PC Update Friday 2/23/01

Port Charles Update Friday 2/23/01

By Beth
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Alison and Jamal have been working since dawn, trying to get the bike shop ready for its scheduled grand opening. Alison answers the phone, but the caller hangs up on her. It rings again, and the caller still doesn't say anything. "Look, I can hear you, you know," Alison says, prompting the caller to hang up again. Annoyed, Alison tries Star 69, but it doesn't work. She really hates the fact that the caller was deliberately blocking his number from her. Jamal tells her to let him answer the phone the next time it rings. He reminds her that there are still a lot of kinks to be worked out, and they aren't the first people to have that phone number. Alison admits to being jumpy from all the paint fumes, which are really burning her eyes after fourteen hours. They decide to take a break and get some air. Since Jamal finished working on the bike the guy brought in before, he wants to take it for a test run. Alison thinks that's a great idea. Jack stops by just as they're leaving, and he promises to keep an eye on the place for them. Alison encourages him to pitch right in if he sees something that needs to be done. Jamal tells him to leave the door open to let the shop air out. Looking around, Jack decides it's not bad at all.

Eve's fever still rages. Keeping watch over her, Maya tells her that the healer is coming, but if it is Eve's time, she should know that she was loved. While Eve is burning with fever, the morca takes her back in time. In another life, she is a nurse on Tirama Island, and she's thrilled when her soldier soul mate--Ian--finds her there. Maya's husband, the chief, joins her at Eve's side. He is aware that she gave Eve the morca against his wishes. Maya believes that they have a debt to Eve for saving their son, and she had to do what she could for her. She knows that the morca won't save her life, but it is working to show her a happier time in another life so that she can pass with a lighter heart.

Kevin nervously waits for Lucy to take the home pregnancy test, which she is convinced will come out negative. Lucy returns from the bathroom and says that she was right; she's not pregnant. Although she tries to take the news in stride, it really upsets her. Kevin is sorry to see her so upset. He knows that the only thing she ever really wanted was to carry a child of her own. Kevin tells her that it could still happen sometime after this false alarm. Lucy doesn't like his choice of words, but all he means is that it's still possible for her to become pregnant someday. Lucy doesn't know who the father would be, because every time they make love, it feels like a huge mistake, and they end up vowing it will never happen again. "Lucy, you know how much you mean to me," Kevin says. Lucy takes that as an invitation to get started right now and make her dream come true. When Kevin doesn't go along with this, she accuses him of wanting her to look for other candidates. She offers to call Jack and see what happens this time. Kevin tells her that she's made her point. Lucy doesn't know what point he's talking about. Is it that he doesn't want her to have sex with anyone else? Maybe she could just go to a sperm bank with him. Kevin tells her to stop this. She can't. She wants him to stop all this right now.

In her past life, Eve is thrilled to see that Ian has found his way back to her. She tells him that she made all the arrangements he asked for, and they can be married the following week. Apologizing, Ian tells her that he doesn't have that long; he has to get back in a few days. Eve understands that this isn't his fault, and he's here now, which is all she needs. They love each other very much, and they fell in love on the island. Eve is confident that they will get married when the war is over. Ian isn't so sure that he'll return, but whatever happens, she will always be a part of him.

As they get ready for their ride, Jamal suggests looking to the future from now on and not looking back. That sounds good to Alison, but she's worried about Travis. Jamal assures her that Travis has no beef with him. Besides, Travis will be in prison. Jamal wants them to have the biggest, best bike shop the town has ever seen. Alison is surprised to hear him include her in that, but he tells her that he wants her to be part of this as long as that's what she wants. Alison is tickled. She can answer the phone and do whatever else he wants. Jamal tells her to consider herself hired. However, he does want her to learn a thing of two about motorcycles so that she'll know how to talk to the customers. He's ready to teach her how to drive one.

While Jack waits, two thugs come in, and they didn't expect to see anyone there. Jack demands to know what they want, but they're not talking. They tell him to get lost, but he refuses to go anywhere. "Suit yourself, Jamoke," one of them says. They start trashing the place, throwing paint all over the walls and stating that this is a message from Travis. Jack picks up a large wrench and wields it threateningly.

Kevin just wants to make things better for her, but she tells him that he's just making it harder. She wants him to stop making her believe that they could have a baby together someday, because it won't happen. She knows that she will never have a baby, but she can't help hoping. She admits that she really did believe it this time, and he will never know how much it hurts. Kevin asks what he can do to help. Lucy doesn't know; she only knows what won't help. She wants him to just leave her alone and never look back. When Kevin reaches for her, she orders him never to touch her again.

The chief believes that it's no use, but Maya wants to keep trying. She hears something outside and thinks it could be the healer. The chief steps outside to look.

Eve's past life takes a turn for the worse when she receives a telegram stating that her lover was killed. As she cries out in the past as well as in the present, Ian enters the hut. Stunned to see her, he says her name.

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