PC Update Monday 2/26/01

Port Charles Update Monday 2/26/01

By Beth
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Alison is extremely proud of the way she handled the motorcycle her first time in the driver's seat. "Even when I kind of, like, sideswiped those garbage cans, you know, I still kept us nice and steady," she brags. She tells Jamal that this is because she has him for a teacher. They try to kiss, but they end up bumping helmets, and it hurts. It works much better after they remove the headgear. Jamal is ready to head back to the shop. They're both still getting used to the idea of owning their own business and seeing that going to work can actually feel good. Jamal wants to see how Jack is holding down the fort in their absence.

"You got about three seconds to get the hell out of here," Jack warns the two punks, who refuse to go without leaving a message from Travis. Jack grabs a large wrench and warns them again. The goons attack. Livvie and Chris arrive in time to scare them off before too much damage is done. Livvie rushes to Jack's side. Chris calls the police to report the crime. As an afterthought, he says to send an ambulance. Livvie asks Jack what happened, and he states that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Livvie wants him to sit still, but Jack insists that he's all right. He doesn't want her and her boyfriend to feel obligated to stick around. When Livvie refuses to leave, Jack says that he will. He stands up, but it's very painful. Livvie tells Chris not to let him walk out of there in his condition. Jack and Chris both try to get out of it, but Livvie insists. Chris examines Jack's arm and determines that his shoulder is probably dislocated. He tells Jack to lie down so that he can pull it back into its socket. Jack does as he's told, and Chris warns that it will be extremely painful. In Jack's opinion, Chris will enjoy that. He tries to grin and bear it as his doctor brother resets his shoulder. Alison and Jamal come in from their ride, and they're stunned by what they see.

Gabriela comes down the steps to Ian's apartment just as Arianna wraps up a call with Mary. She apologizes for startling Arianna, who can't shake the feeling that Ben could come back for her. Gabby tells her that Ian asked her to keep his wife company until he gets back. That's why she brought some music. "We have some boring soothing stuff--blah, blah, blah--and then, when we're done with that, Metallica," she says, holding up some CDs. Arianna asks whether she knows how long Ian will be gone, but Gabby says that Ian intends to stay as long as he's needed. Gabby makes Arianna some tea, and they talk about Arianna's family. She misses her mother and sister. Gabby thinks that her brother might eventually come around and convince the rest of the family to do the same, but Arianna is certain that it could never happen. Gabby says that Ben wouldn't have left the country if he was intent on controlling her. Arianna admits that he only left the country because he thought he killed Joe. "He what?" Gabby asks angrily. She demands to know what's going on. Arianna apologizes; she thought Joe would have told her about the sting. She explains what happened. Gabby is furious. Unaware of what they're talking about, Joe comes downstairs to see Gabby, who angrily hurls a throw pillow in his face and asks how he could be so stupid.

In her past life as a nurse on Tirama Island, Eve is devastated by the news that her fiancÚ was killed in battle. In the present, Ian speaks to the woman he loves, trying to bring her back to health. The chief is surprised that they know each other. Maya warns him not to touch her anymore because of the virus, but Ian orders her to get him some cloths and cold water. He tells Eve not to even think of leaving him. Maya asks why the medicine isn't working. Ian insists that it will. The chief states that Eve is an extraordinary woman who risked her life to help their son. When Maya asks how long he's known her, Ian says that he's always known her. The chief feels that connection. Ian still doesn't know why she's on the island. All his friends know is that she was troubled and unsure of her path, and when she needed a quiet place to think, she chose Tirama Island because it meant a great deal to someone she care for deeply. Obviously, Ian is that someone. Ian admits that Eve is his life. The chief says that this explains why Eve felt so comfortable there from the moment she arrived. Maya also remembers Ian's first visit, when he had the same reaction. Ian states that there was something missing, but when he met Eve, he knew what that something was. His destiny now had a face. "The face of Lambert," the chief states. He knows that they were meant to share the island and that it's no accident that they were both drawn to it. Under the influence of the fever and the herbs, Eve is thrilled to see that Ian came back after all, when she had been told of his death. Meanwhile, Ian urges her to open her eyes, but Maya tells him that it's no use. Refusing to let the woman he loves die, Ian picks Eve up and carries her out of the hut.

Chris boasts to the police about his heroics. Jamal and Alison deny knowing anyone who would want to trash the place. Jack apologizes for the damage, but Jamal and Alison are just glad it wasn't any worse. Alison picks up on a look between the guys and knows that they want to speak privately. Jamal tells Jack that it's okay to talk in front of her, so he admits that it was supposed to be a message from a guy named Travis. He offers to tell the police, but Jamal wants to keep it quiet. Alison wants a minute with Jamal, and Jack understands. Jamal tells her that Travis won't stop their dream. Alison accuses him of trying to protect the guy, but Jamal thinks it's safer for her if he just doesn't rat him out. Besides, when Travis gets out of the hospital, he'll go to jail for a long time. Jamal refuses to let anyone spoil things for them. When Chris asks his brother disinterestedly about his shoulder, Jack tells him that he may never play football again, but he can still break into a car. Livvie tells Jack that he really does owe Chris, but Jack thinks that she could have done what his brother did. Livvie insists that Chris was really amazing, and she wishes she knew how to take care of someone the way he does. "Livvie, you're embarrassing me," Chris says, loving every minute.

Joe has no idea what Gabby is talking about at first, but she lets him know in no uncertain terms that he had no right to risk his life that way after she stood by him through his HIV scare. "Damn It, Joe! You owe it to me to stay safe. You owe it to me to be here, to share your life with me. And I won't stand for anything less," she yells as Arianna observes nervously. Joe is completely stunned by her reaction. He didn't know it was possible to love someone so much. He takes her in his arms and comforts her. Arianna is relieved to see them resolve this, because she was afraid that she'd ruined it for them. Joe reminds her that he went along with Ian's plan to protect her. Arianna is amazed that he went to so much trouble for her, but Joe explains that Ian is always riding to someone's rescue. That's what he's doing, even now; he flew halfway across the world to save someone's life.

Ian takes Eve to a more private location near the water, which is believed to have healing powers. He believes the legend, because he could feel it the first time the water washed over him. "It was as if time and space had just washed away. And the only thing that was left was love, infinite and eternal. Let that love wash over you now. Let it remind you of what we shared and how far we've come to be here together. There's so much we have to see, so much we have to do," he tells Eve. He urges her to stay with him. Fate has brought them together, and this time, it won't keep them apart.

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