PC Update Tuesday 3/6/01  

Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/6/01

By Lorie

Alison is in the bike shop getting things ready for the grand opening when Livvie comes in. Alison starts telling her about all of their plans for the bike shop, but Livvie is preoccupied. She's there because she's lost a letter and thinks that maybe she dropped it the last time she was there. Alison tells her she hasn't seen it and offers to mail it if she does find it. Livvie tells her not to mail it because that would be a big mistake. Jack overhears as he comes in and teases Livvie by asking if it was a love letter to him.

Arianna receives a surprise visit from the INS agent Marika, who tells Arianna that they have been informed that Ian has left the country. She asks Arianna if she even knows where Ian is and when he is coming home. Ian & Eve are still under the effects of the morca. The tribal chief worries that the longer that they are in the past increases the chance that they could be lost in another time forever.

Back in the past, Eve is posing for another portrait. This time, she is dressed in her underclothes. They are looking at each longingly and she asks him what she can do to help. Ian answers, "Are you sure?" She nods and he goes to her side, caresses her lips and then kisses her. He begins undoing her corset as they continue kissing. Eve is posing for another portrait. Ian is shirtless with paint all over his chest and Eve is dressed in a satin nightgown. Ian can't help but keep coming to her side to kiss and caress her. He tells her that everything has changed between them. Eve tells him that he has her heart and her life will never be the same now. They agree that this moment in time is all that matters to them now.

Kim, Estelle's nurse, arrives at the hospital to see Chris. He gives her a bonus for helping him earn points with Livvie about the Brad Masters concert. In return, Kim gives Chris the letter that Livvie has been looking for. She had slipped it out of Livvie's purse and she thinks she lost it. Chris asks her what it is and Kim tells him that Livvie had told her grandmother that it was "the key to some dream she had with her mom." Chris reads it, then tells Kim to reseal it and to make sure that Livvie finds it again. When Kim leaves, Chris is obviously pleased with himself because he knows something else about Livvie.

As Jack comes in the bike shop, Livvie assures him that not only is the letter not a love letter to him, but that it is none of his business; it's a personal letter. Jack offers to help her find it. Alison takes this moment to excuse herself to allow Jack & Livvie to spend some time alone. When she leaves, Jack tells Livvie that he was just joking about the remark about the love letter. Livvie is humorless, which prompts Jack to accuse Chris of surgically removing Livvie's sense of humor since she never laughs anymore. Livvie defends Chris, reminding Jack that Chris was the one who helped him when he was getting beaten up. Jack tells her that Chris did that strictly for her benefit. He assures Livvie that if she had not been there that night, Chris surely would have picked up a crowbar and joined in on the fun. Livvie denies that and Jack offers to show her Chris' handiwork on his shoulder, but she declines, saying she has to go, but asks him to give Alison the letter if he does find it. She accuses him of thinking she's stupid for writing a letter that she doesn't want to be mailed, but he tells her that he knows why she keeps running away from everything, including him and what's in the letter.

Arianna tells Marika that she had just received a telegram from Ian that said he was coming home in a few days. When Marika asks to see it, Arianna refuses claiming that the INS has no right to read private correspondence between her and her husband. Marika tells her that until it can be proved that this marriage is more than just for convenience, the INS has every right. Arianna explains to Marika that Ian is away taking care of patients because that's the kind of man he is. He would do anything possible to protect someone he cares for. She assures Marika that Ian is coming back and when he does, they will show the INS just how real their marriage is.

Eve & Ian are kissing passionately when she stops and reminds him that he is supposed to be painting her. Ian asks if that's what she wants and when she nods, he returns to his easel. But he can't help but return to her side and starts to undo her corset again when she stops him. She tells him that she's scared of her feelings because she has a husband. He assures her that they indeed belong together and always have been. They continue to kiss when they are interrupted as her husband Henri walks into the studio and demands to know what Ian is doing with his wife. Henri demands that Eve get dressed, and she tells him that she's not leaving. Henri again tells her to get dressed and go home and Ian tells him that she is not going anywhere. Henri demands to know what it means to Ian, and he answer that he is in love with her. Henri replies that he owns her like the whore she is. Ian defends Eve but she gets in between him and Henri. She tells Ian that she will go with Henri because she's afraid for him but she assures him that she'll be ok because she can never belong to Henri and she will always love Ian. At that moment, Henri pulls out a gun. Eve jumps in front of Ian as the gun goes off.

Jamal is finishing up the sign for the bike shop and is doubting that he can make something of this endeavor but Alison is right there bolstering his confidence by telling him that this bike shop could be just the beginning of a franchise for him. Jamal asks her if that's what she wants and she tells him that she wants that for him. Jamal smiles and says that he already has what he wants. He pulls her into his arms and they kiss. They start to go back in the bike shop but she remembers that Jack & Livvie are in there talking. They hope that this is just what they need to get back on track with each other.

Jack & Livvie continue their argument. He tells her that he knows her better than she thinks. He knows why she is always running away from things. It's because she's scared, scared of her past, scared that she'll end up just like her mother, and most of all, scared of her feelings for him. Just when things get too hot between her & Jack, she runs to Chris because she thinks it's safe. He asks her if that's what she wants, safe.

Ian comforts Eve as she lies on the floor bleeding from the gunshot wound. He begs Henri to get help but he refuses and leaves the two of them there alone. Ian wants to go get help himself but Eve asks him to stay with her. They pledge their love for each other for eternity as she dies in his arms. As Eve is dying in the past, she bolts wide awake in the present time, screaming out Ian's name.

Chris is on the phone at the hospital with his friend who is a dean at PCU. He's making arrangements for his friend to meet Livvie so he can help her achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.

Livvie is trying to leave but Jack continues to bait her by telling her that he'll see her next time. She tells him there won't be a next time. She's getting visibly angry as he starts to laugh at her and she threatens to slap the smug look off his face. He dares her to slap him and after she does slap him she pulls him into a steamy kiss.

Arianna continues to try to assure Marika that Ian is on his way home. Marika warns her that she will be back and if Ian is not there, she will have to take action. When she leaves, Arianna is visibly nervous and wonders aloud just where is Ian.

Maya explains to Eve how she gave her & Ian the morca because they were afraid of the future and wanted to go back in time. Eve asks how long Ian will be unconscious like this and Maya tells her that they have to keep Ian warm. Eve touches Ian and notices that his body temperature has dropped. Maya tells her that he is trapped in the past. Something powerful is keeping him there. As Eve is begging him to come back to her in the present, Ian is clinging to Eve in the past. He tells her lifeless body that she will never be alone, that he will never leave her.