PC Update Tuesday 2/27/01

Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/27/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Colleen gives Lucy a message that Dr. Neumann is running late but all Lucy's tests are set up. Kevin overhears and questions Lucy about the tests. She tells him that she's trying to find out why she thought she was pregnant, but when Kevin questions this, she loses her cool. "What part of 'I don't want you in my universe' didn't you understand?" she says, storming off. Victor comes along just as she's leaving and speaks to her, but she keeps going. Victor's mouth is agape and he tries to figure out why she's ignoring him. "Don't even ask," Kevin advises.

Ian is thrilled to see that Eve is back, her fever broken. Eve can't believe Ian is really there. She tells him about a dream in which they were together on the island, but it was back in another time. She asks how he knew she was there. Ian says that he didn't know. He explains that he's been treating the islanders for years, and he actually went there this time to treat the chief's son. He's curious about how Eve ended up on the island. Reminding him that he told her about it, Eve says that she came to the island to feel closer to him. Referring to her illness, she thinks it must be the cause of her hallucinations. Ian informs her that she was given herbs to help her cross over to the other side, since Maya thought she was dying. He speculates that the visions were a glimpse into another lifetime. After all, stranger things have happened. When he asks her to tell him about it, Eve describes it as best she can. She says that it was during World War I and that he was going off to battle. They were deeply in love, but she received a telegram saying that he had been killed. She doesn't understand how it could have felt so real. Ian admits to having had the same vision when he was on the island before. The islanders believe that if two people are meant to be together, they've always been together. The morca allows them to look at their past selves. He knows that he's loved her for as many lives as he's lived.

Karen "catches" Frank sweet-talking Nellie, the old computer. She has a surprise for him. It's an old record player and a stack of 45s she originally thought were coasters. Frank can't believe she could think that. He looks through them and likes what he sees. He's also very happy to see Karen. He  plays one of the old records and prepares to test the computer. He turns it on, and it begins to hum loudly. Suddenly, it goes off again. Frank is bummed, but he's glad the record player works. Unwilling to let a good song go to waste, he and Karen slow dance. That goes well until Frank accidentally steps on her foot. He apologizes, swearing that Rhonda put a spell on him. Karen assures him that her mother has nothing against him personally. Frank understands that he's just representing the entire untrustworthy male gender. Karen says that her mom is afraid she'll follow in her footsteps and screw up her life. She preferred it when she was being overprotective from a distance. They decide to continue their dance, and Frank promises no more foot contact. Karen's cell phone rings, and she takes the call. Hanging up, she tells Frank that she's been accepted into a pediatric course in Tennessee. She will only be gone for a few weeks.

Lucy really doesn't understand what happened, and she wants the definitive answer to whether or not she can ever get pregnant. Dr. Neumann says that the tests they're running today should answer that question.

Kevin apologizes to Victor for not being able to break for lunch yet, but he's waiting to hear from a patient. Victor understands. He asks whether Kevin straightened things out with Eve, and Kevin says that she left town. Victor thinks that's odd; he would have thought that Eve's departure would do wonders for Lucy's mood. Kevin admits that Lucy is furious with him and that he doesn't blame her. With his experience as a shrink, he should have a few answers, but lately he just feels so inadequate when it comes to women. Victor tells him not to give up; against the odds, he managed to find Mary at the Nurses' Ball. He's confident that Kevin will find happiness someday. He thinks his son should consider some kind of change. Thinking about it, Kevin admits that a change could do him a lot of good.

Dr. Neumann returns with bad news for Lucy. "You've had so many medical problems. Your reproductive system was tentative before Rachel injected you with that disease, and when your temperature went up to 104, it damaged you," she tells her patient. Lucy will never be able to conceive. The doctor wants to drive her home, but Lucy assures her that she's fine and this really wasn't much of a shock. Right now she just needs some air, so she's going up to the roof.

Victor gets a call from Mary saying that the bartender has the flu, so he needs to cover the shift. Kevin thanks him for coming over and states that Victor should probably charge him for the hour. Victor asks what he gets for half a session. His fatherly intuition gives him the sneaky feeling that there's something Kevin isn't telling him. Kevin states that Lucy thought she was pregnant. "Oh, another grandchild would have been such a blessing," Victor says. Kevin admits that he was happy at first, before all the old worries came back. He doesn't know how he could have been such an insensitive jerk, because having a child with Lucy would mean everything to him. He has no idea how to fix this. As Victor prepares to leave, they see Lucy go by, and she doesn't look good. Victor urges Kevin to go after her, but in Kevin's opinion, he's the last person she wants to see right now.

Although they have some garlic shrimp to celebrate, Karen has lost her appetite. Frank hates to see her go, and Karen tells him that she doesn't actually have to go away. Frank encourages her to take advantage of this great opportunity. He even offers to call her every day--with news about the computer. Karen appreciates that, since she doesn't want to abandon ship now, when they're so close to getting it up and running. Frank promises to have it ready by the time she gets back. He offers to drive her to the airport.

When Eve puts the brakes on any more food for the moment, Ian agrees to save the rest for later so that she can rest. Eve would rather sit there and look at him. She realizes that some people would think they're crazy for believing they've been together throughout eternity. Ian can live with crazy, but he can't live without her. He doesn't care what people think anyway; the two of them belong together. Eve speculates that this is why she had such an interesting reaction to him when they first met. "Maybe deep down I knew that we would mean something to each other. Little did I know you'd mean the whole world to me. To think our lives have always been connected," she muses. This is paradise, but they have to go back to Port Charles, where Ian's wife is waiting. The next plan leaves in a few hours. Ian tells her that the plane can leave, but he's staying on the island with her.

Colleen hands the phone over to Kevin for an important call. Kevin learns that a woman is on the roof and could be a jumper. He tells Colleen to call security and the police but to keep the press out.

"It's going to be all right now," Lucy says quietly, standing dangerously close to the edge of the roof. Kevin comes out and is stunned to see that she is the woman he was called to talk down.

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