PC Update Monday 2/19/01

Port Charles Update Monday 2/19/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Ian's passionate kiss stuns Arianna; she can't believe this is happening. Ian stops himself, saying that this is wrong. Arianna doesn't understand; he's in pain, and she wants to help. She admits to having seen him kissing Eve and assures him that Ben didn't see them. She owes him everything for giving up his happiness because of her. Ian argues that she doesn't owe him anything; he just wants her to be able to live her life. This will work, and she'll have the life she deserves. He knows that someday, she'll fall in love with a man who will love her back. Arianna apologizes, but Ian takes all the blame for having crossed the line. Ian promises not to let himself kiss her again. Arianna tells him that Ben will never accept their marriage unless they have a baby. She's frightened, because his threats will never stop. Furious, Ian vows to end this problem right now.

Lucy checks her calendar and learns that her last period was right before Christmas. Pointing out that almost two months have passed since then, Dr. Palumbo asks whether she's been sexually active in that time. Lucy realizes that she might be carrying Kevin's baby. She rushes out, leaving the doctor wondering why she won't let him finish his exam. She runs into Kevin. He wants to know why Lucy is at the hospital, and when she lies about it, he knows that she's hiding something from him. Before she can get away, the doctor tracks her down and says that he'd like to run some tests. Demanding to know what's going on, Kevin pressures Lucy until she caves. She tells him that she is pregnant with his child, and she wishes that he didn't hate her. Kevin assures her that he doesn't hate her, but she doesn't believe him.

Frank tells Karen that he wants to ask her out on an incredibly romantic date. "How about a couple of dimly lit hours in my garage?" he asks after hearing her romantic suggestions. He's very close to figuring out why the old computer blew up. He's also prepared to make Mario's recipe for spaghetti and lobster, after which they can snuggle up on the couch and watch "Houseboat." Karen marvels at how he knows about her favorite things, and Frank admits that getting to know more about her has become his new favorite hobby. The mood is interrupted when Rhonda arrives. After Frank leaves, Rhonda asks her daughter to have dinner. Karen tries to put her off until another night, but Rhonda tries pressuring her with guilt. When that doesn't work, Rhonda makes Karen question her decision to date Frank.

As Lucy tells Kevin off, she eventually snaps out of it and realizes that she didn't actually tell Kevin that she's pregnant. Kevin is still pressuring her to tell him why she's at the hospital. Lucy reminds Kevin that it hasn't been easy to talk to him lately, and while she wants to be honest with him, things sometimes get in the way. Kevin becomes angry at this, accusing her of never taking any blame for anything. Lucy then accuses him of attacking her. She doesn't believe he's really concerned about her. She doesn't want him to be concerned; she's fine, and she's only at the ER because of a bump on the head. Kevin accuses her of making a big deal out of everything. Lucy informs him that his wife is the one who caused her bump on the head. She's sick of talking about him, and she wants him to leave her alone. After he storms off, Lucy tells her "baby" that they will be all alone.

Frank finds Karen again to tell her some more about the evening he has planned. Letting her mother's words get to her, Karen cancels their date, lying about taking an extra shift. When she hedges on rescheduling, Frank realizes that something is wrong.

On flight 110, Eve reminisces about what Ian told her about Tirama Island. Soon, the plane begins its descent to Tirama Island.

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