PC Update Monday 3/19/01


Port Charles Update Monday 3/19/01

By Lorie

Jamal & Alison are surprised to see not only Livvie & Jack but also Gabriela and Mary there. Gabi tells them that they are there to help after hearing about their trouble when they were at the hospital.

Frank & Karen are still dancing but he can't help but continue talking about the computer. When Karen insists that there will be no more computer talk, Frank notices that there is another message. Before he can read it, Karen accidentally unplugs the computer. Frank turns it back on and tries to get it back. He wants to prove to Karen that he's really been getting messages.

Eve apologizes again to Joe for what happened earlier. He tells her he understands and wishes he could help. Eve tells him she knows it will work out. As Joe leaves a married couple comes into the ER. The husband tells Eve that his wife slashed her wrists after he told her that he wants a divorce.

Ian tells Arianna that a new name and a new place are the answer to her problems but Arianna tells him she won't go because she's in love with him. Ian tells her that she knew from the beginning that the marriage wasn't real but Arianna tells him that it is real for her.

The gang is working at the bike shop when Joe arrives. Mary comes in with Irish beer for everyone to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. She makes an Irish toast for Jamal & Alison that they can save their bike shop. When everyone goes back to work, Jack tries to get Livvie to tell him why she's fighting her feelings for him. She tells him that she doesn't want there to be anything between them. Jack asks if she even knows what she wants for herself. Gabi asks Joe for any news about Arianna. He tells her that she's with Ian. They agree that they hope things work out for everyone because someone is going to get hurt in the situation.

Eve is tending to the wife's injury when the woman asks if her husband has left. He comes in and reassures his wife that he wouldn't leave her alone in this situation. Eve asks to talk to him alone and tells him that she'll have to report the incident as a suicide attempt. His wife will need counseling, she tells him. Troy, the husband, says maybe they can work things out between them. Eve asks if that's what he wants. He says that he should have left years ago but the longer they stayed married, the harder it was for her to let go of him. And now, how can he leave her because he doesn't want her to kill herself because of him.

Ian tries to explain to Arianna that she feels gratitude for him, not love. But she argues differently. Her heart races whenever he's near her, he is the first thing she thinks of when she wakes up, he's also who she dreams about when she goes to sleep. When he explains that love is knowing that your feelings for someone are reciprocated, she tells him that she doesn't think that she would have these feelings if he wasn't giving her reason to. She goes to kiss him but he pushes her away. She tells him that she has never done anything like that before but she's not going to apologize because it was what she felt and she's not going to apologize for her feelings.

Frank is still trying to get a response from the mystery person. Karen is getting impatient and tiring of staring at the computer. She tries to get Frank's mind off of it. She tells him that she made arrangements for her to come home early from the conference so that she could spend time with him not the computer. He apologizes for the computer taking up so much of his time. She tells him to continue with it right now, but she's going to go home and take a bath. Frank tells her that he will call her later. After she leaves, he gets a message that says, "I can't talk to you anymore."

The gang is working in the bike shop when Joe gets a call from Alan Quartermaine. Joe has been asked to represent GH at an HIV conference in London, England. Joe asks Gabi to go with him. Mary goes around the bike shop waving a stick in the Irish tradition of driving out the bad luck, much like St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland she tells Livvie. She waves it around Livvie's and Jack's head to give them good luck. Jack asks Livvie what she wants in her life if she doesn't want him. Livvie tells him that she wants some order in her life and when she's with him she feels out-of-control. Jack says that's what he likes, he likes being able to live life in the moment, not knowing what turn his life is going to turn. She asks him if that's what led him to Lucy. Jack asks him if she's always going to hold that against him, even though nothing ever happened and he was very drunk. Or is she going to let herself feel all the good stuff she can feel when she's with him. At that moment, the building inspector comes in to close them down. Jamal triumphantly tells him that they fixed everything on his list. The inspector says that he'll be the judge of that.

At the ER, as the married couple is leaving, Eve overhears the husband tell his wife that he won't leave her. Eve thinks of Ian's situation with Arianna and reassures herself that Ian will leave her.

Arianna tells Ian that he felt something when she kissed him. When she reminds him that he has kissed her before like the night of the Valentine's party. Ian reminds her that he kissed her for the benefit of the INS agents and the other time he kissed her was because he was drunk and lonely for Eve. When Arianna tries to convince him that he has feelings for her by recounting all of the things he has done for her, Ian tells her that he did all that because he's a doctor and he helps people, that's the kind of person he is. Arianna is heartbroken to think that Ian would have done the same thing for anyone else and tells him that she's not just anybody. Ian reasserts that he cares for her and Arianna pleads with him not to send her away. Ian advises her to go to bed since she's had a rough night. He has to go to the hospital anyway. Disappointed that he's leaving, Arianna asks if he's coming back. He replies that yes he is. As he walks out the door, he pauses after he closes the door behind him. He sighs over what has transpired and heads on his way.

The inspector is finishing up the inspection. Alison asks if they passed, and the inspector shakes his head in disbelief. They think that means that they failed and Jamal asks how come they failed since they fixed everything that was on his list. The inspector tells him that he can't believe they did everything in just 48 hours and says they are cleared to open for business. Jamal announces that the grand opening party has just begun. Everybody begins celebrating as the inspector leaves. Jack goes to hug Livvie but she backs away telling him that she has to leave since she has an interview at PCU the next morning. When Jack mentions that the wall has just come back up between them, she tells him that she can't afford to be sidetracked right now, because she wants to be a doctor. Just like her hero Chris, Jack tells her and she replies that he just doesn't understand. Jack tells her that he just stopped trying to understand and wishes her a good life and turns his back to her as she leaves. After Livvie leaves, Alison thanks everyone for helping them when they needed it. She tells them that she realized that they are more of a family to her than her own grandmother is since Amanda has done nothing but try to sabotage Alison's life. She and Jamal smile at each other when they realize that they won because they faced their obstacles together.

Frank continues to get another message from the mystery person. He types that whoever it is doesn't have any reason to be scared.

Ian arrives at the ER to apologize to Eve for hanging up on her. He tells her that Arianna had a nightmare. When Eve asks how she is, Ian tells her that she was right when she said that Arianna was in love with him. Eve asks him what's going to happen now and Ian tells her that he can't leave Arianna now in her present state of mind. He asks Eve to understand and Eve tells him that the only thing she understands is that the longer he stays with Arianna, the harder it's going to be to leave her.