PC Update Monday 3/5/01


Port Charles Update Monday 3/5/01

By Lorie

It is the morning after Kevin & Lucy's reconciliation. Kevin comes out of the bedroom dressed in Lucy's robe when he hears the fire alarm blaring from the kitchen. He calls to Lucy, who comes out of the kitchen and explains how she burned their breakfast. She wanted to make their first morning back together perfect and he reassures her that he doesn't care about breakfast, just her. Just then, the fire alarm rings again. Lucy runs back in the kitchen, yelling that she left the empty coffee pot on the burner.

Frank is sleeping in his computer room when he awakens to the phone ringing.  It is Karen calling from Tennessee. She just got back from studying and wanted to hear his voice. Frank is very glad to hear from her.

Ian & Eve are sleeping in each other's arms after having taken the morca offered by Maya, the tribal chief's wife. The morca is an herb that will allow Ian & Eve to see their shared past life. The chief warns Maya that she may have endangered their lives by giving them the morca.  Slipping into their dream, we see Ian & Eve in Paris, France. Ian is an artist, with Eve as his subject. She is rich, spoiled, and married. He is a socially aware artist.

Frank & Karen continue their conversation on the phone. Frank tells her how many problems he's having with the computer "Nellie," saying that it's stuck in 1973. Karen jokes that that was before she was even born and good thing because have you seen their clothes? Frank tells her that he would have liked to have lived during the 60's. Karen agrees because of the Beatles and Woodstock.

In the hut, Maya prays for Ian & Eve's safety as they view their past life.  

Kevin & Lucy are snuggling on the couch when the doorbell rings. Kevin answers it in her robe since Lucy is wearing only her nightgown. It is her neighbor carrying Sigmund. It seems Siggy has gotten out of the yard again and has bitten the neighbor's dog. Lucy assures the man that surely the dog deserved it. The man makes a crack that Siggy probably has rabies. Kevin tells him that ducks don't have rabies and the man makes a snide comment regarding Kevin's attire. The man is very upset over his dog and demands compensation or else. Kevin replies or else what, to which the man decks Kevin in the jaw. Kevin recovers and throws himself at the man, much to Lucy's horror.  After the fight, Lucy attends to Kevin's wounds by putting frozen vegetables over his eye. She tells him that she has put Sigmund in his room in a time out. After taking care of him, Lucy tells Kevin that while he was in the kitchen getting the frozen vegetables, she received something in the mail. It's her divorce papers from Scotty. She's not upset over the divorce because it's something that she & Scotty agree on; she's just upset that the divorce represents something else in her life that is not what she envisioned for herself. Kevin assures her that she is everything he had envisioned for himself and he wouldn't change a thing.

Frank & Karen take their phone conversation to the next level and start asking each what the other is wearing. Karen is under the covers when there is a knock at her hotel door. She shouts to the maid to come later to clean the room. Meanwhile, the computer suddenly turns on.

Maya and the tribal chief continue to worry over the safety of Ian & Eve, who haven't awakened from the effects of the herb. In their past life, Eve continues to argue with how long it's taking to complete the portrait for her husband. She demands to see what he has done. At first he refuses, but he gives in and shows her a complete portrait. When she asks him when he completed the portrait, he tells her that it was after her first visit; he finished it from memory. She asks him why he had her keep coming back if he was already done, and he answers that he wanted to keep seeing her. She's furious and moves to look at what he has been painting since she's been there. She's shocked by what she sees.

Kevin & Lucy are discussing their life together. She wonders if maybe now they can have a "normal" life. Kevin answers that this is normal for them. He assures her that he wouldn't change anything about her or the times they have shared because it is what brought them to this point in their lives.  Kevin says that trying to corral her spirit is like throwing a blanket over a shooting star. "A shooting star, huh?" she asks. "More like a shower of shooting stars," he replies as they kiss.

Karen has gotten rid of the hotel maid and when she turns her attention back to Frank, he tells her that his computer just turned on. Karen tells him that the computer's not the only thing that is turned on. She decides to hang up and get some sleep. Frank turns his attention to the computer and wonders why it turned on now when it never turned on before. He's frustrated with the computer and starts to walk away from it when it makes a loud noise that brings him back. "What the heck is going on?" he wonders.

The tribal chief tells Maya that Ian & Eve have taken too much of the morca and that's why they haven't awakened. She continues to pray that their love will protect them. In the past, Eve sees the canvas in which Ian has been painting and sees a very provocative portrait of herself. She's outraged and tells him that this will ruin her reputation. He tells her that he painted her the way he sees her, the way he knows how she wants to be deep down. He begs her to allow him to unleash that part of her. They are interrupted by her servant at the door, but Eve dismisses her and begins to unbutton her dress.