PC Update Thursday 3/22/01


Port Charles Update Thursday 3/22/01

By Lorie

Alison and Livvie are hanging out in Livvie's apartment talking about Livvie's reaction to Jack dating the biker chick, Sam. Livvie tells Alison that she doesn't care who Jack sees because she and Jack didn't have as much in common as Jack and Sam might. Alison doesn't buy it because she saw how close Jack & Livvie were getting the night they were helping in the bike shop. Livvie tells her that it doesn't matter now because Jack doesn't care anymore. She informs Ali that Jack thinks that Livvie puts up a wall between her and Jack. When Ali asks if she does, Livvie tells her that maybe she does for a good reason, to protect herself from letting Jack in her life.

Jack and Jamal are fixing one of the bikes when Sam comes in with some of her friends. One of them, Zach, is an old friend of Jamal's. It is apparent from Jamal's reception that he doesn't like Zach. Zach and Jamal used to race motorcycles together years ago. Zach asks Jamal if he's coming back to it, but Jamal informs him that he's out of that business; he's in the repair business now.

Chris is annoyed when Eve shows up at his apartment. He asks her why he should just drop everything just because she decided to come over. Eve responds by saying that she makes the best martinis. When he asks why she's there, Eve simply tells him that they are going to get really drunk tonight.

Ian and Arianna are at home. Arianna tries to act like the loving wife who serves her husband his whiskey and dinner, but Ian is not in the mood to play that game. When she tries to apologize for speaking with Eve, he tells her that he doesn't want to discuss it right now. When there is a knock at the door, Ian opens it to find Marika Lassen of the INS. Ian tries to get rid of her, but Marika informs him that she just received some information that puts him on Tirama Island with Eve Lambert, much to Arianna's surprise.

Eve and Chris are toasting to the good old days when they were friends and pretty much hated by everyone else. When Chris tells her that she was the one who changed, now she's one of the good guys, she tells him not to rub it in. She says that she misses the old times when she didn't care what people thought of her, when she would go out and get whatever she wanted and damned the consequences. Now, she says, she's too eager to please and gets rolled over by someone else. Chris tells her that she didn't used to be the type to get trampled on until Ian got married to Arianna. Eve tells him that it wouldn't be so bad if she hated Arianna but she doesn't, she admires her for everything she has gone through. Arianna has given up everything in her life to come to a new country to start a new life all over again. But, she adds, Arianna has turned so needy, Ian is the only person she trusts. When Chris tells Eve that he is never falling in love, she reminds him that he fell for Julie. Chris says he's learned his lesson. Eve thinks this means that Livvie is safe from him. Chris refutes that and says that if he and Livvie get together, it's not going to hurt either one of them. He tells her that he is never going to get his heart broken again.

Ian sets the record straight with Marika. He tells her about how Eve got on the island on a vacation by herself. He tells her how Eve helped a little boy who had gotten very sick and then gotten sick herself with the same illness. When Ian got to the island, Eve was already sick. When Marika asks Arianna if she knew all of this, Arianna answers that she and her husband don't keep secrets. Marika asks why Arianna didn't go with Ian and he tells her that they didn't want to take the chance that Arianna wouldn't be allowed back in the country. When Marika remarks that Ian wasn't this smooth with the answers the last time he answered questions from the INS, Ian challenges her to ask him any question she wants about Arianna.

Ian is telling Marika stories about all of Arianna's likes and dislikes. Arianna is beaming as she listens to him talk about her. He shows Marika the scrapbook that he and Arianna had made of themselves. Ian invites Marika to stay for dinner but Marika tells him that she has heard enough but before she leaves she tells them that it isn't over, they will be back. When she leaves, Arianna praises Ian's performance. When she mentions the part about Eve almost dying, Ian apologizes for not telling her before, but Arianna tells him that he needn't apologize after the performance he just put on for her. She wonders how he learned all of her favorite things so fast and he tells her that he used "crib sheets." Arianna is devastated to to find out that Ian had to use notes to remember things like what color her eyes are, when she knows by heart all of Ian's likes and dislikes. She runs into the bedroom crying over what a fool she's been.

Zach tries to get Jamal to go back to racing but Jamal refuses. Zach and his buddies decide to leave saying that it was a waste of their time to go see Jamal. Sam decides to stay with Jack and asks to use their bathroom. After Zach is gone and Sam is occupied, Jack tries to get Jamal to tell him who those guys were, but Jamal is tightlipped. When Jack tells him he should know if he's going to be spending a lot of time with Sam, Jamal warns him that if Sam is friends with Zach and his buddies, then Jack should steer clear of her. When Sam comes back, Jack tells her that Jamal thinks she might be trouble because of her friends. He asks her if that's true. Sam responds by planting a kiss on him.

Livvie tells Alison that she has made her decision regarding Jack and Chris. She chose Chris because he won't hurt her like Jack would. When Ali tells her that not she shouldn't make a big decision like this based on the assumption that she would or would not get hurt, Livvie tells her that she doesn't care what Ali thinks. Every time she talks to Kevin or Alison, they tell her to follow her heart, but when she does, she just ends up feeling lousy. And Livvie has had enough of feeling like that to last a lifetime.

Eve and Chris are playing a game of "Truth." They're very drunk at this point when Eve asks him if it works for him to keep his heart locked up so that he won't get hurt. Chris tells her yes, but Eve wants to know if it's hard for him to not confide his hopes and dreams to somebody like Livvie. Chris asks her why he would want to, since Livvie is always singing his praises. Eve guesses that this way, she never finds out any of his faults. She asks if he has slept with Livvie and is relieved that he hasn't, telling him that he is all wrong for her. They refill their glasses and Chris asks her the next question. How come, he wants to know, they never got together?

Jack asks Sam out to dinner, but before they leave Jamal pulls him aside and warns him that her buddies better not start hanging around the bike shop or there's going to be trouble. He also warns Jack to not let Alison know what happened there tonight. Alison shows up and is disgusted at seeing Sam there. She kisses Jamal hello and asked what she missed at the shop as Jack and Sam leave.

Ian apologizes to Arianna for upsetting her but Arianna tells him that he has no reason to be sorry. He was only doing what he promised her, to keep her safe. She was the one who changed when she fell in love with him. Arianna tells him that she had hoped that in time he would feel the same for her that she feels for him, but now she realizes that he has given up so much just to help her. And she has given him nothing in return but pain so she's going to give him what he wants--she'll leave Port Charles and let Ian go.

Eve is surprised when Chris asks her why they never got together. She can't believe that he came up with the idea. When she won't answer him, Chris tells her that he sees no reason for them not to "comfort" each other by being together since they're both lonely and needy. He tells her that he knows that she's hurting and this will be a way for her to feel better if only for a short time. Besides, they can do it as friends only, no strings attached. Eve tells him that yes, she is hurt, so why not go ahead and do it.