PC Update Tuesday 4/3/01

Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/3/01

By Beth
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Livvie is looking at her diary when there's a knock at the door. It's Lucy, who claims to have seen her car while in the neighborhood. When Livvie invites her in, Lucy is surprised that she fell for that line, but Livvie doesn't care. She admits to having been a fool for sticking up for Chris when everyone tried to tell her what he was really like. She tells Lucy that he stole her diary, and when Lucy seems to know more than she should about that, Livvie calls her on it. When pressed, Lucy admits that she saw Chris with Livvie's diary at the hospital. When Livvie probes into what happened next, Lucy comes clean about how she happened to gain access to his penthouse. Livvie would like to know why she didn't just tell her what was going on, but Lucy points out that she wouldn't have believed her. She lets it slip that she wasn't the only one there, and Livvie guesses that her dad was involved. Lucy explains that he followed her there. She admits that when Chris and Livvie came in, they hid on the terrace until they went into the bedroom. Livvie realizes that Lucy must have set off the smoke alarm. Lucy says that it was Kevin, and she actually thought it was very clever of him, especially since his first choice was to rip Chris limb from limb. Lucy just wants Livvie to know what a weasel Chris really is, and she won't apologize for what she did. As she rambles on defensively, it doesn't register at first when Livvie thanks her.

As soon as Ben makes his presence known, Andy draws his gun and orders him to get his hands in the air. Several officers back him up. Ben calmly and defiantly wipes his mouth with a handkerchief and informs Andy that there's been a misunderstanding, because what happened to his sister was an accident. Kevin can't believe what he's hearing. He knows that his own arrival was the only thing that stopped Ben from finishing her off. He announces his desire to make an official statement. As head of the PC psychiatric crisis team, he will testify that the man tried to kill his sister. That's good enough for Andy, who begins to mirandize the man. Pulling official documents from his coat pocket, Ben's companion introduces himself as their country's attaché and states that Ben has diplomatic immunity. Kevin is disgusted. Andy takes the papers to check out the story. Ben smugly informs Kevin that he can't touch him now, because he's just become a foreign diplomat. Kevin doesn't care about diplomatic immunity. He tells the attaché that Ben tried to commit an honor killing. The attaché informs him that if a crime has been committed, his country's courts will handle it. Kevin isn't remotely impressed. Andy returns with the news that the papers check out. "Somehow this clown got himself assigned to the embassy," he states. They can't hold Ben now that he's a diplomat. Kevin is outraged, and Andy says that the feds are just as steamed as they are, but there's nothing anyone can do. When Ben announces his intention to check on his sister, Kevin uses his authority to place him on a 72-hour psychiatric hold at the hospital. Ben protests that he can't do that. "I can, and I will. You see, that's how things work in this country. You're on my turf now," Kevin informs him. The attaché calls this outrageous, but Kevin counters that it's state law, and he does have the authority to make the call on this. He turns to Andy for support, which he gets. Andy orders that Ben be escorted to the psych ward. Ben maintains that he won't be stopped from doing what he came to do. Kevin tells him about how people get lost in their system all the time, sometimes for weeks--especially the suspects. "And when they're found--if they're found--they're never the same," he states. The attaché promises to fight this, but Kevin isn't worried. Ben is carted away. Andy compliments Kevin on the curveball, but he's not so sure this will stick. In his opinion, Kevin just bought himself a lot of trouble. Kevin thinks he bought some time, and he hopes it's enough.

The team works to save Arianna's life. Chris arrives to help, ordering Marcela to page Monica Quartermaine and have her meet them in the operating room. Chris relieves Ian and Eve from the case, but Ian insists on going with them into surgery. When Monica hears Ian's intention to be in the O.R., she tells him that he can watch from the scrub room but that he can't be in surgery. Chris orders Eve to stay out as well. He assures them that if anyone can save Arianna, Monica can. Resigned, Ian and Eve go to the scrub room to observe. They're both feeling extremely guilty about what happened. Ian in particular blames himself for not protecting Arianna when she most needed it.

Monica complains that there's too much blood, and it's making it hard for her to see. The knife wound is much deeper than they thought; there's another bleeder. Monica discovers that one of the wounds lacerated the liver.

In the psych ward, Ben stands over the unconscious--or dead--guard. Taking the guard's cell phone, he escapes.

Ian can't figure out how Ben got into the apartment. He "knows" that Arianna locked the door behind him and didn't open it to anyone. He berates himself for not letting her have even one of the photos. Eve reminds him of all the good he's done for Arianna, but Ian won't be swayed. Kevin finds them and says that he's the one who found Arianna. He needs to tell them something very important. Eve and Ian are outraged by the news of Ben's diplomatic immunity. Kevin fills them in on the 72-hour hold in the psych ward but admits that it probably won't stick. That's why he wanted to warn the two of them. He doesn't think Eve should be a part of this. Ian agrees, but Eve doesn't. She intends to stick with it as long as Arianna is in danger. Kevin tells her not to spend any time alone until Ben is on a plane out of the country. He tells them that Victor is checking his sources and that Scott is trying to find a legal loophole to enable them to prosecute Ben in this country, but there are no guarantees. Ian vows to make Ben pay for what he did. Eve tells him to calm down and focus on Arianna. Ian's cell phone rings, and he answers it. He promises to be right there. When Eve asks about it, he hedges and says that they were right to tell him to back off. He wants Eve to stay put now while he sees to an urgent matter involving a patient. Kevin agrees to stay with her.

In surgery, Monica says that the sutures aren't holding because of all the trauma to the liver. They're going to have to remove part of the lobe. Chris comments that it's pretty drastic, but Arianna is in bad shape. They prepare to be there all night. Stating the obvious, Chris says that the patient still might not make it. Monica tells him to take it one step at a time; they're going to work on repairing the liver.

Lucy can't believe that Livvie isn't snapping her head off for meddling. Livvie is grateful that they protected her from making a really stupid mistake. However, this is a one-time deal, and they don't have permission to keep meddling in her life. Lucy promises to go along with that, although she does think Livvie should make up with Jack. Livvie says that Jack isn't free to be with her, but Lucy admits to scaring the other girl off with tales of Kevin's mob connections. Livvie can't believe she did that, but it explains why Sam was freaked out when they talked. Lucy urges her to look for Jack at the bike shop. Encouraged, Livvie goes to her room to get dressed so that she can go out. Lucy congratulates herself on how right she was about this.

Ian goes out onto the roof, where Ben is waiting for him.

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