PC Update Friday 2/16/01

Port Charles Update Friday 2/16/01

By Beth
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Jamal goes to the address Frank gave him and finds Alison there. He doesn't understand; Frank's friend needs a mechanic. Alison agrees; she is Frank's friend. Jamal wants to know what's going on. Alison says that the place was destroyed in a fire, and the owner, another friend of Frank's, wants to reopen it. With Frank's help, she pitched the idea of Jamal running it for him. Jamal doesn't like the idea at all. He assumes that Amanda is fronting the money, but it's not true. The owner agreed to let him fix up the place, do a good job of running it, and split the profits. Now Jamal has to pass an interview. Alison, in her "Al" uniform, proceeds to ask Jamal some questions, which Jamal finds very amusing. Alison insists on continuing the interview. She makes him take off his shirt to see whether he's physically fit for the job. He complies and then kisses her. Alison has one more thing for him to do. They make love. Later, Alison tells Jamal that she came up with this idea when she saw an old motorcycle shop sign at the auction.

At the Recovery Room, Arianna confides to Gabriela that she has to have Ian's baby. Gabriela advises her to tell Ian that her brother is still threatening her. She suddenly realizes that Arianna has feelings for Ian. Arianna reminds her that Ben won't believe in her marriage if she doesn't have Ian's baby. She admits to caring about Ian. Gabriela is shocked to hear that Arianna received her very first kiss ever tonight, and that it was from Ian. Arianna explains that where she comes from, a woman isn't allowed to kiss a man until they are married. Gabriela understands that a first kiss is very special, but it can't be confused with love. Arianna realizes that Ian doesn't love her. She also knows that she has to tell Ian about Ben's threats.

Ian refuses to fight Kevin, who wants to tear him in half for hurting Eve. In Kevin's opinion, Ian doesn't deserve her. Kevin won't leave it alone. He wants Ian to leave town. Ian doesn't blame Kevin for looking out for Eve, but he can't change what happened. Kevin wants to know why Ian married another woman when he supposedly loves Eve so much, but Ian won't tell him. Kevin tells him to stay away from Eve. Ian goes to the bar and orders Irish whiskey. Joe approaches him to see how he's doing. Ian asks him to take Arianna home so that he can have some time to himself.

In the ladies' room, Eve confronts Lucy for trashing her. She accuses Lucy of being too spineless to say anything to her face. She goads Lucy, who responds. Lucy wants to know what happens to poor Ian and Kevin, both of whom Eve supposedly loves. She accuses Eve of being selfish and incapable of loving anyone. Eve tries to leave, but Lucy blocks her way. When she refuses to move, Eve pushes her aside, accidentally knocking her into the wall. Lucy slides to the floor. Eve wants to take her to the hospital in case she has a concussion, but Lucy isn't impressed with her concern. She doesn't like Eve one bit, and she accuses her of cheating on Kevin. Eve points out that Lucy, who is still legally married to Scott, tricked Kevin into believing he was a widower so that she could get him into bed. "Okay, so maybe we're both sort of horrible," Lucy concedes. Eve tells her to speak for herself. Lucy points out that they're both sitting on a bathroom floor after hurting Kevin a great deal, and now they both seem to be absolutely alone. Lucy's cattiness gets to Eve, who asks whether she was born obnoxious. They continue bickering. Lucy thinks they have to do something about their respective situations. They have to commit to not making the same mistakes over and over. Eve admits that Lucy has a point, and now she knows what she has to do.

Arianna finds Ian sitting outside the house, where he's been drinking all alone. Arianna is ready to tell him about Ben's threats, but Ian isn't in the mood to listen. After pointing out how beautiful the snow looks in the moonlight, he kisses his bride passionately.

At the airport, Eve mistakes a stranger for Ian. After apologizing for her error, she boards flight 110.

Lucy tells the ER doctor that she was shoved into a bathroom wall. The doctor asks about the nausea and dizziness she noted on the form. When Lucy tells him that it's been going on for a while, he asks whether she could be pregnant.

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