PC Update Friday 3/9/01


Port Charles Update Friday 3/9/01

By Lorie

Frank is thinking of Karen as he waits for "Nellie" the computer to boot up. As it comes on, he sees the message 'I feel so alone' on the screen. As Neil comes in, Frank asks him if he's been messing with the computer. Neil assures him he hasn't been and Frank wonders how the message got on the screen.

Gabriela is at the nurses' station when Joe comes up behind her. She's peeved at him for not telling her about Ian's real feelings for Eve. Joe asks how she found out and she answered that it was the worst way possible, from Ian's wife Arianna.

As Arianna stands in front of him in her lingerie with a blanket over her shoulders, Ian tells her that Joe has informed him of their new living arrangements. Arianna apologizes for making the decision to move without discussing it with him first, but she tells him that Frank was worried about Neil's safety if Ben should ever return and she thought that a move would be good for Ian since Eve was now gone. She asks him if he is upset with her, but Ian insists that he's not. He actually thinks the change may work out.

Eve is in the on-call room thinking of Ian, when Kevin comes in. He inquires of her plans and if they involve Ian. She assures him that she knows what doing with Ian, but Kevin insists on worrying about her since she always seems to get hurt whenever she deals with Ian.

Frank is showing Neil what he's done with the computer when Neil notices the date on the bottom of the screen---03-09-73. Frank tells him that he can't seem to change the date. Frank decides to send an e-mail. Neil teases him that he knows it's a love letter to Karen so he's going to let him send it in private. When Neil leaves, Frank continues to write the letter. He writes that he is sending the letter from "Nellie" and that he misses her. When he sends it, the letter disappears and he wonders if it went through. Suddenly, a new message appears----"I'm so in love." Frank thinks it's from Karen.

Kevin tells Eve that he is wary of Ian because Eve always gets hurt because of him, even now that Ian has married another woman. When Eve accidentally blurts out that Ian doesn't love Arianna, she is forced to tell Kevin the whole truth about Arianna's problems with the INS and why she can't be deported. She tells Kevin that Arianna is in danger from her family if she goes back to her country. Kevin questions how this will affect Eve, and she admits that it is hard for her. When Kevin accuses Ian of sending her away to an island, Eve tells him that it was her idea. She needed some time alone to think but it didn't last. She tells Kevin what happened on the island, how she got very sick and how lucky she was that Ian got there in time to save her life. Kevin reluctantly agrees to be grateful to Ian for saving her life. Eve wonders if she should even be talking to Kevin about Ian since they were married. Kevin assures her that she can because he wants to be her friend and this is what friends do, support each other no matter what. So, Kevin agrees to always support her decisions regarding Ian with no judgments or questions, but he will continue to worry about her because he wants her to be happy.

Ian tells Arianna that they can make the apartment into a real home just like they were real newlyweds, and he suggests they start a scrapbook to chronicle their life together. Arianna is thrilled to hear him talk this way until she realizes that he's doing it for the benefit of the INS. When he notices her frown, he asks her what's wrong. She tells him about her visit from Marika Lassen from the INS and how she couldn't answer any of the questions she had for her. Ian apologizes for leaving her to deal with that alone. Arianna tells him that the visit made her realize that she is in limbo, between who she was and who she claims to be. She doesn't know who she is. Ian tells her that when he sees a courageous woman who is beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. He proves it by taking Polaroids of her. He then decides to take some more of them around the house so that they can put them in the scrapbook. Afterward, Ian mentions how exhausted he is and Arianna is reminded that she has yet to ask how his trip went. She wants him to tell her everything that happened when he was on the island.

Joe tries to explain to Gabi why he didn't tell her about why Ian married Arianna. Ian swore him to secrecy, but Gabi tells him that if she had known she could have helped and she would not have encouraged Arianna's feelings for Ian. She tells Joe that Arianna has begun to make herself over to be more like Eve. When Joe expresses his sympathy for Ian, Gabi reminds him that Arianna is the one he should feel sorry for because after everything she has gone through, she's setting herself for quite a fall in falling in love with Ian.

Ian tries to change the subject about what happened on the island but Arianna presses him for details. He finally just tells her that there was a contagious disease and that one person did get very sick but he saved them just in time. He gets back to the subject of their marriage and tells her that they need to take more pictures of each other and not just at home but also in public.

Kevin tells Eve that he doesn't want to tell Eve who she should be with, especially now that he and Lucy have found their way back to each other. Eve is surprised and while they both don't agree on what they see in their choices of lovers, Kevin and Eve agree to be in each other's corners when it comes to their respective relationships. Just then, Kevin is paged to an emergency. Before he leaves he reiterates how much he is glad that Eve is back and hopes that things work out for her.

Gabi offers to take a package that just arrived for Ian over to his new place so that she can talk to Arianna. Joe tells her to forget it since it is Ian's first night back. They don't hear Eve come up behind them and she hears Joe tell Gabi to let Ian & Arianna get settled into their new apartment before Gabi goes barging over there. Joe changes the address on the package for the courier to deliver and then offers to buy Gabi a bowl of Jell-O to make up for everything that he didn't tell her. When they leave, Eve picks up the package and wonders what is going on with Ian.

Frank is still at the computer thinking that Karen left him the message when he decides to call her in her hotel room. He tells her that he got her response to his e-mail and she denies even getting his e-mail let alone responding to it. Frank wonders who sent it. Karen tells him to call her later because right now she's late for a meeting and has to go. When she hangs up, Frank turns back to the computer still wondering who sent the mysterious message. He begins to relate it to an episode of "The Twilight Zone" when a computer fell in love with person when another message--"I've never felt like this before"--comes on the screen. Frank types the message "Who is this?" and waits for a response.

Kevin has gotten back from his patient who had attacked his wife and is in a hurry to get to dinner with Lucy, when the wife shows up to berate Kevin for putting her husband in the hospital instead of jail. Kevin tries to calm her down, but she grabs a pair of scissors and slashes Kevin's hand before security guards take her away. Colleen, the nurse, helps Kevin with his wound telling him that he's going to have to go the ER. Kevin worries that Lucy is not going to like the fact that he is going to be late for dinner.

Arianna wonders when they should start taking pictures and Ian tells her that they should start now, but first he needs to take a shower. As he heads to the bathroom, Arianna blissfully looks over the pictures they've taken already when there is a knock on the door. Thinking it's the INS, she panics. Running to the door, her blanket falls to the floor as she opens the door to find Eve there. At that moment, Ian comes out of the bathroom shirtless.