PC Update Tuesday 2/20/01

Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/20/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Painting the walls bright yellow, Alison is quite pleased with the bright color scheme, but Jamal would prefer plain old white for the bike shop. Alison is determined to have lots of color to make it very hip, very cool, and very Jamal. He changes his mind to agree with her. However, he doesn't like her painting skills. When he tries to teach her, she complains about how long it will take to do it his way. She wants to compromise by letting him do it his way while she continues with what she's been doing. They get into a paint fight, which is interrupted when Gabriela calls. Gabriela says that an ER patient named Travis Williams keeps mentioning Jamal's name. She doesn't know who he is, but he was involved in the warehouse shooting that took place last night during a robbery attempt. Gabriela just thought that Jamal should know about the guy. After Alison hangs up, she asks Jamal whether he knows anything about a warehouse robbery, because someone who was shot has been asking for him.

Eve walks around Tirama Island, thinking about Ian. She hears a child whimpering inside a hut and decides to investigate. When she steps inside, she is apprehended by guards. While Eve struggles and demands to be let go, a man joins them and orders her release. Apologizing, he explains that his guards meant no harm but that no one is allowed inside. Eve states that she heard a child crying. The man says that his child is asleep now and there is no cause for concern. He asks her reason for visiting the island. Eve says that a friend told her about it. When she says that he was obviously wrong about the people being friendly, the man dismisses his guards to make her feel more at ease. Just as she gets ready to leave, the child cries out for help.

Arianna looks for Ian, but Gabriela says that he decided not to work today. This alarms Arianna, who worries about what he might do. Gabriela assures her that Ian's bark is worse than his bite, and he won't do anything foolish.

When Ben enters his hotel room, he finds Ian waiting for him. He threatens to call security, but Ian pulls out a gun. Ben tries to reason with Ian, who orders him to sit down. Ben tries to convince him that this is all a big misunderstanding and that they can resolve this like gentlemen. He assures Ian that he would never harm Eve. Therefore, there is no need for any of this now. Ian disagrees; he wants Ben to fear for his life, the same way that Arianna fears for her life. Ben argues that Arianna is his responsibility and that Ian has no right to interfere. Ian knows all about Ben's family and honor. In his opinion, putting a bullet in Ben might be the most honorable thing he'll do all day.

Alison doesn't believe that Jamal is telling her the whole truth. She points out that the robbery happened the same night as his mysterious new job. Seeing his reaction, she's convinced that he was there, and she demands to know the truth. Jamal admits that Travis was one of Cedric's pals and that he wanted him to drive the getaway car. Jamal initially agreed but changed his mind halfway there. Alison doesn't know whether to hug him or hit him. He admits that he originally agreed to do it because of her. Alison is appalled. Jamal explains that it all started when he heard her talking to Frank about needing money but not being able to go to her family for help. Since he's the reason she can't go to Amanda, he wanted to help her. This was going to be $2000 for ten minutes' work. He really didn't think there was any danger involved. Fortunately, he realized that no amount of money was worth seeing disappointment in her eyes for even one second. He apologizes for what happened, and they kiss and make up. A man walks into the bike shop and asks whether they work on old Harleys. Even though they're not open for business yet, Jamal agrees to take a look at his bike. Alison is thrilled that they actually have their first customer. She finally admits that she stinks at painting, and Jamal demonstrates again.

Arianna tries to reach Ian at home, but he's not there. She's afraid he went to confront Ben. Joe joins them, and when they ask about Ian, he offers to go check on the situation.

Eve explains that she's a doctor and therefore might be able to help. The man tells her that his son came down with a fever two days ago and is also experiencing chills and weakness. The boy's mother is taking care of him. Eve still wants to take a look, but the man warns her to leave before she is exposed; his son is highly contagious with a deadly disease. Eve believes that she is meant to help the boy. The man states that there is nothing she can do. As he insists that she leave his home, his wife joins them and begs Eve to help.

Ben tries to negotiate, but all Ian wants is to be rid of the man. Ben gives his word that he will leave town and never return, but Ian doesn't believe him. Joe's sudden arrival distracts Ian, and Ben grabs the gun. They struggle for possession of the gun. A shot rings out.

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