PC Update Thursday 4/5/01

Port Charles Update Thursday 4/5/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Jamal whistles happily while working on a bike. At the table nearby, a very serious Alison shushes him and says that she's trying to concentrate. She's going over the books, and their income isn't anywhere near as high as their expenses. Jamal assures her that this is normal for a new business, but Alison isn't convinced. Jamal kisses her. Jack comes in and makes a snide remark about their behavior. Alison thinks he must still be mad about last night. In her opinion, he should have been grateful for the surprise they had for him. "Oh, yeah, yeah, sure. 'Jack's a little down, so, hey, let's throw a naked lady in his bed,'" Jack says. "Livvie was naked?" Alison asks, surprised. Jack informs her that Sam was naked twenty minutes after he rejected her advances. Suddenly, Alison realizes what happened. Jamal informs Jack that Livvie was his surprise. Alison says that Livvie came to her senses about Chris and wanted to make up with Jack. That's why Alison sent her to his room. Putting it all together, Jack says that this is very bad. He apologizes to Alison and says he's going to find Livvie and work things out. Jamal also gets ready to leave. He wants to take one of the bikes out for a test spin. Alison gives strict instructions not to scratch or otherwise damage the bike. Outside, Sam and Zach approach Jamal, who wants nothing to do with them. Sam says that a race is coming up in a few weeks, and Zach offers to front Jamal the entry fee. Jamal isn't interested. Alison comes out to see what's going on, and Zach slugs Jamal.

At the Recovery Room, Lucy listens to Livvie's tale of woe and tells her that things might not have been the way they looked. She thinks that Sam could have been trying to ambush Jack, but since Livvie hightailed it out of there, they don't know. Livvie is disgusted with Lucy for sticking up for Jack, but she should have expected it after what happened between the two of them. Lucy reiterates that nothing really happened. She tells Livvie off for trying to use that as an excuse again, and as far as Lucy is concerned, the warranty on that has just run out. "If you really feel it necessary to ridicule me and Jack and everybody else, maybe you should take a deep, long look at your own behavior," she states. For the last time, Lucy explains how she and Jack ended up together that night. In Livvie's mind, this is a pattern with Jack. Lucy sees an equally unattractive pattern in Livvie. When Livvie admits that she made a mistake with Chris, Lucy points out the word "mistake" and tries to make her understand that she isn't the only one capable of screwing up on occasion. She warns Livvie to stop blaming everyone else, because she'll end up bitter and alone. In her opinion, Livvie should get a fresh start with Jack. "You don't have a time machine I can borrow, do you?" Livvie asks. Lucy asks whether she and Jack have a special place. If so, she should go sit there a while and think. Livvie thanks her and heads out.

Eve and Ian are still waiting for Arianna to come out of surgery. Kevin finds them after giving his statement at the police station. Officially, Ben's fall is an accident. Unofficially, everyone thinks justice was served. "And just so we get our stories straight, you two were never on the roof," he cautions. Chris emerges from the O.R. to say that the surgery is over. He has good news and bad news. Arianna is alive, but she lost a lot of blood and sustained omentum visceral damage. She also had to have a partial lobe resection on her liver. Ian wants to see her. Chris says that it will take a few minutes for them to move her to recovery. He leaves, and Eve goes off to make sure that Deneice and Colleen are assigned to Arianna. Ian would like to be left alone, and Kevin starts to comply, but then he remembers to give Ian the package of Arianna's effects he got from the police station. Ian opens the package and takes a look. He stops Kevin and asks about the photo album. Kevin says that it was lying next to Arianna when he found her. Ian doesn't understand that, because he threw it out with the rest of her things. Suddenly, he realizes that Arianna went out to retrieve it and that's how Ben got to her. It's very upsetting to him, because even though it was all make-believe, it was real to Arianna--real enough to almost get her killed. Ian fully blames himself for what happened to Arianna. When Kevin objects, Ian asks him not to try to analyze him. He doesn't understand why he can help perfect strangers in his work but never hear the people closest to him who are crying out for help. He has finally realized that Arianna reminds him of his sister, who died when he wasn't there for her. "I've been there," Kevin says with empathy. Ian tells him that he lives with this every day, and he's not going to let it happen again. Chris returns to tell Ian that he can see his wife now. Ian rushes out just as Lucy catches up with Kevin. She tries to talk to Ian, but he hurries on past her. Knowing that something must be wrong, Lucy asks Kevin about it.

Back inside, Alison takes care of Jamal's injuries and questions him about what happened. Jamal admits that Zach fixes races and that he was actually the first one Zach banked on. Jamal's competition was seriously injured in the race, and when Jamal found out what was going on, he got out. Zach didn't go to jail because everyone kept quiet about it. Alison doesn't like this at all, but Jamal is certain that everything will be fine. There is no way he will get involved in that again.

After the confrontation with Jamal, Zach and Sam talk at the Recovery Room. Zach has no intention of giving up on getting Jamal back in the game. He plans to use Alison to his advantage.

At the river, Jack second-guesses himself, wondering why he should apologize for something he didn't even do. Hearing the sound of splashing water, he looks toward the river. Livvie is emerging from the water, completely nude. They look at each other longingly.

Kevin fills Lucy in and voices his feelings of inadequacy. He will never understand how someone could do that to another human being. Lucy tells him that Ben was sick. Kevin knows that he can put a name to it, but he feels useless at times like this. Lucy makes him understand how ridiculous it is for him to feel that way, because he's a very caring and compassionate person, and she knows that he is hurting for Arianna and even for Ian. She reminds Kevin that he is the one who found Arianna and got her the help she needed. She wants him to give himself a break and remember how much he is needed. Feeling better, Kevin kisses her.

Eve makes a note in Arianna's chart and then begins talking to her. She encourages the unconscious young woman to get well and come back to them, because Ben will never hurt her again. Ian arrives as Eve encourages the patient to live. Seeing him, Eve tells him that there's been no response. Ian walks over to the bed and sits by his wife. He tells her that he's there, and her eyes open. When he promises not to leave her, Arianna's eyes close.

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