PC Update Tuesday 3/13/01  

Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/13/01

By Lorie

Jamal, Alison, and Jack are looking over the list of safety violations that the inspector gave them. Alison is convinced that it was Amanda's doing, but Jamal isn't so sure. What he is sure of is that there is no way they can do it all in just 48 hours. Jack tells them that if they are going to try they have to get started right now.

At Kevin's, Lucy is napping on the couch when Kevin comes in with flowers. He apologizes to Lucy for missing dinner. Seeing the bandage on his hand, Lucy asks him what happened to him.

Eve tells Ian that Arianna is in love with him but Ian denies it saying that she's just afraid that the INS is going to uncover their sham of a marriage and deport her. But, Eve insists that Arianna has fallen in love with him because Eve has seen the way that Arianna looks at him--it's the same way Eve looks at him.

Jamal continues to worry that they won't be able to fix everything in time but Alison remains positive and tells him that they have to. She tells Jamal that the bike shop has to open because there is no way that they will ever find another shop like this one with another backer who won't ask for start-up money and will agree to split the profits 50/50. She tells him that if they can't open the shop, then Amanda will have won because they will be left with nothing. But Jamal insists to her that they just lost a battle not the whole fight. That gives Alison an idea. If Amanda wants a fight then that's what Alison will give her. She will go to the press with the tape they have on Amanda where she meets with Curtis (Cedric's buddy) and pays him off to keep quiet that Alison killed Cedric and not Jamal. When he hears of her plan, Jamal tells her that he won't let her do that.

Kevin explains to Lucy what happened at the hospital with his patient and his wife. After assuring Lucy that his wound is only a scratch, Lucy makes him promise that he won't put himself in another situation like that again. Kevin tells her he can't because after the crisis, he met the interim police commissioner and pitched Mac's idea of a psychiatric S.W.A.T. team. Not only did the commissioner like it, but he asked Kevin to head up the team. Lucy is not happy to hear that after just getting Kevin back in her life, he's willing to put himself in danger more and more.

Ian denies that Arianna is in love with him. He does admit that she may be smitten with him, but since she's so young, she doesn't know what love is, so she thinks it's love she feels for Ian. Eve tells him that to a young girl who has never been in love, those feelings are still so real; Ian is her hero and Eve is the other woman. Ian assures that Eve that she is the only woman he will ever love. Changing the subject slightly, Ian tells Eve about Victor's call. Victor is already working on getting Arianna a new identity and a new place to live outside of Port Charles. When Eve expresses her feeling that she can't help not believing that things will be ok for them because of what the chief told them, Ian says that they're all going to sit down and talk this out right now. When he goes to get Arianna from the bedroom, he finds she's gone. He decides to go look for her, but before he leaves he can't help but kiss Eve first.

Arianna is sitting on the pier crying when a strange man walks up behind her.

Alison & Jamal are arguing over whether she should go to the press or not but the fight escalates when he says that she's acting stupid. She takes it to mean that he's calling her stupid. As they continue to fight, Jack is in the background locking all the doors. After he lets himself out, he locks them inside and walks away.

Kevin explains to Lucy that while this job may be dangerous, he really wants to take part in the S.W.A.T. team so that he can help people. When he starts to tell her that he knows she will worry, Lucy interrupts him and tells him that it's ok with her for him to do it. She tells him that the selfish part of her wants him in his office taking care of bored housewives where it's safe but the unselfish part of her knows that he would be very good at this job, so she wants him to go for it and gives him her blessing. When she suggests that she ride in the cop car with him, Kevin vetoes that idea and tells her that he's rather have her to come home to, like tonight. When she tells him that she should go home because it's so late, Kevin asks her to stay the night with him and they kiss.

Eve waits impatiently at the apartment for Ian to show up with Arianna but her curiosity gets the better of her and she takes off to help.

Ian goes to to the basement apartment on the off-chance that she went there. On his way out, he's stopped by Joe with a baseball bat thinking he heard a prowler. Ian fills Joe in on Arianna's disappearance and Joe tells him that he hasn't seen her. Gabriela comes in asking what upset Arianna. When Ian tells her, Gabi fills him in on her suspicions that Arianna may be wanting something more from Ian than just a marriage of convenience. Ian leaves to go look for her knowing that she is upset and anything could have happened.

Arianna is scared as the man approaches her. When she tries to get away, she slips on the dock. The man tries to help her up, but Arianna fights him off, telling him to stay away from her.

Alison goes to leave and finds the doors locked. She and Jamal figure out that Jack was the one who locked them in. After freaking out a little bit about not being able to get out, Jamal comforts her. He convinces her not to go to the press with the tape on her grandmother because that will make her just like Amanda. Ali agrees and tells him that she was just desperate because her grandmother is trying to ruin everything. Jamal assures her that Amanda can't ruin everything. She didn't break them up and she never will.

Joe is talking to a policeman friend to see if anyone fitting Arianna's description was brought in when Ian comes in from a long night of looking for her. Gabi comes up with the idea that Arianna might have gone over to her place so she leaves to go check it out. After she leaves, Joe gets another call from his friend who tells him that a woman matching Arianna's description was brought to GH. Ian leaves immediately.

Eve shows up at Kevin's to talk to him. After deciding not to use her key, she knocks on the door begging him to answer this time. After waiting a minute with no response, she turns to leave. She turns back when the door opens and is surprised to see Lucy there wearing nothing but Kevin's shirt.