PC Update Thursday 3/8/01


Port Charles Update Thursday 3/8/01

By Lorie


Jamal is in the bike shop working on an engine when Alison carries in a tray of appetizers she's made for the shop's grand opening. They talk about what clientele they want to attract as Jamal notices that Ali's grandmother, Amanda Barrington, has arrived. Alison turns the music up louder and tells Amanda that if she came to cause trouble, then she may as well leave. But, Amanda yells over the music that she's there with a peace offering.

Ian & Eve arrive at his apartment to find Arianna nowhere in sight. Before he heads out to look for her, Eve suggests that they spend a few more minutes alone. Ian kisses her and tells that he won't be long. When he notices her frown, he asks her what's wrong. Eve has been thinking about what the chief had told them about how something could stop them from being together.

Gabriela shows up at the new apartment with a wedding present from the nurses. Arianna has redecorated it completely. She's tried to make it a place that Ian would want to call his home forever.

Jamal turns down the music so that Alison can hear what her grandmother just told her. She can't quite believe it but, Amanda tells Alison that she has just returned from a cruise where she has spent a lot of time reflecting on Alison's relationship with Jamal. She has not only decided to accept their relationship but also she has decided to redecorate the east wing of her mansion for Jamal & Alison to live. They are incredulous. Amanda wants them to live with her, in separate rooms, so that Alison can enroll in college and Jamal can work at a suitable job that Amanda finds for him. Alison tells her grandmother that she can't come in and start trying to control their lives. Jamal calms Alison down and convinces her to let him talk to Amanda alone. When Ali leaves, Jamal tells Amanda to tell him what she has on her mind.

Arianna gives Gabi a tour of the apartment. Gabi praises her on what she has done in such a short period of time, but warns her not to get her hopes up on what may happen with Ian considering their circumstances. Arianna tells a stunned Gabi that she knows that Ian is in love with Eve, but since Eve is gone, Arianna is going to help him get over her. As Gabi is putting the pieces together about Ian & Eve's feelings for each other, Arianna gets upset and yells at Gabi to stop talking about Ian & Eve.

Ian assures Eve that he is not leaving her ever and reminds her of what they shared on the island. Eve tells Ian that now is the time for him to find Arianna so he can start planning on how he can keep her safe. Ian calls Joe and leaves a message to call him if he knows where Arianna can be found. Eve tells him that it's going to be hard to take Arianna's husband, even though their marriage is in name only. Ian argues that it won't be difficult if he can find her a safe place somewhere else, then he will be free to be with Eve. However, Ian is also worried that he doesn't know where Arianna is. As Eve is assuring him that Arianna is probably just at the store or on a walk, she notices Arianna's clothes in the bedroom. Ian tells her that is just for the benefit of the INS. Eve says how hard it probably is for Arianna but Ian is her hero, her savior, and Ian tells Eve that he does admire Arianna's spirit for going out on her own without her family. Eve admits to being a little jealous but she knows that Ian does love her. As they kiss, Marika Lassen from the INS knocks on the door.

Jamal asks Amanda point blank why she's really there. Amanda insists it's because she loves Alison and wants what's best for her and she thinks that's for her to move back home with Jamal. But Jamal tells her that Alison doesn't care about the money anymore ever since Amanda cut her off because Ali has found something she never had: someone to watch her back, someone who loves her, no matter what.

Marika enters the apartment to find Ian & Eve. She's surprised to find Ian and not Arianna, since Arianna told her that he was out of town on a medical emergency. Ian tells her he just got back. Marika questions Eve's presence and Ian questions Marika's presence since he heard that she had just been there to harass his wife. Marika tells him that she had forgotten her notes on their case when she was there earlier that day. She also informs him that she has heard rumors that he and Eve were more than just colleagues, which they laugh off. Eve says they are more than colleagues; they're good friends. Ian tells Marika that her insinuations about his friendship with Eve is an insult to both Eve and to his wife and he doesn't appreciate how Marika shows up here infringing on his and wife's privacy. He offers to answer any more of her questions but it has to be later because he has to go give his wife a proper hello. Marika reminds him that the investigation is far from over. When she leaves, Ian get his wedding ring back from Eve, who had taken it off when they made love on the island. Eve tells Ian that they need to be more careful not to get caught by the INS and suggests they not tell Arianna that they were together on the island. They also agree to keep a low profile so that he can concentrate on keeping Arianna safe. When Eve leaves, Ian gets a call from Joe, who tells him something Ian is not going to like.

Gabriela accuses Arianna of asking what Eve was like and what she wore so that she could be like Eve to make Ian fall in love with her. Arianna insists that she was just trying to be more American. Gabi tells her that if she is trying to replace Eve in Ian's heart, then she is in for real trouble. Arianna shouts that real trouble is finding the family you thought loved wants you dead. She tells Gabi that what she needs to do is make this marriage work so that she can save her life. She doesn't need Gabi's questions when she gets enough of that from the INS. When Gabi leaves, Arianna opens the gift that Gabi brought her. She assures herself that everything is going to work out for herself and Ian.

Amanda asks Jamal if there is anything she can say that will change their minds about accepting her help. Jamal informs her that she can accept that he and Alison are happy where they are and that Amanda can wish them luck with the bike shop and come to the grand opening. Amanda asks him to tell Allison that she will try to clear up her schedule so that she can attend. When she leaves, Alison comes back in the room. She asks if Amanda is gone and Jamal tells her to cut down the attitude because it took a lot of pride for Amanda to come down there. He tells Ali that he invited Amanda to the grand opening. Alison warns him not to believe everything her grandmother told him today. Alison knows her grandmother and she knows that their problems with Amanda are not over. As they are talking, Amanda is outside where she crumples up one of Jamal's flyers announcing the grand opening.

Eve goes to the hospital to work. She pauses to remember the time she and Ian were on the island telling each other that nothing is going to come between them. Gabi comes up, surprised to see Eve is back so soon. Eve tells her that sometimes fate has a way of changing things for the better and helps her realize that there are happy endings.

Ian arrives at the new apartment to find a romantic setting with wine and candles. He calls out Arianna's name and is surprised to see her come out of the bedroom in her lingerie.