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Port Charles Update Thursday 2/22/01

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Keeping an eye on Kaylo, Eve is glad to see that the little boy's healthy appetite has returned. His mother, Maya, comes back with some supplies for a big celebration they're having for Eve. It's a huge feast to show their gratitude to Eve for saving Kaylo's life. Honored, Eve offers to help. Maya asks her to watch Kaylo so that she can continue with the feast preparations. Seeing that Kaylo has finished his soup, Eve decides to give him some more, but when she stands up, she becomes dizzy. She brushes it off as being tired, but she has come down with a cough.

Assuring Arianna that Ben won't bother her anymore, Ian fills her in on what happened in her brother's hotel room. Arianna worries that Ben knew it was a trick, but Ian says that Frank watched him board the plane, which subsequently took off with Ben on it. Arianna isn't convinced that her brother won't come back and go after Ian the next time. Ian shows her the front page of the newspaper, which has Ben's photo and a headline stating that he is wanted for Joe's murder. It's a fake, courtesy of a friend of Ian's who works at the paper. Ian plans to send it to Ben along with a note warning him that the authorities will be waiting for him if he ever tries to set foot in this country again. Arianna suddenly realizes that now that Ben is gone, Ian probably wants her to leave so that he can be with Eve. She understands that he's very anxious to get his freedom back. Ian knows what this is about. He assures her that he shouldn't have kissed Eve outside the Recovery Room, and he promises not to let it happen again. Arianna doesn't understand this, since she's out of danger. Ian doesn't agree with that assessment. If the INS finds out that their marriage is a sham, they will deport her, and he won't let that happen. They can never let their guard down. That's why he picked up something today. He shows her a set of matching wedding bands, adding that she can exchange hers if she doesn't like it. Placing hers on her finger, Arianna assures him that it's perfect. She tells him that it's his turn. Ian puts on his own wedding ring.

Kaylo's father presents Eve with a small figure that he carved out of stone. Among his people, it's the symbol of loyalty, and he wants Eve to have it as a reminder of their feeling of loyalty to her. As he talks, Eve's vision becomes blurred. Shrugging it off, she assures the couple that she's fine and simply needs some air. Before she can step outside, she collapses.

Kevin is stunned to think that the home pregnancy test belongs to Lucy. She stuffs it back inside the paper bag and informs him that this is none of his business. Kevin refuses to let this go. He can only think that the baby must not be his. Insulted, Lucy lashes out and claims that any one of a dozen guys could be the father, adding that she might be able to narrow it down to eight or nine. Kevin apologizes but reminds her that he did catch her with Jack. Lucy reiterates that she didn't sleep with the guy. Kevin admits that he believes her, but he's in a bit of a shock right now. This is the last thing he expected. After all, they were careful. Lucy points out that careful isn't always enough, and that the only truly effective means of birth control is abstinence--something they haven't exactly been practicing. Kevin doesn't know what to say, especially considering the way things have been going with them. Lucy tells him not to let it trouble him, because it doesn't change anything between them. They won't even know whether there really is a baby until after she takes the test, and as far as she's concerned, Kevin doesn't have to be involved. She knows very well how he feels--and doesn't feel--about her. She also knows that he will want to do the right thing, but she's officially letting him off the hook. In Kevin's opinion, that isn't entirely up to Lucy. Although Lucy states that she's made her decision, Kevin won't be shut out of his own child's life. Lucy admits that she's afraid of wanting this baby so badly and wanting to share all this with him. Kevin wishes that he knew what the baby could mean for them, but he doesn't. All he knows is that he wants this to be true just as much as Lucy does. He hasn't forgotten how much they wanted to be parents together. Lucy doesn't want to listen to this anymore, because it might not be true, and she just can't take the disappointment. This could be her very last chance for this, and she just can't talk about it anymore. Kevin tries to persuade her to see Dr. Neumann and find out for sure, but Lucy just can't. She doesn't want to know right now. Not knowing gives her hope, and she has to hold onto that hope. She's just not ready to let it go yet.

Maya tries to comfort Eve with a cool sponge, but the fever is high, and she's delirious. She and her husband talk about what has happened. This has hit Eve very hard because she's an outsider and doesn't have the natural immunities Kaylo has. Maya wants to give her a special gift, but her husband opposes her wish; the morca is far too powerful for someone who is unprepared for it. Maya argues that if Eve is going to die, she deserves to know that the love in her heart need not die with her. The man is adamant about this; their ways are not for outsiders. He hopes that the healer can help Eve or at least make her more comfortable. He steps outside to arrange for more water to be brought in. While he's gone, Maya vows not to let Eve die without knowing what is possible. She brings in a potion of some kind, stirs it, and gives Eve a sip. "May the visions that call on you bring peace and revelation. May they comfort you from this world into the next," she says.

At home, Lucy is very agitated. The doorbell rings, and she calls out for the person to go away. It's Kevin, and he won't leave without talking to her. Through the door, Lucy tells him that he's making this a lot more difficult than it already is. Kevin just wants to help, but Lucy can't bear the thought of seeing hope on his face. Kevin understands, and he needs her help just as much as she needs his. He asks her to open the door. Giving in, she does. Lucy tells him that she's not just scared; she's terrified. "So am I," Kevin admits.

Alone in the apartment, Ian fiddles with his ring. When Arianna brings him a corned beef sandwich, she has to talk him about why he doesn't like her to do things for him. Ian admits that he's not used to people doing things for him. Arianna tells him that he's not alone anymore, and she would like to be more than just an inconvenience to him. Although Ian tells her that she isn't an inconvenience, she knows that his life would be much different if it weren't for her. She wants to be more like a friend to him. To make her happy, Ian starts eating, and when she inquires about a drink, he asks for a beer. Alone again, Ian picks up the phone and leaves a message for Eve on her machine. "I love you, Lambert. I always will," he says.

While Eve is burning with fever, the morca takes her back to another time--another life.

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