PC Update Monday 3/12/01


Port Charles Update Monday 3/12/01

By Lorie

Jamal, Alison, and Jack are cleaning up the garage. Alison is avoiding having to talk to Jamal by using Jack as her go-between. When Jamal asks Ali for her opinion on what color he should paint the ceiling, she asks Jack to tell him that she would never give her opinion since he doesn't think she has a valid opinion on her own grandmother. Jamal accuses her of acting like a child.

Frank is still trying to get a response from the computer to his request asking who it was who was sending him messages. He sends another message and receives one back from someone who says, "I can't believe you can talk! What kind of machine are you?" Frank replies that he's a human not a computer and the computer shuts down.

Eve apologizes for disturbing Ian and Arianna as they both cover themselves. When Arianna asks why Eve is there, she explains that she brought an envelope for Ian that arrived at the hospital. When she noticed the new address, she was afraid that it would be overlooked. When Arianna asks if Eve is back in town for a visit, Eve tells her that she's back for good.

Frank is trying to get the computer back up but fails so he calls Karen to report that he got the e-mail system working. The only thing is that he been getting weird messages from someone.

Alison continues to try to use Jack as her go-between for her and Jamal. Jack removes himself as go-between, which forces Ali to talk to Jamal herself. He accuses her of being stubborn and that's the reason she doesn't get along with her grandmother. Alison is upset to hear that he thinks it's her fault for her relationship with Amanda to deteriorate. She tries to explain to Jamal that she knows that Amanda has not changed and she hasn't learned anything from what happened last summer. Jamal tells her that he may not know Amanda, but he knows that she is Ali's only family right now and urges her to fix things with her grandmother. He tells her that she's lucky to have the chance to fix things with her because he and Jack can't bring back their mothers. When Ali doesn't see it his way, Jamal says that talking to her is crazy. Jack, who has heard enough, tells them that they're both crazy.

When Arianna appears confused that Eve is back, Ian assures her that she has nothing to worry about concerning the INS. As far as they're concerned, Eve is strictly Ian's colleague. Arianna is surprised that Ian knew that Eve is back and didn't tell her. She guesses correctly that Ian & Eve were seen by Agent Lassen and that's why Eve knew about her. When Ian confirms that Marika stopped by the basement apartment earlier that day, Arianna freaks out. This is her life, she cries. Ian & Eve try to reassure her that everything was taken care of. Eve tells her that Ian fixed it with Marika. Arianna wonders if that were true, why would Eve risk it again to bring Ian the envelope. Eve reiterates that she thought it was important to Ian. When Ian gets a phone call, he takes it in another room, leaving the women to themselves. Eve turns to leave but Arianna stops her and asks her if she came back to be with Ian.

Karen teases Frank that he thought the love notes over the computer were from her. When he tells her about all the other messages, Karen suggests that Ian might have a secret admirer.

Alison asks Jack what got him bent out of shape, and he answers that listening to them argue has. He tells them that after everything they have gone through to be together, they're crazy to spend any time at all fighting. And to be fighting over family issues is even dumber. They should be happy because they're in love, starting a business of their own, basically living a dream.

Ian tells Victor over the phone that he has a friend who needs a new identity and a new place to stay. Some place other than Port Charles where it's safe for her.

Eve tells Arianna that she came back because Port Charles is her home. She knows that Ian is married to Arianna and that he will do whatever it takes to make sure she's safe. But, Arianna says, whenever Eve is around, things happen like her kissing Ian and then being seen by the INS with Ian. Eve assures Arianna that she wants to help her and doesn't want to ruin things for her. She tells Arianna that she's done a good job making the apartment into a home for Ian with all of his favorite things. As Eve is talking, though, Arianna is getting upset. She yells at Eve to stop talking about Ian like that because every time she does, anyone who listens can tell her true feelings for him. And the INS can not know about that. She yells that if Eve wants to help her, then she should stay away from her and Ian and leave them alone.

Frank asks Karen who she thought could have a crush on him. She teases him that he probably made up the whole thing to get her to rush home and tells him that she would if she weren't so busy with work. This course she's taking means a lot to her and that's the only reason why she went to Tennessee. Frank tells her that he understands but he still misses her. He then tells her that he is now rejoining the human world, no more cyber messages for him. Before saying goodbye, Karen teases him that if he should get a proposal, he should insist on meeting the family. After he hangs up the phone, Frank blasts the computer for wasting his time and leaves. Once he's gone, a message comes through: "I want to know more about you."

Because of Jack's words, Jamal & Alison make up. As they are hugging, a building inspector comes in and gives the three of them a list of 52 safety violations. He tells them that they have 48 hours to fix all of them or they will be shut down. When he leaves, Jamal wonders how this could have happened and Alison answers that this is just what Amanda would do.

Ian walks in and asks Eve and Arianna what's going on. Eve tries to say that it was her fault, but Arianna apologizes to Eve for her outburst. Visibly upset, she excuses herself to get dressed. When she leaves, Ian asks Eve why she really came over. When Eve tells him that she was really thrown off-guard when she saw the new address for him and Arianna, Ian teases her that she came by to check up on her. Eve tells him that she knows it's ridiculous to be worried even though she found him and Arianna half-dressed, she still has been thinking about the warning the chief gave them on the island. The misunderstanding she had with Arianna wasn't so minor, she tells Ian. Arianna is not just facing the threat to her life. She's also facing a threat of losing something or someone important to her-----IAN. Arianna has fallen in love with him, Eve tells a surprised Ian.