PC Update Monday 4/2/01


Port Charles Update Monday 4/2/01

By Lorie

Cookie continues to cry over her broken locket as she begins to send Frank &
Karen another message.  When she hears her father coming, she hurriedly
erases the message she has typed.

Karen insists to Frank that they are not qualified to help Cookie, but he
tells her that all they need to help her is to be there for her to talk to.

Ian & Eve find an empty hospital room to be alone in.  As they begin to make
love, Arianna returns to the apartment with the scrapbook.  When she sees
Ben, he moves to grab her.

Cookie's father barges in on Cookie at the computer.  When he begins
belittling her, she gets sassy with him and tells him that he's always drunk.
He responds by slapping her.

Frank plays on Karen's past as a lonely teen to get her to keep helping
Cookie.  He tells her that just like she was the one who, years ago, needed
someone to talk to, now Karen can be the person that Cookie can go to when
she needs help.  Karen isn't so sure they should help Cookie because she is
scared that the computer and Cookie are taking over their lives.

As Arianna tries to get away from Ben, Ian & Eve fall onto the bed and begin
to make love.  When Arianna warns Ben that Ian will be home soon, Ben tells
her that he just saw Ian at the hospital with Eve.  He pulls out a knife and
tells Arianna that when he's finished with her, he is going to go after Ian &
Eve, who are making love right at that moment.  As Ben stands over Arianna's
bleeding body, Kevin knocks on the door.  Getting no response, he starts to
leave but stops when he hears Arianna's moans.  As Ian & Eve make love, they
relive their passionate night in the cabin when they pledged their love "for
always".  Kevin breaks down the door to the apartment and sees Arianna lying
in a pool of blood.  As he starts to go to her, Ben makes his escape out the
front door.  Kevin begins to go after him but instead attends to Arianna. 
Checking her pulse, he calls to her to get a response.  After applying
pressure to her wounds, he calls for paramedics.  As he urges Arianna to not
give up, Ian & Eve are basking in the glow of their lovemaking.

Cookie's father continues to belittle her.  He reminds her that she was
warned to stay away from his computer.  He tells her that it's not a toy, it
was supposed to have made him rich, but instead he should just throw it out. 
Cookie begs him not to and tells him that she needs it for schoolwork but he
is unmoved.

Frank teases Karen's fear that the computer is haunted but she isn't amused. 
Frank reiterates that they can help Cookie but Karen reminds him that they
don't know who she really is and have no idea how they made contact with her.
 Frank suggests it was their destiny to find the computer and contact Cookie
and that they should go with it and see where it leads.  Karen laughs that
off and tells Frank that she is going to sign off for good.  Cookie's father
is also about to turn off his computer, despite Cookie's protests.  As both
he & Karen push the same button at the same time, they each receive a jolt of
electrical shock.

Arianna is wheeled into the ER with Kevin following behind.  Joe & Gabriela
are shocked to see that she is the stabbing victim they were expecting.  When
Kevin describes Arianna's assailant, Gabi recognizes it as Ben.  As Joe works
to save Arianna's life, Gabi asks Marcela to page Ian & Eve to alert them of
the news of Arianna's attack.

Eve tells Ian that she was an idiot to not have faith that they would end up
together.  She tells him that now she does, now that Arianna is leaving town
tonight and she and Ian will be free to start their new life together.  Joe
prepares to give Arianna a chest tube as Ian & Eve discuss their future
together with lots of children.  When their beepers go off paging them to the
ER, they rush to get dressed.  As Gabi blames herself for not making sure
that Ben believed her when she saw him in London, Joe assures her that she is
not to blame.  Ben would have come after Arianna regardless of Gabi's role in
the situation.  At that moment, Ian & Eve rush in and are shocked to hear
that Arianna is the victim.

Cookie's father rants after the computer shocks him, while Karen is even more
convinced that they should turn off the computer.  Frank suggests that before
she does, he should turn off the electricity so no one is shocked again. 
When he tells Karen that no one should touch the computer right now, Karen
tells him that she wants the computer out of her life for good, not just for
now.  As she plays with her locket, Cookie is holding her broken locket. 
When her father tries to take it away again, Cookie tells him that she
doesn't care what he does to her, but she will not let him take her locket

Frank & Karen return from disconnecting the power.  When Frank turns off the
computer's mainframe, Karen tells him that she'll be happier once it is gone
forever.  When she asks if they can leave now, Frank tells her about Jamal &
Alison's invitation to dinner.  Karen agrees to go but as they leave, she
notices that her locket is missing.  Frank finds it on the floor, much to
Karen's relief.  She tells him that she keeps the locket even though it
always breaks because she has grown attached to it since she has had it for
so long.

At the PCPD, Kevin is making a statement on Ben's attack on Arianna.  As the
detective tells him about the APB on Ben, Kevin sees the man come in.  As Ben
reaches into his breast pocket, Kevin alerts the police who pull their guns
on Ben.

Ian urges Arianna to fight for her life as Joe continues to try to save her. 
When she crashes, Ian refuses to let her die and prepares to revive her