PC Update Wednesday 3/28/01


Port Charles Update Wednesday 3/28/01

By Lorie

Frank is trying to get another message from Cookie when Karen arrives at the garage. They wonder why she cut them off so abruptly. When Frank jokes that Cookie is probably a 60-year-old trucker playing a trick on them, Karen disputes that and says that while talking with Cookie, she sensed that Cookie was going through many of the same feelings as she did in high school. Karen excitedly convinces Frank to send another message right now.

Cookie is about to send a message to Frank & Karen when her father comes in. He's furious that she disobeyed his orders and is playing with the computer again. To punish her, he takes Cookie's locket, which means a lot to her.

Kevin arrives at the bike shop to pick up his bike. He finds Jack instead of Jamal working on it. As he waits for Jack to finish, he asks Jack how the tug-of-war over his daughter he's playing with Chris is going.

At the hospital, Chris asks Livvie if she meant it when she told him she wanted to be with him. Livvie tells him that she only needed some time to figure out what she wanted. But, now that she has, she's going to make it up to Chris for making him wait so long. Around the corner, Lucy is eavesdropping and hears it all.

Frank & Karen are disappointed when Cookie doesn't respond. Karen tells Frank that talking to Cookie has stirred so many memories she had of high school. When they reminisce about Frank's glory days as a high school jock, he begins to wonder what would have happened if they got together back then.

When is Chris is paged to his office, Livvie tells him that she'll wait there. When he leaves, Lucy comes by and questions Livvie about her feelings for Chris and if she is really going to sleep with him. Livvie tells Lucy that she doesn't want to hear anything from her because she has never given Chris a fair chance. She tells Lucy about how Chris seems to know all of her hopes and dreams like he's reading her mind, or like he's her soul mate. Lucy tries to convince Livvie that Chris is not her soul mate.

Chris arrives at his office to find Kim with Livvie's diary. He tells her that he will copy some pages and leave it for Kim to retrieve and return to Livvie's room the next morning. When Kim asks what if Livvie misses it before then, Chris assures her that he will be keeping Livvie too busy to worry about her diary. When Kim leaves, Chris begins reading some pages out of Livvie's diary aloud. When he reads of her dream to go to Paris with her friend Jen, an eavesdropping Lucy realizes that he is not reading Livvie's mind, but her diary.

Frank & Karen continue to talk about their high school days. Karen tells him that they wouldn't have connected back then, because while he was the jock, she was the outsider, who was leading a double life--honor student by day, lonely kid with a passed out drunk for a mother. Frank tells her that if he had known what Karen went through, he would've helped her because he understood what it felt like have a drunk for a parent.

When Kevin tells Jack that he is waiting for an answer, Jack tells him to not put him in the same category as Chris, they're two different people. Jack admits to trying to use Livvie to get back at Chris, but tells Kevin that he knows it was a mistake because from the moment he met Livvie, something happened between them. Jack says he knows that he messed up with Livvie and lost her to Chris and he tells Kevin that nothing he can do or say to Jack will hurt as much as knowing that. It's something he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

When Lucy enters Chris' office, he quickly hides Livvie's diary in his desk drawer. She tells him that she just had a nice conversation with Livvie and she's come to the conclusion that she and Kevin will have to accept Livvie & Chris. She adds that even though she can't stand the sight of Chris, she will have to learn to tolerate him for Livvie's sake. She also warns Chris that he better treat Livvie right. Chris reminds Lucy that she was the one that Livvie caught in bed with Jack. He goes on to thank Lucy for opening Livvie's eyes about the guy Jack really is. Livvie enters the office and seeing Lucy, asks Chris if she's giving him hard time. On the contrary, Chris tells her, Lucy is there to give them her blessing. Livvie thanks Lucy for the gesture. Lucy goes to leave but only pretends to leave the outer room. She eavesdrops on Chris & Livvie as they make plans for the evening. When they leave, Lucy comes out of hiding and takes the diary out of Chris' desk drawer.

Lucy calls Kevin on her cell phone and leaves a message cancelling their plans for the evening. She's at Chris' apartment and talks the super into letting her in.

Frank & Karen talk about what their lives might have been if they had hooked up in high school. They talk about the choices they made while growing up which were influenced by their circumstances. Karen tells Frank that sometimes it's better to not get the prince in high school because princes get better with age. Meanwhile, Cookie is crying over the loss of her locket.

Lucy gets into Chris' apartment and looks for a place to stash the diary for Livvie to find it when she returns with Chris. She's surprised when Kevin comes in after her. She never disconnected her cell phone, he tells her, he heard her whole conversation with the super on the answering machine. When he asks why she's there, Lucy tells him that Chris stole Livvie's diary so he could know what is in her heart and mind. When Lucy tells him she plans to hide the diary for Livvie to find, Kevin tells her that she can't do that. She's leaving with him right now. At that moment, they hear Chris & Livvie return early.