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Port Charles Update Friday 3/2/01

By Beth
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Having returned to the hospital roof, Kevin thinks sadly about Lucy's goodbye to him, remembering her exact words about shattered dreams. "You know how when you're little, everything's possible? Your whole life could be filled with cotton candy and balloons all the time. Filled with everything you love. Then I guess--I guess you grow up, huh? And you realize that is not going to happen. Your dreams are not going to come true, and you're not going to have everything you want, and there are some things you will just never, ever have, no matter how much you want them," he remembers Lucy saying. With new resolve, he goes back inside the hospital.

After her final goodbye to Kevin, Lucy walks sadly through the park. A balloon vendor offers his wares for half price since it's so late in the day, but she declines, saying that it's too late for her. She sits down on a park bench and thinks about the little girl she used to be. She remembers the day she didn't get her wish to go to the carnival but was promised that someday all her dreams would come true. "Guess this is my wake-up call. Time to stop dreaming," she tells herself, tears streaming down her face. She tells the little girl that it's time for them to go their separate ways. "Yeah, you know, it's time for a big girl like me to grow up. Maybe big girls aren't supposed to have that 'happily ever after' dream," she says sadly. She stands up, and the little girl fades away.

After a passionate kiss, Ian tells Eve to wait, but she thinks they've waited long enough. She wants to know his whole body and soul, and for him to know her the same way. She removes his wedding ring, and they share another passionate kiss. Consumed with passion, Ian carries Eve to the bed of straw, where they make love for the first time.

Arriving unexpectedly, Karen witnesses Frank's frustration with the old computer. She tells Frank that she got ready early and decided to come over instead of having him pick her up. She jokes that it's a good thing, since he could have done some damage to her computer. "Yeah. I swore I would lock myself in here and only one of us would come out alive," Frank admits. In Karen's opinion, it's time to give up, but Frank won't hear of it. "I am not going to quit, because that is exactly what you would expect me to do. Well, not this time," he tells a stunned Karen. He believes that he gave her the impression that he's a quitter. Karen admits that he used to be a real creep, but that was a long time ago. Frank doesn't want to make the same mistakes with her. Karen points out that they're both trying to clean up their pasts. In her eyes, he doesn't have to prove anything to her now, because she's already in his corner. Frank feels stupid for buying her the old computer instead of flowers, the way any normal guy would have done. Karen argues that she loves things the way they are. Thanks to the computer, they've been able to hang out together, and it means a lot to her. Frank admits that it also means a lot to him. Karen confides that when she's there, she feels like a little kid working on a secret project with him. Frank thinks the garage is like a throwback to another time, and maybe they're both into this because they never really had a chance to be kids. He doesn't know how he got lucky enough to have her in his life now; he just wishes it could have happened sooner. Karen says that it isn't the computer she'll miss while she's in Tennessee. She'll miss him, and she also wonders how she got so lucky. Her eyes are moist. Frank doesn't know when this started happening between them, but he's glad it did.

After making love, Eve reminds Ian that they have to go home, and he has to back to his wife. She can't shake the feeling that something will continue to keep them apart. Ian refuses to let that happen. "The only thing in this crazy little world that I know for sure is that you're mine forever," he tells her. Eve knows that with all her heart and soul. She wonders whether they were ever together in a time when there was no war or INS--when they were just two people in love, with nothing to be afraid of.

As Ian and Eve talk, Maya brings a tray to their hut but stops and backs away, briefly listening from outside. She then goes inside and gives them the food tray, stopping to eavesdrop again on her way out. After hearing Eve express fear for their future together in Port Charles, Maya resolves to give them back their past. Ian and Eve make love again, unaware that Maya is preparing the morca for them both.

A very glum Lucy returns home, thinking it might be better to sit in the dark and not face reality at all. Suddenly, she notices something surprising. The living room is filled with balloons and cotton candy. "I hope you don't mind. Thought I'd bring the carnival to you," Kevin tells her. He couldn't stop thinking about what she said about the little girl who dreamed of a life filled with balloons and cotton candy, and he doesn't want her to give up that dream. He never wants her to stop reaching for the stars, because she made him believe that he can do the same. "Lucy, it was your strength that kept me going when I was lost. When I didn't want to go on, you were always there, waiting for me to catch up. And you showed me that the world is filled with goodness and surprises and hope. I just want to give back what you give me every single day," he says. Lucy is incredibly touched by this gesture. She doesn't know what to say. "Just say you'll never change. I love the little girl in you, Lucy, as much as I love you, Lucy Coe," Kevin tells her honestly. Not daring to believe, Lucy asks whether this is really true, because she couldn't bear to lose him again. "You know I love you. Even when I couldn't see it, you could. And I realize now that it's when I'm with you that I really feel alive," Kevin assures her. He's right where he wants to be. "Oh, Doc," Lucy says, overjoyed. They kiss passionately, finally giving in to their feelings.

Maya returns with a gift for Ian and Eve. "This is to celebrate your love. To soul mates who have traveled hand-in-hand through time. To a love that will last for eternity," she says, giving morca to each of them. Apparently unaware of what it is, they drink it and then kiss.

Frank and Karen dance until Karen worries about missing her flight. Frank intends to keep his promise to get her to the airport on time. Karen gives him a kiss to remember her by. As they leave, the computer turns on by itself.

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