PC Update Friday 3/16/01


Port Charles Update Friday 3/16/01

By Lorie

Karen is waiting for Frank to come home when she hears him approach the garage. He stops outside the door with his date and tells her that he is really glad they went out. Inside the garage, Karen is wondering what is taking him so long when he comes in alone and is surprised to see her. He tells her how much he missed her and they kiss.

Jamal, Alison, and Jack are working on cleaning the garage. They have completed half of the list but Jamal is worrying that they won't be able to do it in time. He reminds them that they are only 3 people when Livvie comes in and volunteers her services.

Ian walks out of the bedroom asking Arianna what she wants for dinner when he sees her sleeping on the couch. He decides to call Eve and tells her that Arianna finally broke down about her rape.

Jack tells Livvie that they appreciate her offer but they can handle things on their own. Alison refutes that and tells Livvie that they can use all the help they can get. When Jack starts belittling what Livvie can do to help, Livvie tells him that she's not helpless. Alison, who is at the top of the ladder, turns to tell them to quit arguing so they can work when she slips to the bottom and hurts her ankle. Jamal insists she go to the hospital but she says she's fine. When she tries to walk on it, she agrees she needs to go the hospital but insists she go alone so Jamal can stay to work. But Jamal insists on taking her and they leave Jack & Livvie alone. Livvie asks Jack if he can handle her on his own.

When Frank & Karen break away from their kiss, she tells him that she's happy for the reception he's given her because she was waiting on him for so long that she was beginning to think he was on a date. When Frank tells her that he was on a date, Karen is upset at first, but he tells her that the date helped him realize how much he really cares for Karen. Especially when he couldn't bring the girl into the garage because with all the 70's stuff and the computer, it's become like a special place for Frank & Karen. They begin kissing again only to be interrupted by a guy who comes in asking who has a hard drive problem.

Ian tells Eve what Arianna told him about her rape. When Eve asks what happens next, Ian tells that Victor is working on a new identity for Arianna and a new place to live. Once she's safe, Ian & Eve can be together. When Eve is telling him that she has been thinking only of him all day, Ian abruptly hangs up when Arianna wakes up screaming.

Frank introduces Karen to Arnie from tech support. Arnie's there to help Frank get "Nellie" working again. When Arnie sees the computer, he's amazed that it is so old and takes a picture of it to share it with his cyber-buddies. As Arnie begins to look over the computer, Frank tells him all about the messages he has been receiving, like instant messages only without dialing into the web. Arnie tells him that it's impossible for a 30-year-old computer to do that because they weren't built for that. The only way for him to be getting messages like that is if they were in the "Twilight Zone."

Jack & Livvie are quietly cleaning up, ignoring each other when she drops a box of nails & screws. When he helps her pick them up, she notices their closeness and backs away. Jack reminds her of how good things were between them before when she wanted him. Livvie tells him that she wants different things now. When Jack tells her that she still wants him, Livvie responds by saying that she wants to leave now, to get away from him.

Mary & Joe are surprised to find Alison at the ER. After a quick exam, Joe thinks that she just sprained her ankle. She's going to need x-ray though to make sure and she needs to stay off her ankle for 24 hours. When she sees Ali's disappointment, Mary asks what's so important. Ali answers only all their dreams.

Eve starts to call Ian and changes her mind, reminding herself that Ian can handle it. Meanwhile, Ian is comforting Arianna over her dream. When Arianna tells him that she feels safe with him and that he has become so much more than a friend to her, Ian tells her that he only wants her to be safe. He wants her to have a life that she always dreamed of. But, he tells her, she can't have it here and she can't have it with him.

Jamal & Ali return to the bike shop. Ali doesn't want to go in because she knows all the things they have to do and she can't help. Jamal tells her to stop beating herself up for falling off the ladder, it was an accident. He convinces her to go in and when they do they are surprised by what they see.

Eve asks Joe for more work in the ER but he says they are all covered. He asks how she is considering Ian's situation with Arianna. Eve snaps at him that she knows that Arianna's life is hell and her and Ian are on hold because of Arianna. When Joe says that he only asked because he knows it must be hard for Eve too, Eve apologizes for biting his head off. She tells him that she knows that Ian will take care of everything and she trusts him with all of her heart.

Arianna asks why she can't live with Ian. He tells her that he's working on a plan for her with a new identity and a new place to stay. Arianna tells him that she doesn't want to anywhere without him because she doesn't trust anyone else. She won't ever feel safe with anyone else but Ian. When Ian tells her that the only way for her to be safe is to move on, Arianna tells him that now that she's his wife, she's not going anywhere, not ever.

Frank tells Karen that he knows that he was getting messages from somebody. When Karen suggests that they were leftover from an old program, he says that they had a dialogue, they connected. Karen tells him that if it's a connection he wants, they should do this the old-fashioned way. She turns on the record player with the song "Time in a Bottle" and starts trying to distract him by kissing his neck. It works and they begin dancing, not noticing that another message has come up. It's from a woman wearing a mood ring who is typing at an old-fashioned computer asking, "Are you there?"