PC Update Wednesday 3/21/01


Port Charles Update Wednesday 3/21/01

By Lorie

Karen is at work when Frank shows up. He is apologetic because he never called her the night before like he promised he would. Karen is annoyed that he forgot because he was too occupied with the computer and she tells him that she is not interested in hearing what he has to say.

At the Recovery Room, Lucy tries to get Ian to tell her what's going on with him, Eve, and Arianna. He tells her that it's a very sensitive situation and he wouldn't feel right involving Lucy. But Lucy is relentless. She asks how Eve is doing with the fact that Ian is married to Arianna, and Ian tells her that she is doing okay considering that she's going through more than her share of hard times. Lucy warns Ian that she has known Eve for a while and she knows that Eve will not continue to wait around for Ian forever.

Arianna tells Eve to stay away from Ian because the INS is watching her and Ian closely and they are determined to find out that their marriage is a lie. She asks Eve what would have happened if the INS had seen Ian and Eve the way they were just now, kissing like lovers. Arianna reminds Eve that she is playing with Arianna's life when she acts like that with Ian because if the INS found out the truth, they would deport Arianna right away and she would be dead as soon as she got off the plane in her home country. Eve reiterates to Arianna that Ian & Eve will be together, they only paused on their way to help Arianna because she was in trouble, and then they will be on their way to living their lives together. She turns away from Arianna, but Arianna is not finished. She tells Eve that she is a beautiful, intelligent, educated doctor. It's no wonder that Ian fell in love with her, but she tells Eve that they both know that Arianna can not and will not let Ian go.

Kevin goes by the bike shop to Alison. He praises the job they have done with the shop. When he notices her limping, Alison tells him it's just another battle scar courtesy of her grandmother. Kevin reminds her that she has plenty of those and Alison tells him that they are getting easier to get over these now. Kevin tells her that he's proud of how far she has come since her trouble.

Lucy continues to warn Ian that Eve won't wait forever for him but he tells her that Eve knows how he feels for her. But Lucy isn't convinced, she's afraid that Eve will tire of waiting to be with Ian and will do something desperate like throw herself at Kevin again. Ian assures Lucy that she needn't worry about that happening because he knows Eve a lot better than Lucy thinks. He hints that he has always known Eve. Lucy gets the past life reference and correctly guesses that Ian & Eve had a past life together.

Arianna tells Eve that she can't let Ian go because her life is at stake. Eve tells her that she can't force Ian to stay with a woman he doesn't love by playing on his sympathy for her. Is that the kind of woman she wants to be, Eve asks her, the kind of woman who would hold a man hostage to his honor just to stay married to him?

Kevin admires one of the bikes at the shop. He tells Alison that he used to own one of them when he lived in Switzerland in his younger days. Alison encourages him to take it for a test drive and tells him he looks cool as he sits on the bike.

Frank tries to make up with Karen. He tells her that he knows that he messed up with her but the computer messages keep nagging at him. He just wishes he knew who they were from and why she's sending them to him. Karen is surprised that he thinks they're from a girl and tells him that now she knows why he's so obsessed, it's because they're from another girl. Karen tells him that they don't need "Nellie" anymore. She got them together and brought them closer, so now it's time to get rid of her. She also thinks it's time they got out of the garage and into another room before "Nellie" breaks up what she brought together.

Ian tells Lucy that he and Eve are on the same wavelength like she and Kevin are. But Lucy is convinced that he and Eve had an experience with past lives. She tells him that she believes in all of that and she wants concrete proof that it is possible. If Ian doesn't tell her something, Lucy threatens to make a scene in the restaurant. To shut her up, Ian finally admits that he and Eve did share an experience with past lives. Lucy wants him to tell her how she can do it too, but Ian tells her that it is a complex and dangerous procedure. So, Lucy just asks him how many lives they saw. He tells her that he saw one while Eve saw two and in both they died without being together. But Ian insists that in this lifetime they will end up together. He tells Lucy that while he thinks that, Eve thinks that this lifetime will end up like the others. When Lucy asks him what he believes, Ian admits that he doesn't know.

Eve tells Arianna that she knows that Arianna isn't a bad person, she's just making a bad choice by making Ian stay with her when he obviously doesn't want to. But Arianna tells Eve that she and Ian have grown closer over time. She says that Ian feels so much more for Arianna than he is willing to admit. Eve insists that Arianna misunderstood Ian's intentions. Arianna apologizes to Eve and says that she never meant for this to happen, she never meant to fall in love with Ian. Eve tells her that she believes her but that doesn't change the fact that she knows that Ian wants to be with Eve. Arianna tells her it's only what he says he wants. Eve insists that Arianna should listen to what Ian and Eve are telling her but Arianna says that the only thing she knows is that Ian is everything that she dreamed for in a man. When Eve tells her that it's not her dream to have, Arianna tells her that she and Ian will have to make their own dream then, together. Eve tells her that she won't let her do that, but Arianna replies that she won't let Eve stop her. At that moment, Ian comes through the doors to find the two of them together. What's going on here, he asks them. Eve answers that he should ask his wife.

Karen convinces Frank that it's time to give up the computer and spend time with her. She tells him that since it took them so long to find their way to each other, she doesn't want them to waste anymore time that can be spent together. At that moment, the mystery person is typing a message to Frank. She wants to know where he is and tells him that even though she said she was afraid, she really needs to talk to someone and she asks him to be her friend.

Kevin arrives at the Recovery Room wearing a leather jacket. Lucy tells him that she just left him a message. She wanted to talk to him about her belief in soul mates. She tells him that she might know of a place, an island somewhere, where they can experience their past lives. They start talking about what they could have been in their past lives and end up kissing. Lucy suggests they go to his place, but Kevin has another thought. He leads her outside to where he parked his new motorcycle. They hop on and go for a ride.

Arianna tells Ian that she wants to go home and asks him to take her. If he's too busy, she offers to go on her own, but Ian tells her that he'll take her. He turns to Eve but she waves him off and tells him to take Arianna home. As they leave, Arianna turns to Eve and gloats that they'll see her later. After they are gone, Eve beats herself up for not putting up a fight when Ian left with Arianna. She decides that she's had enough of the "new Eve" who is patient and understanding and resolves to get back to her true self. She makes a call to someone to expect her because she's coming over and she's ready to party.