries to get his shirt off. Jack tells her that he has loved her for a long time. Overjoyed, Livvie tells Jack that she loves him.

After Frank unplugs the computer, Karen stops by and is extremely annoyed to find him in the garage with the old machine again. Frank explains that he was just unplugging it. Karen tells him to go ahead, and Frank states that he already did. Karen would like to know why there's a message on the screen. Stunned, Frank takes a look. The message asks Frank why he isn't talking to Cookie anymore; she's afraid she made Karen jealous. Frank can't figure it out, but there has to be an explanation. Karen wants him to stay away from the computer and Cookie. Karen reminds her that the girl asked them for help, and he can't just stop talking to her without telling her why. He wants to find out where she lives and hook her up with a counselor in her area, so that she'll have someone to talk to in person. Frank tries to kiss Karen, but she turns away, telling him to do what he has to do. As for Karen, she needs to get home before her mother starts rearranging all her furniture again. Frank asks her not to be mad. He just wants to find Cookie someone to talk to. He charms Karen and puts a smile back on her face before she leaves.

Holding Arianna's hand in his, Ian asks whether she can hear him. She nods and squeezes his hand. Ian is thrilled. Promising not to leave her, he tells her how sorry he is. Eve steps out and heads over to the room where she and Ian made love.

Eve looks at the bed and thinks about when she and Ian were in it earlier. She sits down on the bed, remembering. Chris finds her and tries to lighten the mood with the news that he and Livvie are officially over. Seeing that Eve is upset, he asks what's wrong. Eve blames herself for Arianna's attack because she was in that very bed with Ian at the time. Chris tells her not to punish herself for what happened to Arianna. He reminds her that Ben was crazy and would have found a way to get to her, regardless. Eve doesn't see it that way. She regrets that she and Ian were just thinking of themselves. Chris tells her that she's being too hard on herself, but Eve says that Arianna could die because of them.

Karen helps her mother go through some old things. She laughs about the lava lamp, and Rhonda claims to have been very hip in her day. She no longer wants the lava lamp, but the Partridge Family lunchbox is a collectors' item that she has to keep. Rhonda comes across something that belonged to her older sister, Carolyn. It's just something she couldn't bear to throw away after her sister's death. Karen never knew her aunt, who died before she was born. Rhonda admits that she adored Carolyn, who was the big sister everyone wanted. In fact, Karen was named after her. Karen doesn't see how, but Rhonda explains that she had trouble saying her sister's name when she was little, and it came out closer to "Karen" than "Carolyn." Rhonda still misses her. She decides to take a break and get some air. Karen takes a look inside the box and sees something strange. It's an old photo of Carolyn, who looks just like Karen.

Frank writes back to Cookie, explaining that computer trouble, not anger, is what kept him from writing to her sooner. At her computer, Cookie reads the message, turns off the radio, and writes back. She tells Frank that her dad got mad because the computer shocked him. Frank can't believe it. He tells her that the same thing happened to Karen. He thinks they should stop using their computers and not contact each other again. Cookie wants to know whom she can talk to if not him. Frank promises to get her some help if she'll tell him where she lives. Cookie replies that she would feel weird giving him that information. Frank understands perfectly. He asks her for the city, not her actual address. He really wants to help her, because they can't talk again after this. Frank is stunned when she tells him that she lives in a New York town called Port Charles.

After making love by the river, Livvie and Jack lie in each other's arms. They make a deal to never mention Chris or Sam again. They both admit to having been incredibly stupid and stubborn. They're lucky to have found each other. Jack tells Livvie that he's not going to let her go.

Ian promises Arianna that she can stay in Port Charles and that he'll stay with her and help her through this. He won't let her down this time. Chris appears and tells him to leave so that he can do an exam. He informs Ian that someone in Room 611 needs him badly. Understanding, Ian leaves. Although the door to Room 611 is open, Ian knocks on it to get Eve's attention without actually intruding. She asks about Arianna, and Ian states that she's holding her own. He's worried about Eve, because he knows what this is doing to her. He loves her more than anything, but they're not alone in this. "We can't do this anymore. It's over," he says.

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