PC Update Friday 3/23/01


Port Charles Update Friday 3/23/01

By Lorie

Frank is ready to unplug "Nellie the computer" when another message comes through. He asks the person how come they never send him messages when someone else is in the room. The mystery person tells him that she's afraid, but Frank assures her that there is no reason to be afraid. His friend just needs to know that the messages are real. Just then, Karen knocks on the door. By the time Frank lets her in and tells her that he got another message, the screen goes blank when Karen goes to see.

Arianna tells Ian that she is finally ready to let him go. He's curious as to why she changed her mind so quickly after what she told him about her feelings for him. Arianna tells him that he is the last in a long line of things she has had to let go of. Ian's glad she's ready to move on because now she can have her freedom and look forward to having a brand new life. Arianna reminds him that he will also get to be with the woman he loves--Eve.

Chris is trying to justify why he and Eve should sleep together. He tells her that she is hurting and shouldn't have to wait for Ian to come to her. Eve agrees that she is hurt and that she is tired of waiting for Ian. Chris plays right into her pain and tells her that they can have fun and still be just friends. Eve agrees and just as Chris begins to kiss her there is a knock on the door. As Chris tells her to ignore it, Livvie is wondering what is taking him so long to answer.

Kevin & Lucy return to the Recovery Room after their bike ride, still feeling the rush. When she asks him what prompted him to buy a motorcycle, he tells her that he didn't think she should be the only one in the family who was unpredictable. Pleased at the idea of being a family with Kevin, Serena, and Livvie, Lucy worries that Livvie is still upset over what happened with Jack. Kevin tells her that after he talked with her, he's pretty sure that she forgave him for keeping that a secret from him. He also tells Lucy that Livvie is close to forgiving Jack too and tells her that he didn't even try to talk Livvie out of it as much as he wanted to. Lucy tries to convince Kevin that Jack is a good person with a good heart when they see Jack walk in with a new girl.

Ian tells Arianna that she is a beautiful woman who has her whole life ahead of her. Arianna admits to saying that exact same thing to Eve earlier. She told Eve that she could get any man she wanted, except for Ian. When Ian asks why she would say such a thing, Arianna answers that she knew how committed Ian was to helping her. But she now knows that he's committed but not in love with her. Ian assures her that when she falls in love for real, she won't have to try so hard. She could just sit back and love and be loved in return. Arianna apologizes to Ian for all the trouble she's caused him and asks for some time alone. Before Ian leaves, Arianna thanks him for everything he's done for her.

Eve insists that Chris answer the door. When he opens the door, he tries to get rid of Livvie. He tells her that he is talking with a patient on the phone. Livvie insists on coming in to talk with him because she needs a friend right now. When she enters the apartment, Chris braces himself for Livvie finding a drunk Eve there but is surprised that Eve is nowhere in sight. Livvie tries to tell him her problem but Chris is distracted. He asks if they can talk later and Livvie suggests they meet at the Recovery Room. He tells her he'll be there in about an hour. When he walks her to the door, Livvie tells him that she hopes to be as dedicated a doctor as he is. After she's gone, Chris goes to find Eve only to find her passed out on the floor.

Frank is trying to get another message to show Karen that they're real, but Karen tells him that it's probably some crossed wires that caused him to get junk mail. She convinces him that it's time to pull the plug on "Nellie." Frank is just about to pull the plug when he's paged to an emergency at work. After he leaves, Karen types a message to the mystery person telling her to stop causing trouble between her and Frank. It's time for her to talk to Karen if she really exists.

Lucy is upset to see Jack with another girl after what Kevin just told her about Livvie being close to taking him back. She tells Kevin that she wants to go over there and talk to him. Kevin suggests it's not a good idea since Livvie just walked in. Lucy tells him to distract Livvie while she gives Jack a piece of her mind. Jack is giving Sam the third degree because of what Jamal warned him about. Sam tells him that she doesn't know what Jamal has against her but she doesn't care because she's only interested in Jack. When Jack goes to get them some beers, Lucy sits down to give Sam some advice. Meanwhile, Kevin sits down with Livvie, who tells him that she is meeting Chris. When Kevin tells her that he's worried about her seeing Chris, she tells him not to because Chris is less likely to hurt her than Jack is. Kevin tells her that he was under the impression after their talk that she was softening her attitude about Jack. Livvie tells Kevin that he over-analyzes too much. Changing the subject, Kevin invites her to dinner but she declines for tonight before excusing herself. Back at Sam's table, Lucy tries to convince Sam that Kevin is an employee of Sonny Corinthos. She tells her that his name is "Doc" and he is a hitman for Sonny, Livvie is his daughter, and that Jack is Livvie's boyfriend. She goes on to say that if "Doc" ever found out that Jack was two-timing his little girl with Sam, then Jack and Sam would be swimming with the fishies. As Livvie comes out of the ladies' room, she bumps into Jack who is carrying two glasses of beer. She is livid when the beers end up all over her.

In Eve's hotel room, she and Chris are having coffee. Eve is complaining of a hangover and what a horrible night she had. When Chris remarks that it wasn't all horrible, she remembers that she and Chris almost slept together. She rants to Chris that no matter how drunk she was, she would have never let him take her to bed. Chris tells her that he has to go to another appointment but before he leaves he tells Eve that if they had gotten together it would have been good. After he leaves, Eve says it would have been a disaster. Seeing her reflection in a mirror, Eve decides she needs a shower. When she goes to turn the water on, someone starts knocking on the door. Thinking it's Chris again, she yells for him to leave her alone. However, when she opens the door, she finds Ian.

Karen tells "Nellie" that she's giving her a few more minutes to answer before she unplugs the computer. As she speaks, she is playing with a heart-shaped necklace around her neck. The mystery person is sitting in front of her computer wearing the exact same necklace.

When Jack tries to help Livvie dry off, she tells him to concentrate on his new date. Sam walks up and tells Jack they should leave. She tells Livvie to tell her father that she doesn't want any trouble, she just met Jack. Meanwhile, Kevin is livid when Lucy tells him what she told Sam. She says that she did it to scare her off and wishes she could scare Chris, who has just walked in, off too. Livvie is telling Sam that Kevin is a respected psychiatrist, when Chris interrupts her and says that Jack is just some guy Livvie used to know. When Chris leads Livvie to a table, Sam asks Jack if Livvie knows that her father is in the mob. When Jack asks her who told her that, he laughs when she says that Lucy did. She asks him what's so funny and he tells her he'll explain it outside.

Seeing how wet Eve is, Ian asks if it's raining in the room. Eve questions if he's really there or if he's a figment of her inebriated imagination. Ian asks her how a figment can talk and Eve tells him that she doesn't care and she doesn't look like an old rag. Ian teases that he's seen her look worse.

Arianna's brother, Ben, sees a news article on Joe attending an HIV conference in London. He's furious that he's still alive and that he and Ian deceived him.

When Eve questions what she ever did to deserve any of her problems, Ian tells her that she doesn't have to worry about anything anymore. Arianna has decided to give him his freedom. He and Eve are going to be together, for always. Eve smiles as Ian pulls her in for a kiss.