PC Update Tuesday 3/20/01  

Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/20/01

By Lorie

It's the grand opening for "Jamal's Bike Shop." Jamal and Jack are psyched for the opening. When Jack inquires of Alison's whereabouts, Jamal says she had a few things to do. In turn, Jamal asks where Livvie is, but Jack tells him that it's over with Livvie. She always puts up a wall with him and he's tired of trying to tear it down. He changed the subject by urging Jamal to hurry up and open the shop. When Jamal opens the door to the shop, he finds Amanda Barrington. Putting the "open" sign in the window, Jamal tells her that she is too late to gloat.

Alison bumps into Lucy at the Recovery Room as she is carrying a bag of coffee and snacks for Jamal and Jack. As she leaves, Alison tells Lucy about the opening for the bike shop and invites her to see the place. When Alison leaves, Lucy overhears Victor on the phone talking about his plans for Arianna. When he hangs up, she asks him what the big secret is about.

At the hospital, Ian tries to convince Eve that they will be together, but Eve tells him that as much as she would love to believe that, she's beginning to think that now may not be their time. Ian pulls her into a supply closet and begins kissing her passionately, telling her that is their time because he'll make it their time.

Amanda tells Jamal that she came to see Alison. As they are talking, Jack leaves the shop. Amanda tells Jamal that she came over to wish Alison & Jamal well with their new venture. Jamal doesn't believe a word she is saying after what she tried to pull with the inspector. Amanda also informs him that she is inviting the two of them to a dinner party in honor of one of Alison's old friends, Chad, who is back in town. Alison arrives in time to hear the invitation and tells her grandmother that she'll go when hell freezes over.

Outside, Jack is tinkering with the bike when a girl comes up admiring the bike. She introduces herself as Samantha and asks for Jamal. When Jack asks if he can help her, she tells him that he probably can.

Livvie is at home thinking about Jack when Kevin comes by. He's there because he has missed not seeing her around. When she comments that he forgave Lucy enough to get back together with her, Kevin tells her that he understands that she's still upset with Jack & Lucy for what happened. But, he adds, she has to understand that there were extenuating circumstances beginning with the fact that they were both really upset because Kevin & Livvie had just broken up with them. They were also drunk and didn't know who each other was. When Livvie reminds him that the four of them kept the secret from her, Kevin asks her if she is going to banish them from her life because they are flawed human beings. He tells her that if she pushes away anyone who disappoints her in life, then she's going to end up very alone.

Victor tries to get Lucy's mind off of the secret but she doesn't let him. She wants to know what the big secret is that everyone knows about Ian. Victor tells her this situation is one that she mind her own business about. She shouldn't get involved because it's potentially dangerous for her. Lucy promises not to interfere and as she is leaving, she runs into Arianna who introduces herself as Ian's wife. Lucy asks her how Ian is in hopes that she'll find out something about the secret.

Ian & Eve are in the supply room when Eve tells Ian that she is afraid that they are losing control of their situation and they'll lose each other. She tells them about the couple who came into the ER the night before. She tells him that she's afraid that Ian will be trapped in a loveless marriage just like the guy was. Ian tries to convince her that they will be together, they just have to be patient. Eve tells her that she keeps thinking that Arianna will not be okay if he leaves her because she's in love with him and she needs him, while Eve doesn't need him.

Livvie asks Kevin how she can let go when every time she remembers what happened she gets angry again. Kevin tells her that she needs to look past the mistakes and look at what's really important. Livvie asks him what she should do when her head tells her one thing while her heart tells her something completely different. Kevin tells her to go with her heart, it won't steer her wrong. At that moment, Kevin is paged to another emergency. Before he goes, he reminds Livvie to follow her heart.

As Livvie reaches for the phone, Jack is talking to Sam when his phone rings. When he answers, Livvie hangs up and leaves her apartment. Putting the phone away, Jack turns to Sam again who invites him to take her on a test ride on his bike.

Inside the bike shop, Amanda tells Alison that her friend Chad is expecting her but Alison doesn't care. She and Jamal won't be coming to the party after what Amanda did and she leaves the bike shop. Amanda tells Jamal that Alison can't turn her back on her own family but Jamal says that after Amanda turned her back on Alison first, she stopped being Alison's family. Jamal is her family now. When Amanda asks what happens when Jamal tires of her, Jamal informs her that that will never happen. Amanda leaves passing Alison, who is talking to Jack and Sam. Sam tells her that Jack is taking her on a bike ride. Jack tells Sam to meet him at her bike while he finishes up with Alison. When Alison asks him what he's doing with "leather slut," Jack tells her he's just taking care of a customer. When they go in the shop, Sam makes a call and tells someone that she found Jamal for them.

Lucy tries to get to know Arianna by asking her lots of questions about her and Ian. When Lucy mentions that their marriage was so sudden, Arianna tells her that Ian's friends needn't worry about their marriage. She and Ian are going to have a long and happy life together. Victor comes over with Arianna's takeout order. When she leaves to take the food to Ian, Victor asks what Lucy was doing. He hopes she was poking her head in Ian's business right after Victor asked her not to. Lucy tells him that she may not know what's going on with Ian, but she does know that Eve & Ian love each other. She knows that Arianna hasn't figured that out yet, so whatever Victor is doing he better do it quick before someone gets hurt.

Ian assures Eve that she is all he wants or needs. He tells her that he loves her because of the incredible strength she possesses. When she worries about what the chief said, Ian tells her not to worry and tells her to have faith in their love. When she pulls away from his kisses saying that she can't do this anymore, she tries to leave the room but Ian pulls her back in. Arianna sees them as Ian pulls Eve back in and sees them kissing and overhears Ian pledge his love for Eve.

Eve breaks the kiss and tells Ian that she is terrified of losing him. Ian tells her that she won't lose him ever. She tells him to leave because she can't do this anymore right now. When Ian leaves, he doesn't see Arianna around the corner. But, when Eve leaves she stops at the desk and senses someone behind her. She turns around and sees Arianna.

Alison tells Jamal that she's glad that Amanda is gone. Jamal tries to convince her to give her grandmother another chance to make it up to Alison, but she says that Jamal and her friends are all she needs. Jamal assures her again that he will always be here for her and will always love her forever. Livvie comes in looking for Jack. While they are telling her where he is, Sam comes in to get Jack's gloves for him. She tells Jamal & Alison not to expect Jack so soon after their test drive. When she leaves, Livvie follows her out and sees her and Jack leave on a motorcycle. She asks if Jack is seeing that girl and Alison tells her that she blew Jack off one too many times.

At the Recovery Room, Ian tells Victor to hold all the plans that he has made for Arianna. Lucy sees Ian and tells him that she saw his wife. She asks him how he is going to get himself out of this mess he's gotten himself into. Eve sees that Arianna is upset. She asks her what's wrong and Arianna tells her that she wants Eve to stay away from her husband.