PC Update Wednesday 4/4/01

Port Charles Update Wednesday 4/4/01

By Beth
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Frank and Karen are having dinner at the bike shop with Alison and Jamal. They are impressed with how the place looks, and Jamal credits Alison with making it look so good. Karen asks where she got everything. "Well, on our budget it was not easy, but I discovered this very cool new thing: a garage sale. They're awesome," she says, to everyone's amusement. She goes back to the apartment to get the hot apple pie, which she made from Jamal's mother's recipe. Outside the shop, Alison is aware of someone lurking in the dark. It's Livvie, who says that she's trying to work up the nerve to tell Jack what a huge idiot she's been. She admits that everyone was right about Chris, who almost caused her to lose the only guy she ever really wanted. She just hopes it's not too late. Alison excitedly tells her that it's never too late, and she's looking forward to going on double dates with them. Livvie reminds her that she needs to talk to Jack first. Alison tells her that he's not there now but should be back any second. She thinks that Livvie should wait for him.

Jamal makes the mistake of asking about the old computer. It's a very sore subject with Karen. Jamal pushes, but Frank warns that they probably shouldn't get into this. Karen insists that Frank tell him about all the weird stuff the computer can do. As she talks about everything, Jamal laughs incredulously. When Karen tells him about getting zapped, Jamal tells her that she has some whacked-out machine. "Yeah, well, tell Frank, because he doesn't believe it," she says angrily.

Jack brings Sam to his place so that she can use the phone, but she's in no hurry. Suggesting that they go to bed together, Sam is all over Jack, who is obviously not into it. When he tells her not to take this the wrong way, she assumes he's not into girls. Jack informs her that he is definitely into girls--so much that he even likes to make the moves sometimes. Copping an even worse attitude than usual, Sam takes offense. Jack tells her that although he does like her, he doesn't need any more complications to his life right now. He suggests that they slow down. Put off, Sam says that she'll see him around. Once she's gone, Jack lies down on the bed and removes something from the nightstand and looks at it. It's a picture of Jack with Livvie.

Alison and Livvie go inside and learn that Frank and Karen are leaving. Alison asks Jamal what happened, and he admits that it was his fault. Frank assures him that this has been an ongoing argument with Karen. After they leave, Alison asks Jamal what he did, and he tells her to blame the old computer. When Livvie tries to leave, Alison won't let her chicken out. She produces the key to Jack's room and urges Livvie to wait for him there. "Gosh, I couldn't," Livvie says, taking the key. She decides to take Alison's advice and not waste any more time. As soon as Livvie leaves, Jack comes in the front door, munching on a sandwich from the Recovery Room. He's ready to get some work done, but Alison tells him to forget about the bike. Jack argues. "Look, Jack, just go to your room, okay?" Alison orders. Jack asks whether she's grounding him. Alison says that he'll thank her when he sees his surprise.

Kevin doesn't understand why Eve feels guilty about what happened to Arianna, so Eve explains that she was with Ian at the time of the stabbing. Kevin assures Eve that it isn't her fault. He has no doubt that Ben was determined to do this, not matter what. Eve still thinks that Ian should have been with Arianna. "And if he had been, then we'd be wondering whether two innocent people would live," Kevin reminds her. His pager goes off, and he has to get to the psych ward immediately. Eve promises to stay where she is, but after he leaves, she decides to get some air.

On the roof, Ian asks Ben how he managed to escape the psych ward. He's ready to get on with this. Ben pulls out his knife. The fight begins, each man in turn getting the upper hand. Ian gains control, threatening to push Ben over the edge of the roof, until Eve comes outside and distracts him. Ben turns the distraction to his advantage. The two men continue their fight. Ian is about to push Ben over the edge when Eve tells him not to. She gets in the middle of it and gets knocked back out of the way. Just coming outside, Kevin grabs her just as Ben goes over the edge.

Livvie steps inside Jack's place. "Surprise," a naked Sam says from the bed. Disappointed to see Livvie, Sam offers to give Jack a message for her. Upset, Livvie rushes out a split second before Jack comes in through the other door. Annoyed, he tells Sam that this isn't going to happen, and he thought he'd made that clear. Sam tries to get him to hop into bed with her and let her change his mind. Jack orders her to get out now. Angry and sullen, Sam informs him that this was his last chance.

Alison brings a bag of trash outside just as Livvie comes by. "Sending me to Jack's was the worst idea you have ever had. Thanks a lot," Livvie says angrily. Jamal asks what that was about, but Alison has no idea. Jack comes in. "Hey, nice surprise, Alison. You really think I wanted that?" he asks, going on through the shop to the other door. Jamal asks Alison what she did, and she says that she was just trying to get Livvie and Jack back together. Since Jamal got Karen and Frank into a fight, they're just not doing well. Jamal is glad that at least one couple is left standing. He kisses her.

Outside the shop, Frank and Karen stop after a nice moonlit stroll, which Frank had hoped would cool Karen off. Unfortunately, Karen hasn't said a word since they left the bike shop. Karen admits that talking about the computer and everything just freaked her out again, and what worries her the most is that Frank doesn't seem ready to let it go. She needs him to just walk away from the thing, and it scares her that he can't seem to do that. Frank tells her that all he's only been able to think about one thing all night. He kisses her. Frank then tells Karen that she's the one obsessing over the computer. Karen admits that he's right. Frank asks her to go home with him, but she gets paged to the ER. "Well, that's okay. I've still got Nellie waiting at home for me," Frank says, a twinkle in his eye. Karen makes him promise not to step foot in the garage, and he tells her that he was kidding about seeing Nellie. He figures that Cookie has given up on them by now anyway.

Cookie has typed out a message for Frank, asking why he's not talking to her now. She's afraid she caused a problem for him, but she really needs to talk to him again. On the radio, the disc jockey gives the last two songs as "Crocodile Rock" and "You're So Vain" before mentioning the top news stories. "Coming up on our news this hour, the last United States troops leave South Vietnam. More controversy over the recent Roe vs. Wade decision, and a full report on today's Watergate investigation, coming right at you after this," the DJ announces.

Ian holds onto Ben's hand and urges the man to pull himself up. Ben can't hang on anymore. Kevin rushes over to help, but Ben loses his grip and falls, presumably to his death. Kevin orders Ian to get Eve out of there now and go to Arianna. He promises to take care of this. Eve goes to Ian for comfort. He holds her, but he's very shaken by what happened.

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