PC Update Wednesday 2/28/01

Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/28/01

By Beth
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Kim, the nurse Chris hired to take care of Estelle--and spy on Livvie--stops by the on-call room to make a report. She tells Chris that Estelle keeps her quite busy, and there's not much to tell yet. However, there is some news; after getting all dressed up, Livvie went to see a friend. Troubled, Chris assures her that this is exactly the kind of information he's looking for. He wants Kim to scrape together anything she can, no matter how insignificant it may seem. He needs to know Livvie better than she knows herself, and before long, it will be as if he's reading her mind. When pressed, Kim says that she thinks Livvie went to see someone named Alison. Kim thought that Livvie seemed excited about her date with Chris at first, but then she got quiet, as if something were on her mind. Chris really wants to know what was bothering her. He needs a way to get her to look at him the same way as when he took care of Jack at the bike shop. "Look, I need to get her to trust me to do anything I tell her to do," he admits. Kim doesn't know whether this will help, but she reaches into her pants pocket and pulls out an ad for a band Livvie really likes. The band is playing at Jake's tonight, and Livvie cut it out of the paper but eventually threw it away. Chris realizes that she intended to go but then remembered their date for the opera. Kim thought that Chris might want to buy her their CD. Chris compliments her on the good work and says to keep at it. Kim leaves, hoping to get back to Estelle before she wakes up. Chris takes a look at the ad, which is for a concert by Brad Masters and the Troublemakers. "I have tickets to 'Tosca,' and she'd rather listen to this garbage," he says in disgust. He sarcastically tells himself that he's a genius. Getting an idea, he realizes that he really is a genius. He picks up the phone and makes a call.

Alison and Jamal are cooking dinner for Jack to show their gratitude for saving the bike shop. Alison points out that this is what happens when someone does a good deed; it makes people very grateful. "And believe me, after hearing about the way you treated Livvie, I knew it was going to take quite a bit to be joining your fan club," she points out. Jack doesn't need to be reminded of that. Jamal thinks that things could still work out for Jack and Livvie, but Jack things he should just stay away from her for now, so that he won't get into any trouble with her. When someone knocks on the door, Alison answers it. She's surprised to see Livvie, who is all dressed up. Livvie is anxious to come inside, but when she sees Jack, she understands Alison's reluctance to admit her. Alison asks what's up with the outfit, which makes it look as if Livvie is on her way to one of Amanda's fundraisers. "You mean sophisticated," Livvie states. "She means old," Jamal counters. Livvie informs them that she's going to the opera with Chris. She claims to have stopped by to borrow Alison's earrings again. Confused at first, Alison realizes that it's an excuse to check up on Jack. She takes Livvie to the bedroom, ostensibly to look for them. Jamal urges Jack to kiss and make up with Livvie, but Jack is reluctant to do that. In the next room, Alison loudly states that the earrings are under the bed. Livvie doesn't know what's going on. Alison quietly reminds Livvie that she has never borrowed her earrings. She wants to know what's really going on.

On the hospital roof, Kevin keeps his distance while trying to decide what to do about Lucy, who is dangerously near the edge. Mac arrives with backup, but Kevin quietly tells him to keep it down. Mac is stunned to hear that Lucy is the jumper. He doesn't understand why they don't make their move, but Kevin tells him to wait and let him handle this. Mac is afraid that seeing Kevin will send her over the edge--literally. Kevin understands that, but he believes that he can do this. Mac agrees to let him handle it, telling his friend that he'll be there if he needs him. Kevin approaches Lucy and says her name. "Doc," Lucy says before looking down. Kevin calmly talks to Lucy, who realizes that he came to the wrong conclusion. She tells him that Sarah is the one who needs his help. Sarah is on the ledge, and Lucy has been trying to talk to her and help her. Kevin looks down and sees the woman, who demands to know who he is. Lucy assures Sarah that Kevin is a very good friend and that he just wants to help her. She explains to Kevin that Sarah's husband just died. Sarah says that she wants to be with him, wherever he is; she doesn't want to be alone. Kevin can honestly say that he knows that feeling. Sarah points out that it will stop if she jumps. Kevin doesn't think that's what Paul would want for her. He asks Sarah to remember that she's had other dark times that eventually passed, just as this one will. Things change, sooner or later, and things happen for a reason. He gives Lucy a meaningful look. "The universe has a plan, Sarah. We may not always understand it. But we have to trust it," he states. Sarah doesn't know why. "Because when we do, the world starts to make sense again," Kevin says. He wants to help her off the ledge. After thinking about it, Sarah reaches for him, and he helps her up, putting his arms around her in comfort. Colleen approaches with blankets, wrapping one around the woman. Kevin orders a sedative and tells Colleen to take her to the ER. Mac compliments Kevin on a job well done, promising to catch up with Kevin later. The crisis over, Kevin is relieved. Lucy confronts him, demanding to know whether he honestly thought she would commit suicide because she wasn't carrying his baby.

Still in the on-call room, Chris meets with Brad Masters, who doesn't want to go along with his scheme. Chris has $1000 to make him reconsider. He will give him half now and the rest when the favor is done. Unable to turn down the offer, Brad agrees to do it.

Alison tells Livvie to admit that she just wanted to see how Jack was doing. Livvie admits that she was a little concerned, but Alison knows there's more to it. Jamal asks Alison to come back and listen to his great idea. Alison raises her voice to talk about the earrings again, and she and Livvie join the guys. Jamal would like to make Jack a partner in their business. Jack is surprised, but Jamal points out that they need good workers who can put in the time for low pay at first. Jack will get a cut of the profits later on. Alison agrees, pointing out that there's a room in the back where Jack can stay. Jamal shakes his hand and welcomes him to the family. Jack hugs Jamal and then Alison, who is less than thrilled. Livvie congratulates Jack. Alison starts talking about her own ideas for the place. She wants it to be the coolest spot in town, where people can hang out. She mentions the possibility of getting an espresso machine, and Livvie thinks a jukebox would be a really good idea. Alison would like live music. The guys can't believe this. Jack jokingly suggests putting a photo booth in the corner. When Livvie tells him it's a great idea, he almost melts. Alison interrupts to remind Livvie that she's going to be late for "that fat lady with the horns." Livvie congratulates everyone and thanks Alison for the earrings. Once she's outside, Jack follows and asks her not to leave.

Kevin points out that he got a call about a jumper on the roof and saw her. He knows how she's been feeling, and it really isn't much of a stretch to think that she was about to jump. Lucy sarcastically agrees that she's fragile and always jumping to conclusions and might just extend that to jumping off a roof. Kevin admits to sometimes jumping to conclusions himself. He asks her to go inside and talk about this. He wants to know what's going on in her mind, starting with why she's raking him over for making an honest mistake. Lucy informs him that she can never have a baby. She says that the disease Rachel injected her with took care of that. She knew that the odds were against her, but now Dr. Neumann's tests have confirmed that there's absolutely no possibility of ever conceiving a child. All her dreaming, hoping, planning, and wishing were just a waste. Kevin tells her how sorry he is, but Lucy doesn't want that. "I don't want that look on your face. I don't want the pity from you. I don't want anything from you. I just want to tell you that you're not always right. You cannot always help everyone and you can't always fix everything," she says, sadly going back inside the building. Mac comes out and compliments Kevin again on his ability to talk the woman down from the roof. In fact, now he's thinking about starting a psychiatric swat team at the department. Kevin states that a friend of his in Denver set up something like that. Mac is surprised. He thinks it's a good idea to have a group of psychiatric specialists on call. It might make a difference the next time there's an emergency like this. Kevin admits that it's a good thought. Mac can tell that something else is on his friend's mind, and he would like to know what it is. Kevin fills him in on what Lucy told him, adding that having a baby of her own is the one thing she's always wanted more than anything. It was hard to see the look in her eyes when she told him. Mac believes that Lucy isn't the only one whose dream died tonight. He knows that Kevin always hoped to start a family with Lucy someday.

Livvie reminds Jack that she has plans, but he knows that she doesn't like the opera. In his opinion, she's made up like some middle-aged doctor's wife, and this isn't her at all. He tells her that she's ten times more beautiful in just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Livvie claims to like the way she looks, but Jack believes that it's actually for Chris. He informs her that his brother wants a trophy and doesn't really care about her at all. Livvie argues, but Jack knows that he's right. Chris shows up unexpectedly to pick up Livvie, saying that Kim told him where to find her. He claims to want to introduce her to an old buddy before the guy has to get to the club. Brad Masters steps up to meet Livvie, who can't believe her eyes. She has every one of his CDs! Brad tells her that Chris actually helped put the band together and get them started. There wouldn't be a Brad Masters and the Troublemakers without him. Jack rolls his eyes, knowing exactly what his brother is up to. Brad asks her to skip the opera so that Chris can be there for the band. Livvie doesn't want to disappoint Chris, but he assures her that it's all right. He'll even take her home to change clothes. Satisfied, Brad tells them that their tickets will be at the door. He promises not to play a note until they get there. After he leaves, a disgusted Jack goes back inside the apartment, where he informs Alison and Jamal to forget about any chance that he and Livvie could get back together, because she's chosen Chris. Meanwhile, Chris pretends not to have known that Livvie is a fan of the band. He promises to tell her the whole story on the way. Livvie thinks it's almost as if Chris read her mind. "Almost," Chris says smugly.

Outside the hospital nursery, Lucy tells the parents of newborn baby girl how lucky they are. After they leave, she gazes longingly at the babies, her hand against the window glass. Kevin comes along and finds her there.

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