PC Update Wednesday 3/14/01


Port Charles Update Wednesday 3/14/01

By Lorie

Eve is surprised when Lucy answers Kevin's door wearing nothing but his shirt. When Eve asks where he is, Lucy tells her that he got called away on someone else's emergency. Eve starts to ask Lucy to ask Kevin to call her but changes her mind. She decides she shouldn't be burdening Kevin with her problems and Lucy agrees. She turns to leave when Lucy offers to listen if Eve wants to talk to someone.

Ian arrives at the hospital looking for Arianna. Nurse Colleen tells him that she has been admitted, but Ian can't see her now until he talks to her doctor--Kevin.

Things are awkward between Lucy and Eve but Lucy tells Eve that she sees a look on her face that she recognizes from her own face. Lucy knows that Eve is feeling confused about where her love life is headed, so Lucy wants to help. She suggests that Eve do what Lucy does whenever she's confused, step back to look at the situation a little different by going out of town. Eve accuses Lucy of wanting Eve out of town because she's afraid that Eve wants Kevin back since they're still married. Lucy tells her that she knows that Kevin & Eve are getting a divorce and wonders if that may be Eve's problem with Ian, he's still married to Ian and not getting a divorce yet.

Kevin tells Ian about Arianna's condition. Her problem is mostly psychological. She's having an exam to make sure she wasn't hurt when she attacked someone on the docks. Kevin tells him that she was on the docks when a fisherman tried to help her and she attacked him. When he called the police, they brought her to the hospital. Ian is surprised to hear any of this and wonders why she was on the docks in the first place. Kevin has no idea but tells him that she is not the first woman he has seen to have been hurt because of Ian. When Ian starts to go to Arianna's room to find out why she was on the docks, Kevin stops him and tells him if he wants to help her he should let Kevin do his job. As Kevin leaves, Ian tells him that he won't wait for long and Kevin answers that maybe it's Ian's kind of help that hurts people more.

Outside the Recovery Room, Livvie asks Alison why she's changed her mind about wanting Livvie and Jack together since she was the one who warned Livvie away from Jack. Alison tells her how Jack played cupid for her and Jamal by locking them in the garage all night so that they could work out their problems. Livvie melts when she hears this and Alison tells her that she could have the same thing if she gave Jack a second chance.

Inside the Recovery Room, Chris razzes Frank about how Frank always seems to go for Joe's ex-girlfriends, first Courtney and then Karen. He tells Frank that he doesn't have the greatest track record for relationships and bets that this one will be the worst one yet. Frank loses his temper enough to grab Chris by the collar while Chris acts all innocent over what he may have said to upset Frank.

Chris tries to goad Frank into hitting him but Livvie comes in before Frank can. Chris leads her to their table and starts telling her what she should do to get ready for her med school interview with the dean of PCU. As he's talking, Livvie starts daydreaming about Jack. When Chris catches her not paying attention, she tells him that she's too nervous to concentrate right now. So, he offers to get together with her later after his shift is over and she agrees and they get ready to leave. As Livvie is leaving, Chris tells her that he will call her later. He goes to the bar where one of the waitresses is asking Frank when he is going to show her his computer. When he tells her soon, she suggests that they go that night after work to go get a pizza and then he'll show her the computer. Chris overhears the whole conversation.

When Livvie comes out of the Recovery Room, she sees Alison and Jack and asks if they got the extension for the garage. The look on Ali's face tells her they didn't. Alison says it's all over but Jack tells her that they have to think positive. They should go back to the garage to figure out what they should do. When Livvie volunteers to go help, Jack thanks her but says that it should just remain between the three partners. Disappointed, Livvie asks Alison to call her later as Jack and Alison leave.

Inside the Recovery Room, Chris and Frank continue to exchange insults and when Frank goes into the kitchen, Chris answers the phone when it rings. Recognizing Karen's voice, Chris disguises his and takes a message that her course finished early and she's getting back tonight. When Frank comes back out, Chris tells him that he just took an order for him.

Eve starts to leave when her cell phone rings. It's Ian to tell her the news about Arianna. He tells Eve that he wants to stay with her as long as she needs him. When she hangs up, Lucy can tell that she's upset and asks her what's wrong. Eve tells her the situation with Arianna and that Kevin is helping her. Lucy apologizes to Eve for what she said earlier about Ian and Arianna and offers to help because it looks like Eve needs to talk. Eve breaks down and tells her that she doesn't know how anyone can help her.

Kevin is in his office with Arianna, trying to get her to talk to him. He offers to get another doctor if she's uncomfortable with the fact that he is married to Eve, but she says that she doesn't want a doctor at all, she just wants to go leave. She doesn't want anyone's help and she doesn't want to talk about what happened on the docks. When she accidentally breaks a teacup, Kevin bends down to pick it up. Arianna pulls away when he gets close to her. Curling up on the couch, Arianna cries that she doesn't want his help. Kevin assures her that she's safe there and no one wants to hurt her. She tells him that she wants to go home and asks him to get Ian for her. Before he leaves, he assures her that she will be safe in Kevin's care. Outside in the hall, he tells Ian that she has been severely traumatized. He tells Ian that Arianna is in serious trouble.

Frank enters the garage after work to find the message "I want to know more about you" on the screen. He responds to the message by telling about his mystery pal that he's single and interested in someone whom he doesn't deserve. He also tells about the date he made with someone he's not interested in. When he sends it, he gets the response, "Are you real?"

Eve apologizes for breaking down like she just did but her life is a mess but she knows that Lucy can relate. Lucy can, she tells Eve, because even though her life is good now she knows how it feels when you think your life will never get better. Eve asks how Lucy always seems to bounce back and she tells her that she has faith in what the universe has in store for her. Eve asks what if she knows that what's ahead for you is something worse than what you're going through. She tells Lucy about what the chief said. At first, Lucy tries to be nice to Eve and says that what he said is all malarkey, but when Eve presses her to be honest, she admits that she puts more stock in what the chief said than she originally told Eve.

Kevin tells Ian that he can't help Arianna if he doesn't know what's wrong with her. Ian tells him about her attack and about how her family turned their back on her and sent her brother to kill her to bring honor back to the family. Kevin tells Ian that Eve had told him that Ian married Arianna to keep her safe, but he never imagined this. But, he adds, that the problem now is that Arianna leans on him so much now that she isn't dealing with her pain. She needs counseling for the rape and she needs to realize that she needs help. The best way for Ian to help is to be with her in case she wants to talk because she trusts him and he advises Ian to take her home now. When they go back in the office, Arianna is happy to see Ian. Kevin gives her his card and tells her to call him whenever she needs to. As he leaves to go on another emergency, Ian thanks him. When Kevin leaves, Ian asks if she's all right. She insists that she's fine, but he says she's not. Arianna breaks down in his arms telling him that she's sorry for everything.