PC Update Thursday 3/1/01

Port Charles Update Thursday 3/1/01

By Beth
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Eve wakes up alone in the hut. Just as she sits up, Ian appears with a tray of food. He's glad to hear that she's hungry, because it means she's feeling better. Eve is impressed with the tray and asks where he got it all. "I was out there performing manly duties," he states. Eve asks what those would be. "Hunting," he claims. Holding up half a mango, Eve asks how many mangoes he had to kill to get all this. Ian sheepishly admits that Maya put the tray together for her. Eve assures him that she can think of some other manly duties for him to perform for her. When Ian tells her that he loves her, Eve remembers that he is married. Ian clearly doesn't want to talk about his wife, but Eve wants to know why he's there with her instead of at home protecting Arianna from her brother. Ian tells her about the scheme he, Frank, and Joe pulled to send Ben back home. However, there is still the problem of the INS looking over their shoulder, and if they find out that the marriage is a sham, they'll deport Arianna. He has no idea how long this will have to continue, because he didn't think past making sure that Arianna would be safe. At the time, he didn't think he and Eve could have a future together. Eve understands that. She wishes they could stay on the island forever, but she would settle for going home and acting like any other couple in love. She worries about how long circumstances will keep them apart. Ian promises that they will be together. He just wishes it could happen now. Eve feels stupid for feeling jealous when she saw them kissing in the Recovery Room. She realizes that it was just for show, since the INS agents were there, but Arianna is just so cute and perky. Ian reminds Eve that she's the one he loves. He would do anything for her, and he will--as soon as he gets back. He's going to find a way out of this mess.

Gabriela takes Arianna a telegram from Ian. Reading it, Arianna becomes disappointed. Ian will be gone longer than expected, but she understands that he has a commitment to help others. When Gabby talks about Joe, she realizes that Arianna has no idea what she's saying. Arianna asks her to teach her some slang. She also wants to be more like an American woman. Gabby points out that being American is a lot of different things. Arianna just wants to be like the other women; she wants to say whatever she wants, dress the way she wants, and do what she wants. Women is her country aren't allowed to do those things. Arianna just wants to change the way she looks and acts. She's also thinking about taking classes and even working toward a career. She's always enjoyed science. When Gabby asks whether she's talking about medicine, Arianna admits that it could be interesting. Gabby asks whether she's trying to make herself into an American woman--or just the kind of woman she thinks Ian wants. Arianna feels like such a burden to Ian. When it's time for her to make a life for herself in this country, she'd like to know that she can. Gabby thinks she's underestimating herself, but Arianna explains that where she comes from, women are forbidden to even think about having a life of their own. She needs someone to teach her how to do that, and she hopes Gabby will be that person. Gabby is sure they can have fun trying. She picks up Arianna's shopping bags to see what she bought. Arianna models her new clothes for Gabby, who tries to get her to try something she has decided against. At the end of the fashion show, Gabby is struck by her slight resemblance to Eve. She believes that Eve has the same blouse. Arianna thanks her for doing this for her. Gabby isn't done yet. "In order for you to be a true American, there's one more thing you must know about. Junk food!" she says, going upstairs to fetch some.

Kevin joins Lucy at the nursery window. They look at each other, and Lucy has tears in her eyes. She tells him about the little boy on the left, who keeps opening one eye, looking around, and falling right back to sleep. She remembers that Serena used to do that. She asks Kevin what he's doing there. Kevin claims to have gotten sidetracked on his way to see Alan, and he didn't know that she'd be there. Lucy can understand that, since it's the last place she should be. She assures him that she's fine and even claims to be somewhat relieved. Now that she knows the score, she can stop worrying about it and put it out of her mind. Kevin isn't sure she can do that, but she tells him that she doesn't have a choice. Now she can move forward with her life and do other things. "By coming to the nursery and looking at babies?" he asks. Lucy tells him not to try to analyze her. Kevin doesn't believe that she's really dealing with the news. Lucy doesn't know what he wants "You want me to fall apart right in front of your eyes? Do you want me to crumble up on the floor? Do you wish it was me jumping off that roof today?" she asks. She wants to know how people are expected to deal with news like this. Kevin wishes he could help her the way he does his patients, but instead, he just wants to take her in his arms, hold her, and make everything okay. Lucy tells him that he can't make it okay; no one can. When she looks at the nursery, all she sees is the baby she wanted to have with him. Now, it can never happen. Kevin holds her as she cries.

Ian returns from a swim in the ocean, which managed to clear his head. He's determined to find a way out of the arrangement and still keep Arianna safe. Eve doesn't want to talk about that tonight. Ian suggests a nice walk on the beach, but Eve has something else in mind. She wants him to make love to her right now.

Apologizing, Lucy says that this must have happened to her for a reason. She's wanted a baby for as long as she can remember. In fact, her fantasy was always to be swept off to a castle by her Prince Charming and have lots and lots of children. She won't feel complete without a child. Now she knows that it will never happen. She's always believed that all her dreams would come true, but it's time to grow up and realize that it won't happen. She won't give up on all her dreams, just the ones she knows she can't have--like a baby and Doc. Kevin doesn't think they should shut the door on anything right now, but Lucy thinks this is probably the most rational decision she's ever made. She's going to stop believing in signs and destiny; from now on, she's going to get real. Although she and Kevin have a bond, it sometimes feels like it's strangling her, and she thinks they should just let go. It would be the kindest thing they could do for each other; it's for the best. Kevin sadly tells her that he will miss her. With a goodbye kiss on the cheek, Lucy walks away from her Doc.

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