PC Update Friday 3/30/01


Port Charles Update Friday 3/30/01

By Lorie

Karen & Frank return to the garage after their date. She tells him that she had so much fun that if high school had been like their date then she wouldn't have wanted to graduate. Frank tells her that it's official--she's wearing his ring, so they're going steady now. After they kiss, Frank notices another message from Cookie: "I need to talk to you. I'm in big trouble."

Livvie asks Chris again how her diary got into his apartment and Chris denies knowing anything about how it got there. Livvie doesn't believe him, especially when she finds all of the passages concerning Paris bookmarked in her diary. She accuses Chris of spying on her.

Ian is packing up everything in the apartment that can tie Arianna to it, when Arianna asks again if she can keep the scrapbook or even just one picture. Ian reminds her that she can't carry anything of this life into her new life because it wouldn't be safe. Arianna reluctantly gives up the scrapbook and Ian tells her that she'll always have her memories. Something else she'll always remember, Arianna tells Ian, is that Ian always stood up for her and she'll always be grateful to him. Changing the subject, Ian tells her that he has to go to the hospital to change her medical records. When Arianna tells him how weird it is for her to know that after tonight, she will have a new life with a new identity, Ian reminds her that she is to call him one year from now to let him know how she's doing. As he is leaving, Ian tells Arianna to lock the door behind him and to not open it for anyone. He tells her that he will throw the garbage bag in the trash on his way out. Arianna whispers goodbye as he leaves.

Eve is in the on-call room getting ready to go in the bathroom to wash up. She picks up the broken statue and vows that nothing is going to come between her and Ian. As she goes in the bathroom, Ben comes out of his hiding place holding a wire ready to strangle Eve.

Karen asks Cookie what kind of trouble she's in and the teen responds that her father went ballistic when he caught her on his computer. She tells Karen & Frank that they are the only ones she can talk to, if only they are real. Karen assures her that they are real, so she can talk if she wants to.

Cookie reveals that her best friend has just died and that her dad drinks a lot. Karen urges her to talk to her mom or her teachers, but Cookie tells her that she has no one. Karen is scared when Cookie tells them that she wants to find a way out and tells Frank that Cookie is in some big trouble.

Ben readies to strangle Eve when he hears her start to come out of the bathroom. He hides behind the lockers and as she stands at her locker, he is about to strangle her when Colleen comes in looking for Eve. When they leave, Ben slams the lockers in frustration.

Chris tells Livvie that he can't believe that she would think he would ever spy on her. He tries to convince her that it was just a coincidence that he bought her a ticket to Paris but Livvie insists that he stole her diary. When he denies it again, she suggests that he paid someone to get it for him, like maybe Kim, the nurse he hired. She realizes that Chris found out about Brad Masters through Kim, who was hired not only to watch her grandmother but to watch Livvie's every move. Chris tries to convince her that he knew about her dreams and wishes because they were his dreams and wishes. When Livvie tells him that he lied to her and tricked her, Chris insists that he did everything to look out after her. He wanted to make all her dreams come true. When he says he wanted to guide her, Livvie accuses him of wanting to control her. He continues to tell her that he did it all for her but Livvie tells him that he did it to fill his big ego, to make her into the perfect partner for him. Livvie adds that she should have listened to Jack when he warned her about Chris. When Livvie tears up the tickets and tells Chris it's over between them, Chris grabs her and tells her that he is one calling the shots.

Livvie struggles to get away from Chris and asks if her intends on dragging her to his bedroom and forcing himself on her. Chris tells her that he doesn't have to force her because she was the one who showed up in his bed naked so many times. Livvie tells him she can't believe she ever thought of making love with him. She tells him that he is everything Jack said he was, crazy and twisted. Chris tells her that if she wants to see crazy she should look in a mirror. Dragging her over to a mirror, he tells her that she is the one with crazy running through her blood not him. From her grandma, mom, aunt and her father all the way to Livvie. Livvie gets away from Chris and tells him that she's not the one who's crazy, he is.

Arianna reminisces about the night she and Ian made the scrapbook. She decides that she can't leave the scrapbook behind and goes to retrieve it from the trash outside. As she leaves the apartment, she leaves the door ajar.

Ian is working on Arianna's file when Colleen comes from behind. She sits down at the desk to work as Eve walks up. Ian and Eve want to be alone and drop hints for Colleen to leave, but the nurse doesn't budge. Colleen finally gets it when she notices the look that Ian & Eve share and excuses herself. Ian tells Eve that after tonight, it will all be over. Eve tells him how glad she is that Arianna is safe and that she and Ian can be together. At that moment, Ben bumps into a cart in the hall as he is trying to listen, but he hides before Ian & Eve can see him. Forgetting the distraction, they tell each other how much they want to be together right now, but decide rationally that he should go home to a waiting Arianna. As he leaves, however, they can't help themselves and head off to find a place where they can be alone.

Karen tells Chris that Cookie is too big a trouble for them to help her. They are just not equipped enough to help her. But Frank tells her that they can't just walk away, especially since they can't get her any help because they don't know how they connected with her. He tells Karen that Cookie is just a girl who needs a shoulder to cry on, what do they possibly have to know to be able to help her.

Meanwhile, Cookie is still crying and listening to the radio. The radio DJ announces the next song, "Time in a Bottle," the future number one hit in March, 1973.

Ian & Eve make their way to a supply closet as Arianna returns to the apartment. As Arianna pauses outside the door to look at the pictures in the scrapbook, Ian locks the door to the closet and kisses Eve passionately. Arianna lets herself in the apartment and after locking the door behind her, she turns around to find Ben as Ian & Eve continue to kiss passionately.