PC Update Wednesday 3/7/01


Port Charles Update Wednesday 3/7/01

By Lorie

Jack & Livvie are kissing when she abruptly pulls away. When he protests, she tells him that the kiss meant nothing and she could walk away from him easily. However, once she is outside, she pauses to relish the kiss.

Eve continues to urge Ian to wake up as the tribal chief comes in. He is relieved to see that Eve has awakened but is worried the Ian still has not returned from the past. Maya tells Eve that the only thing that could possibly bring him back is their love. She urges Eve to talk to Ian and reach him however she can. As Eve talks to Ian in the present, Ian hears her voice in the past urging him to return to her.

Frank is trying to get the computer to turn on when Arianna comes in. She asks for his permission to fix up the basement apartment to make it more homey for the benefit of the INS. Frank tells her that that might not be a good idea. Not just because of the danger that Neil might face if her brother returns but also because a new place for Ian & Arianna might be just the thing to get their life together started on the right track. Besides, Frank may have just the place for the two of them.

Livvie is still outside when Jack follows her outside. She tries to leave saying that she is not interested in him. He doesn't buy it because he thinks that she made up the story about looking for a letter in the place where he just happens to live. Livvie insists that there is a letter and tells him that it was her application for pre-med. Jack is surprised that she is considering studying medicine. Livvie replies that that shows that he does not know anything about her. Jack tells her that he knows that she belongs with him. He tries to apologize again about what happened with Lucy but she says that she is way over that. He refutes that saying that the whole reason she is dating Chris is because she trying to get back at Jack. He tells her that despite her protests to the contrary, it is not over between them. Livvie's cell phone rings. It's Chris and he asks Livvie to meet him over at the Recovery Room. She agrees and when she hangs up, she tells Jack she's leaving. He asks if that's really what she wants. She answers emphatically.

Maya and her husband leave Eve alone as she continues to talk to Ian. She tells him about her dream. She says that she knows what he's going through, but no matter what happened in the past, their love did not die. It has survived over so many lifetimes. Their souls belong together, now and forever. Ian hears her voice in the past urging him to let go, but he says he can't let go because this is his life. Eve finally begs Ian to come back to her when Ian suddenly opens his eyes. He whispers, "I see you. It is you here," as they kiss.

Chris enters the Recovery Room where Livvie greets him enthusiastically. When he questions such a warm greeting, she says that she's just realized what and whom she wants in her life. He is about to tell her why he called her when Jack interrupts them. Chris informs Jack that he was just about to tell Livvie something that concerns her future and Jack says for him to go ahead and say it cause he is her future, whether Chris likes it or not. Livvie says she doesn't like it and Jack tells her that that's not what he got from the kiss she gave him.

Frank gives Arianna the address and keys to the apartment he shared with Courtney. He says that since he couldn't get out of the lease, having Ian take over the rent is a relief. Arianna is very happy at the prospect of having a real home for her and Ian.

Maya and her husband come in and are happy and relieved to see that Ian has awaken. They tell Eve & Ian that their dream wasn't really a dream. It was a glimpse into their destiny: a love that will never be broken. When they leave to give Ian & Eve some privacy, Ian tries to talk about how he felt when she died, but Eve tells him that they are together now, and that's all that matters. Ian assures her that he will never take for granted what she means to him.

The chief is sitting by the fire when he sees a vision of Ian & Eve. At first, he is pleased but then he sees something disturbing in his vision.

Livvie tells Jack to stop saying that she kissed him. Jack brags to Chris that it was some kiss. Livvie tells him that Chris is too smart to ever believe anything Jack says, to which Chris agrees. Before he leaves, Jack tells Livvie that he knows and she knows what went on between them at the bike shop and what is still going on between them. He adds to Chris that he will never know. Once Jack leaves, Livvie changes the subject. What was it that Chris called her about? He tells her that he submitted her name for a pre-med program at PCU. Livvie is stunned and tells Chris that this was her dream. She thanks him profusely and hugs him which Jack sees through the window of the restaurant.

Frank has finally gotten the computer to boot up and now it keeps freezing up on him. He realizes that his work on the computer has made him late for work. Once he's left, the monitor of the computer lights up with the message: "I feel so alone."

Eve is getting her things together when Ian comes in to say that the plane is on time. Eve is sad to leave but Ian assures her that they will return someday. He also informs her that he may have come up with a way to keep Arianna safe that doesn't require being married to her. He has some friends who can get her a new identity and a new place to live. Then he will be free to be with Eve and they can go anywhere their hearts desire. The chief comes in and tells them about his vision. He says that although their love has brought them together, once they return to Port Charles, Ian will have a decision to make that may threaten whether or not they will be together in this life or any life. Regardless, Ian assures him that after everything that they have gone through, there is nothing that can tear them apart.

Just then, Arianna arrives at Frank & Courtney's old apartment. It's hers and Ian's home, she says. She's finally home.