PC Update Monday 3/26/01


Port Charles Update Monday 3/26/01

By Lorie

Karen is waiting for Frank to return so she sends off a message to the mystery person to see if she responds. She is surprised when a girl answers and introduces herself as Cookie.

Joe and Gabriela arrive at their hotel in London. Gabi goes to check in as Joe goes to look for some other speakers for the HIV conference. Gabi is shocked when Ben Shapour, Arianna's brother, shows up at the desk asking if Joe has checked in yet.

Eve asks Ian again if he is really going to be free of Arianna. When he confirms it, she rushes into his arms. But, before he kisses her, he asks her innocently why Eve is soaking wet.

Karen starts a conversation with Cookie over the computer. Cookie tells her that she is 16 and is using her dad's computer. She tells Karen that if her dad catches her on his computer, she will be in trouble. As they continue to talk, Karen finds that they have a few things in common. While they talk, Frank returns.

Gabi is stunned to see Ben. He instantly recognizes her from Port Charles. Gabi calls him a murderer loud enough for the desk clerk to hear. Ben pulls her aside and tells her that he has seen the article announcing Joe's appearance at the conference, but Gabi tries to convince him that it is a mistake on the part of the conference leaders. Before he leaves Ben warns Gabi to keep her mouth shut about seeing him and warns that if she goes to Scotland Yard with her accusation that he killed Joe, she will pay the consequences.

Eve tells Ian about the events of that night. She tells him that she went to Chris' apartment to drown her sorrows with him over Ian's situation with Arianna. She tells him that she got wet when she decided to throw herself into her shower in an effort to not only sober up but to clean herself up. She's afraid of what he thinks but he tells her that he understands as long as she didn't dance on any bars and fall into the waiting arms of an Irishman, reminding her of their own drunken escapade. When she finishes explaining herself to him, they decide that it would be best for him to leave since they don't know if the INS has followed him to her hotel. But, they can not quite say goodbye to each and instead fall onto Eve's bed together and start kissing passionately.

Karen surprises Frank with news that his mystery person is a 16-year-old girl named Cookie. She apologizes to Frank for not believing in him when he first told her about the messages. She tells him that it just sounded too weird to be true and admits that she was looking for something to come along to ruin their relationship since things were going so smoothly. But she realized that Frank has truly changed from the way he used to be. She trusts him now completely. Frank tells her that his change in attitude is a direct result of her influence. Karen remembers that Cookie is still online and asks Frank if he is ready to meet her.

Gabi is trying desperately to reach Joe when he returns to the hotel lobby. Frantically, she tells him that they have got to leave right away.

Ian & Eve are making out on her bed when there is a knock on the door. Thinking it's the INS, Ian hides while Eve opens the door. She finds the hotel bellboy with a package for Eve. When she opens it, she finds a statue of a couple that was sent to her by Maya, the tribal chief's wife. She tells Eve in a note that the statue is a symbol of true love and will protect Ian & Eve's love from being broken in two. As she hold the statue, Eve tells Ian that it proves that nothing is going to go wrong.

Karen & Frank are still talking to Cookie. They ask her about her school. Karen finds that she has a lot in common with Cookie, like them both liking biology, their frizzy hair on rainy days, a dread of cheerleaders, and a mutual hatred for high school. Frank asks Cookie what her favorite music is and Cookie answers that she likes 70's artists Jim Croce, Simon & Garfunkel, and Carole King. When the subject turns to boys, Cookie asks Karen to tell her what Frank is like. Karen begins describing him to Cookie but stops and turns to Frank and tells him what she thinks of him. When Frank points out that she stopped typing to Cookie, Karen asks her if she is still there. Cookie's father comes home and finds her on his computer. Furious, he shuts off the computer. When the computer goes blank, Frank & Karen think that she lost interest and shut down on them. When Frank asks Karen about what she told Cookie about him, Karen admits that he has grown on her. She tells him that she likes being with him. Frank tells her that, after all his mistakes, he feels that he got a second chance in life by getting her in his life.

Eve is on her out of her hotel room when she pauses to read Maya's note again. She places the statue on the table near the open window and leaves. Once she's gone, the wind picks up and knocks the statue to the ground, breaking it in two.

Joe asks Gabi what's the matter and she tells her that she saw Ben and that he saw the article on Joe at the conference. Gabi tells him that to convince him that it was a mistake, she created a scene and loudly called him a murderer. She thinks that she succeeded, but just in case, they decide that it's best that they leave immediately. But, first, Joe calls Ian to give him the bad news. Ian warns him to get out of there fast and as they leave, they pass a man behind a newspaper. It's Ben!