PC Update Thursday 3/29/01


Port Charles Update Thursday 3/29/01

By Lorie

Kevin & Lucy panic when Chris opens the door but Livvie stops him from going in with a surprise of her own--a kiss.

Karen is thinking of Frank when he calls to ask her out for that night. When she asks him where they're going, all he tells her is to be prepared to have fun and to be ready at eight.

As Arianna is putting on her coat, Ian asks her where she's going. She tells him she wants to say her thank-you's, for being so nice to her to, Joe, Gabi & Eve in person. But, Ian stops her and tells her that she can't say goodbye to anyone.

Gabriela brings a bag of Eve's clothes to her in the on-call room. Eve thanks her and also tells her that she heard what happened in London. Gabi tells her that she's been trying to forget Ben ever since, he scared her so much. Eve tells her that thanks to Gabi's quick thinking, Ben won't be able to set foot in this country again.

Ben sneaks off the elevator on the sixth floor. Seeing Deneice at the desk, he calls her on his cell phone asking of Eve's whereabouts. Deneice tells him that Eve is in the on-call room.

Eve & Gabi continue to talk about Ben when Eve decides that she is going to concentrate on living happily-ever-after. She's not going to let thoughts of Ben disrupt her life. She tells Gabi that Arianna is the only person Ben is after and she knows that Ian will not let him hurt her or anyone else. Ben sneaks up to the door and watches her.

Ian explains to Arianna why she can't say goodbye to anyone, not even Ian. No one must know she's gone until she's gone. Victor will come for her in the middle of the night, he tells her. When Arianna says that it will be like she never existed, Ian assures her that she will always be very real to him. Arianna is sad to learn that she won't ever see Ian again after that night.

After their kiss, Chris turns the light on in his apartment. Kevin & Lucy aren't there. They have climbed over the balcony to a ledge on the side of the building. Lucy insists on hearing everything they say, but right now they're kissing again to her dismay. When Livvie pulls away, she tells Chris that she's ready for her surprise. Chris begins by telling her that he started thinking about how she needed to get away before she started her med school studies. He pulls out an envelope and hands it to her. When she opens it, she's ecstatic to find two tickets to Paris. When Lucy hears the word "Paris," she tells Kevin that Chris got the idea from Livvie's diary. As much as he hates it, Kevin tells Lucy that they have to have faith that Livvie will see through Chris on her own. However, as Livvie continues to rave to Chris about how he always seems to know exactly what she wants, Chris pretends that he guessed right on where he should take her. Livvie tells him that he is the first person who has ever truly known her like he's reading her mind. As she kisses him again, Lucy is disgusted. Chris breaks their kiss and tells Livvie to save the kisses for Paris, but she assures him that there's plenty left for Paris. All they need tonight, she tells him, is each other.

Ben sneaks into Chris' office to get into the on-call room unnoticed. Gabi goes back to work leaving Eve alone. But, before Ben can come out, Frank arrives to pick up a surprise he has for Karen. Eve asks him what it's for, but Frank only tells her that it's going to be "far out." Eve tells him that whatever he's up to with Karen, she has never seen Karen this happy. Eve asks him again what the surprise is, but Frank tells her he has to go get ready. When he leaves, Eve starts to go through the bag that Gabi brought back from her hotel room. She's surprised by what she sees in the bag.

Ian tells Arianna how much he wishes there were another way for her to be safe. She tells him she understands and reminds him of some of the happy times they had together, like when they took all of those pictures of each other. When she tells Ian that she will keep the scrapbook forever, Ian tells her that she can't take it. No one from her future life can know anything of Ian or her past life. Ian assures her that she will have her memories of her life in Port Charles in her mind and in her heart. Arianna tells Ian that she will never forget him.

Livvie leads Chris to his bedroom. Kevin & Lucy climb back into the apartment. Lucy stops Kevin from barging into the bedroom to rip Chris apart. As she is coming up with a plan, Kevin starts a small fire to set the fire alarm off. He tells Lucy to hide the diary. As the alarm goes off, Kevin & Lucy rush out of the apartment.

Frank leads a blindfolded Karen to her surprise date. He has set up the dream date she never had in high school with Frank as the school jock and Karen as his girl. He gives her a corsage that she would have worn to the big dance and a crown, telling her she would have been named Prom Queen. Frank asks Karen to go "steady" with him and when she agrees, he gives her his class ring.

As the alarm continues to ring, Kevin & Lucy get out of the apartment but wait outside to see what happens. Chris & Livvie comes out of the bedroom. As he tries to get the alarm to stop, Chris tells Livvie to open a window. When Chris takes the battery out of the alarm, he tells Livvie to get another battery from the desk drawer. Pulling out her diary, Livvie asks him how her diary got into his apartment. Outside in the hallway, Kevin decides that now is the time to leave.

Ian assures Arianna that soon she will be sitting with her new friends and enjoying her freedom. When she tells him that he can't know for sure, he tells her to call him one year from now at the Recovery Room and she can tell him all about her new life. Arianna agrees and tells him how much she will miss him. Ian tells her he will miss her too.

Eve is crying over the broken statue when Gabi comes in. She found it on the floor of her room, she tells Eve. It looked valuable so she brought it to Eve before the maids could come in. Eve tells her that it is valuable to her and Ian. She tells her how Maya sent it to them to ward off any bad luck that may come to disrupt their love. But now, Eve is worried that it can't do its job to protect them now that it's broken. Gabi tells her about a shop she knows that can fix it and assures Eve that nothing is going to stop Ian & Eve from being together. Gabi tells Eve that she'll leave the number for the shop in Eve's box and leaves the room. As Eve goes through her locker, Ben continues to watch her from his hiding place.