PC Update Wednesday 2/21/01

Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/21/01

By Beth
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Joe has been shot. Still holding the gun, Ben warns that unlike Joe, Ian won't be an accident. He nervously asks whether Joe is dead. "Not yet," Ian replies. He checks his fallen friend and says that he needs to get to the ER immediately. Ben refuses to allow that. Ian tells Ben that Joe barely has a pulse and is losing blood like mad. He insists on calling for help, but Ben forbids it. He reminds Ian that it would only take one shot to kill him. Ian points out that he would have to explain two dead bodies to the authorities, but Ben states that it would be two counts of self defense. Ian tells him that he would stand trial and spend the rest of his life behind bars. "You have no idea what I can get away with," Ben states.

Frank is somewhat embarrassed when Karen's unexpected arrival startles him and causes him to hit his head. Karen wants to apologize for the way she acted. She admits that she wasn't being honest about the reason for breaking their date. Frank already suspects that her mother had something to do with it, and he's right. Karen tells him that her mother is worried about her starting a new relationship during her first year of sobriety. Frank looks at it a bit differently. They've known each other since they were kids, which means that that their relationship isn't really new. Seeing each other wouldn't be breaking the rules at all. They kiss, and Karen agrees that there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. Frank's pager goes off. He apologizes but says that there's something he really has to do, and he can't be late. He asks her to meet him at the house later for dinner. Karen agrees and says that she'll stick around and check out the computer. Rushing out, Frank reminds her that he hasn't loaded all the software yet and that "she" is quite temperamental. Karen thinks her computer just needs a woman's touch. As Karen types, she tells the computer that she appreciates "her" ways. When she is paged to go to the hospital, she decides to leave Frank a note. She has trouble shutting down the machine, but she finally gets it to turn off. As soon as she leaves, it turns itself back on.

On Tirama Island, the man warns Eve not to come any closer. As a doctor, Eve can't stay away from the boy despite the fact that he's highly contagious. The man informs her that the healer is on his way, but Eve knows that he won't be there soon enough to help. She again asks him to let her take a look at his son. The man refuses and tells her to leave, but his wife appears behind him, her son in her arms. She begs Eve to stay and help. They get the boy, Kaylo, to a straw bed, where Eve examines him. His fever is very high, and he's had it for two days. The fever isn't his only symptom. His body ached, and he was chilled; before that, he couldn't eat or drink without getting sick. Thinking of what Ian would tell her to do, Eve takes in the surroundings. Getting an idea, she asks whether there are mice on the island. There are many of them. She thinks it may be something similar to the hantavirus, which she read about in med school. The most important thing now is to reduce the fever. She tells the woman, Maya, to bring her some cool water, palm fronds, and a mortar and pestle. The man argues that this isn't how they take care of the illness, but Eve forces him to admit that their ways don't always work. When Kaylo stops breathing, Eve performs mouth-to-mouth on him.

At the hospital cafe, Lucy's mind is on the possibility of being pregnant. She sits down and takes the home pregnancy test out of the brown paper bag. When Livvie approaches, she quickly puts it back in the bag. Although Lucy denies it, Livvie knows that she's trying to hide something. Lucy asks Livvie to join her. Neither woman is aware of Kevin's arrival just a few feet away. Unnoticed, he goes to a nearby table to eavesdrop. Livvie is suspicious of Lucy's motives, but Lucy insists that she just wants them to talk like two adults. Livvie agrees to give her exactly two minutes. Lucy rambles a bit before getting to the subject at hand. She tells Livvie that although it's normal for someone her age to separate from her family, she doesn't understand why she would want to do that before getting to know her wonderful family. Livvie tells her that she doesn't believe the hype about family, and her two minutes are up. Livvie starts to leave, but Lucy stops her. She knows that Kevin isn't perfect, but he really does want to make up for all the lost time. Livvie reminds her that he lied about her and Jack, and now he's all over her about seeing Chris. Lucy understands that, but she knows it's because Kevin really is worried about his daughter. It's driving Livvie crazy, but Lucy asks her to indulge him a little bit. He's wanted to be a father his whole life, and he would be a darned good one if Livvie would just give him the chance. Livvie would, but he's trying to control her personal life. Lucy tells her that guys come and go, but a father is forever, and Livvie should really thank her lucky planets that Kevin is her father. Any child would be lucky to have him as a dad. Livvie reminds her that she promised not to push, and this is major pushing. Frustrated, Lucy tells Livvie to hate her if she wants, but not Kevin, because he deserves a lot better.

When Maya returns with the requested items, she helps Eve cool her son down with water and palm fronds. Now that Kaylo's fever is down, Eve needs to give him some antibiotics. She tells Maya to gather green mold from fruit so that they can make homemade penicillin. Although she denies it, she's starting to feel the effects of the disease.

Livvie says that she wants a fresh start after what happened. She's tired of Lucy's lecture. Lucy relents but asks her to show Kevin some compassion. Livvie promises to think about what she said. She leaves, but Kevin catches up with her just outside the cafe. Annoyed, she tells him that they've said all there is to say, but Kevin hopes that's not true. He promises to listen if she'll just talk to him. Livvie tells him that she gets defensive when he doesn't trust her judgment. She wants to be able to make her own choices. Kevin says that he's just trying to give her the benefit of his experience, but Livvie wants to make her own decisions and mistakes. She wants him in her life, but she has to be the one calling the shots. She tells Kevin that she'll be at Rachel's old apartment if he needs her. Kevin is pleasantly surprised that she's not staying with Chris. Livvie tells him how she came to be living at the apartment with her grandmother. She's standing up for herself, and it feels really good. She asks Kevin to respect that. Kevin agrees and asks her not to shut the door on their relationship.

Ian announces that he's losing Joe, and if he can't call for help, it will be murder. Ben still refuses to let him make any calls. Ian runs for a lamp and jerks it out of the outlet. He takes the cord toward Joe in an attempt to shock his heart. Ben thinks he's crazy. Ian rushes him and shocks him with the wires, grabbing the gun. He informs him that Joe is dead and now Ben is about to join him. He dares Ben to take the gun away from him. Ben won't give him the pleasure. Ian picks up the phone, and Ben bolts out the door.

Kevin approaches Lucy to thank her for defending him to Livvie. Lucy doesn't think any father should be separated from his child, but she's not sure that she got through to her. After all, Livvie is pretty stubborn. Seeing the paper bag, Kevin thinks it's Estelle's medicine and offers to take it to her. He picks it up before Lucy can stop him, and the pregnancy test kit falls out. Stunned, Kevin assumes that it's Livvie's, but Lucy tells him that it isn't.

Ian is sitting on the floor of Ben's hotel room when there's a knock at the door. Frank lets himself in and announces that he followed Ben to the airport; after leaving the hotel, Ben got on the first plane back to his country. Still cleaning himself up from the fake blood, Joe emerges from the bathroom. He thanks his brother for the bullet-proof vest and apologizes for any damage it suffered. He asks Ian good-naturedly whether he's springing for his dry cleaning bill. He admits to having been worried for a minute that Ian might have forgotten to load the gun with blanks. He's truly amazed that the plan worked as well as it did. Ian argues that it was flawless, but Frank says that it was such a long shot, he wouldn't have even bet on it. Joe gives him a hard time about the lamp. "You know, I don't recall signing up for that. When you came at me with that electric cord, man, your corpse almost took a hike," he says. Ian thought it was a nice touch. Now he's satisfied that Arianna and Eve are safe.

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