PC Update Tuesday 3/27/01  

Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/27/01

By Lorie

Kevin & Lucy arrive at her house from another bike ride. When she's disappointed that the bike will be going in for diagnostics tests, Kevin realizes that she's hooked on the thrill of it already. Lucy tells him how glad she is that Alison talked him into buying the bike. When Kevin mentions that Alison could probably talk anyone into buying anything, he starts thinking of Livvie. He tells Lucy that he knows that Chris is going to hurt her and Kevin can't do anything about it because she won't listen to him. When Lucy tells him that teenage girls only listen to other teenage girls, they both immediately think of Alison.

At the Recovery Room, Alison & Livvie are discussing the idea of Livvie dating Chris. Livvie tells Alison that she likes that Chris really understands her, but Ali tries to convince her that that's not enough to make a relationship, you have to have chemistry with someone. When Livvie tells her that she has been too distracted to see Chris in a romantic way, Ali tells her it's because of Jack, with whom she has real chemistry, not made-up like she's trying to create with Chris.

In the on-call room at the hospital, Chris is on the phone with Kim, Estelle's nurse. He tells her that he wants to find out what's in Livvie's heart. So he tells Kim to search her room for a diary and report back to him what she finds. When he hangs up, Eve walks in. He begins needling her about how they almost slept together when they got drunk. Eve swears to him that there is no way she would have ever slept with him. When Chris smirks and tells her to remember that when she's all alone every night, Eve tells him that she won't be alone for long.

Ian is at the Recovery Room talking with Victor about the plan to get Arianna out of town safely. He tells him about Gabriela running into Ben in London and Victor agrees that they should move her quickly just in case Ben does come back town. When Victor asks what Arianna's reaction was, Ian confesses he hasn't told her yet. At that moment, Arianna comes in. When she asks Ian why he asked her to meet him, Ian tells her that she will be leaving town sooner than they thought.

Meanwhile, Ben is on a plane on his way to Port Charles. Reading a newspaper article on Ian & Eve, he swears to get even with them.

Chris asks Eve what has changed about her situation and she tells him that it's none of his business. She reminds him that what did or did not happen between them stays between them. Chris assures her that he just wants her to be happy since she is his closest friend. Eve tells him that he really is a decent guy and he proved it when he didn't make a move on her. Chris reminds her that she was unconscious but Eve persists in telling him that he isn't one of those men who would make a move on a woman who wasn't ready. The subject turns to Livvie and Chris tells Eve that he is taking things slow with Livvie for a reason. Eve tries to convince him that he won't get anywhere if he continues to manipulate people. You can't make something happen that wasn't meant to happen, she tells him. People who belong together will get together on their own. Chris tells Eve the he doesn't believe in fate. Frustrated, Eve leaves him to get something to eat.

Alison comes back to talk more with Livvie. She asks Livvie if she's crazy for wanting to be with Chris. She doesn't understand why Livvie is so gung-ho on Chris all of a sudden. Livvie tells her that she has been friends with Chris for a long time, but she was too distracted to see him the way she is now. Ali again reminds her that the reason is Jack. Ali tells her that what she feels for Jack is real but Livvie says she & Jack are over. Jack even said so himself and proved it by seeing another girl. Ali tells her that Jack couldn't possibly be serious about Sam, Livvie says that she doesn't know what Jack takes seriously anymore. But, she tells Alison, it's better this way because everything happens for a reason. When Ali asks her why she's trying so hard to make something happen with Chris, Livvie denies it and say she's just trying to give him a fair chance. Ali tells her that she won't be convinced, so exactly who is Livvie trying to convince. When Ali goes back to work, Livvie leaves saying goodbye to Victor on the way out.

Victor and Ian are telling Arianna about the move. She's less than enthusiastic and apologizes for seeming to be ungrateful but she didn't think she would have to leave so soon. Ian tells her that the family she'll be staying with is ready for her. When Arianna asks where it is, Victor tells her that Ian can't know where she is staying, so that no one can trace her whereabouts through Ian, so Victor will be the only person who knows where she is. Ian tells her that once she's safe, he will tell the INS that Arianna has left him and he doesn't know where she went. To cheer her up, Ian tells her that the family seems nice and Victor adds that she will be able to get training as a teacher's aide like she wanted. Arianna agrees that it sounds good when she sees Eve walk in. Victor excuses himself and Arianna asks Ian if he is rushing her out of town because he can't wait to be with Eve.

Kevin & Lucy are talking about how they can get Alison to talk with Livvie about Chris when Kevin decides that he shouldn't do anything. He should just trust that she knows what she's doing. He's already talked to her and told her his feelings about Chris and now the rest is up to Livvie. But, Lucy convinces him that he can't just let her go to Chris when he knows that Chris will hurt her. That would be like knowing a disaster was going to happen and not doing anything about it. Kevin tells Lucy that he is convinced, Chris should meet with an unfortunate accident.

Chris get a phone call from Kim, who tells him that she found Livvie's diary. He asks her to meet him at his office when Livvie walks into the on-call room. Hanging up, Chris greets Livvie and tells her that they will be having dinner with the head of PCU's pre-med program. Hearing what he has done for her again, Livvie apologizes to him for not always being a friend to him. She's sorry for always going back and forth between him and Jack and wants to make it up to Chris, tonight.

Ian assures Arianna that Eve has nothing to do with Arianna leaving. Her safety is top priority right now, he tells her, and this move will assure it. Arianna apologizes for thinking otherwise but tells him that she feels that he is not telling her something. Ian assures her that she knows all that she needs to know. Victor interrupts and asks to speak to Arianna in private. Ian leaves them and goes to the bar where Eve is sitting. He tells her the news about Arianna leaving because Gabriela ran into Ben in London and suspects that Joe is still alive. When Eve questions him about how Arianna is taking the news, Ian tells her that she doesn't know and doesn't need to know. Alison brings the phone to Victor and he takes it in private. As Ali starts cleaning up, she talks with Arianna about life in Port Charles and about married life. When Ali goes back to work, Arianna tells Ian that she is going home now. As she walks out, Eve convinces Ian to let her follow Arianna out.

Kevin uses reverse-psychology to convince Lucy that the best thing they can do to get Livvie away from Chris is nothing. They have to trust that Livvie will see Chris for who he really is on her own with no interference from them. Lucy reluctantly promises to not pull any "Lucy-esque" stunts and to trust in the universe, but as she promises she crosses her fingers behind her back.

Livvie continues to apologize to Chris for not appreciating him properly for everything he's done for her. She tells him that he has always been there for her from the beginning. She adds that she is lucky to have Chris in her life and wants to be with him tonight.

Arianna tells Eve that she just wanted to tell Ian that she was going home, but Eve stops her to say that she knows that she's leaving. Eve wants her to know that how much she admires Arianna for being so brave. She wishes Arianna a very happy life and adds that a lot of people in town have grown to love her and will miss her but they also would want her to be safe. And this is the way for her to be safe.

Ben is napping on the plane when he wakes up to hear the pilot informing him that they are making their descent into Port Charles.