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Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/13/01

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Lucy is relieved when Kevin finally shows up, because she was under the impression that he was coming right over. She's frantic to find Livvie and hopes that she spent the night at the lighthouse. Kevin wants to know what's going on. Lucy admits that Livvie found out about what happened with Jack the other night and completely lost it. Given everything else that's been going on, Lucy isn't sure what this might push her to do.

Livvie takes a good look in the mirror and then grabs a pair of scissors. Unnoticed, Chris watches from the doorway as she cuts her hair. He silently approves.

At the lighthouse, Eve tries to be a good hostess, but Karen isn't worried about her drink. She's worried about Eve, who hasn't returned her messages in days. Eve assures her that she's fine, but Karen doesn't believe that. She's heard the rumor that Ian married Arianna, and she knows how Eve feels about him. Eve tells her that it's not a rumor; it's really true. Karen doesn't get it. Eve states that Ian must have his reasons. Karen would like to know what they are, and she doesn't understand why Eve wouldn't feel the same way. "Maybe you can understand how a guy could be crazy in love with one woman on Tuesday and then turn around and elope with another one two weeks later, but I can't," she tells her friend. She can't understand why Eve keeps defending him. True love doesn't come around twice a week; either Ian is in love with her or he isn't. Eve asks her to drop it.

At the Recovery Room, Joe lends a sympathetic ear to Ian, who doesn't know what to do anymore. Ian tells him about how close he was to having everything he's ever wanted, and now it can't happen. He has to keep his promise to Arianna. Joining them, Mary congratulates Ian on his new marriage. She's hoping that the newlyweds will attend the party tonight. Ian tries to decline, but Mary insists. Bob is bringing up some special champagne from downstairs, and Mary was hoping to toast Ian and his marriage. Joe backs up Ian and tells his mother to take a rain check on meeting Arianna. Mary agrees and runs to tell Bob to stop bringing up those bottles. When Joe gives Ian a look, Ian points out that he can't pretend to be the happy groom when Eve is the only woman on his mind; he can't just turn off the way he feels. Joe isn't saying he has to do that; he just can't let Arianna's brother or the INS agents in on it. Ian reminds him that it's easier said than done.

Lucy doesn't think Kevin is reacting to the crisis well enough. "Your daughter is out there somewhere doing who-knows-what. Don't you care?" she rants. Kevin doesn't like what she's implying. Of course he cares, but he doesn't know what she expects him to do about it now. He blames Lucy for this. Refusing to take the full blame, Lucy points out that Livvie is also mad at her father for lying to her. She suggests making it about Jack, who happens to be out there trying to win back the woman he loves--unlike some people she knows. Kevin tells her not to turn this around on him. He needs to find his daughter. "Oh, no, you don't, Dad. Because she's right here," Livvie announces, coming through the door. She's wearing a sexy black outfit and a new hairstyle. Lucy comments that she looks different. Livvie states that it was past time for a change; she and Chris did a little shopping. Chris appears behind her and says that she's a real knockout. Livvie doesn't care what Lucy and Kevin think. She's going to grab a few things. "Then I'll be right back, honey," she says, shocking her dad. "Funny how things work out, isn't it?" Chris asks smugly.

Arianna looks through the window and stops before going inside. She recalls her brother's warning to have Ian's child. Gabby comes along and tries to get her to go inside where it's warm. Arianna wants to ask her a question first. She asks how long she should wait before trying to conceive again. Gabby asks whether she's talked to Ian about this, and Arianna admits that it's ridiculous to consider having children, but it's just so hard. Misunderstanding, Gabby thinks this is about losing the baby, and Arianna goes along with this. Gabby tells her that she and Ian could grow to care for each other in time. They go inside and join Joe and Ian. Mary is thrilled to finally meet Ian's bride. She tells Ian to take extra good care of her.

Eve apologizes for going off on Karen. She wants to stop talking about her mess of a life and find out about Karen and Frank. Karen tells her about the auction date and the computer. Realizing she's falling for Frank, Karen reminds herself of her promise not to fall for a nice guy, because they never end up being nice in the end. Eve doesn't think she should become cynical about men. In spite of how things turned out with Ian, what they had was real.

In Kevin's opinion, Livvie is too young for Chris. The way Lucy sees it, Chris finally got what he wanted. Chris is stunned to hear that Lucy slept with Jack. Lucy and Kevin had no idea that Chris and Jack were brothers. Livvie is finally looking out for herself and making herself happy. Lucy insists that Livvie and Jack belong together. "Excuse me, but isn't it in really poor taste to be pushing a guy on to Livvie that, well, you yourself just pushed yourself onto?" Chris points out. Kevin tells him to shut up. He kicks Chris out, which means that Livvie also leaves. They're going to a Valentine's party. Livvie will send for the rest of her things. Kevin decides to go to the party to keep an eye on his daughter. Lucy warns that he will just end up making things worse. Instead, she's going to go to the party and make sure that the right people end up together.

Chris tells Livvie that he's proud of her for standing up to Kevin and Lucy. Livvie states that she did it for herself, not for Chris. All she cares about is having a good time at the party.

Lucy calls Jack to say that she has a job for him. She wants him to take her to a party.

Kevin is flustered, trying to figure out how to handle the situation with Livvie. Eve finds him and wonders why he was talking to himself. He tells her that Livvie is going to the party with Chris. Eve is sorry to hear that. She offers to go to the party with Kevin and try to get Chris to leave Livvie alone.

Gabriela introduces Arianna to Colleen, Deneice, Raj, Alex, and Katie. Arianna enjoys everyone's warmth and friendliness. They're all curious about how Ian proposed. Ian tries to take her away, but Joe assures him that she will be fine. He reminds Ian that they need to look like happy newlyweds. If Ian doesn't start loosening up, people will get suspicious. Ian knows that, but he's afraid that Eve will walk in and find them. Joe thinks it's unlikely, but in any case, Ian can't avoid her forever. He guarantees that Eve won't be at the party. Ian tells him that he can't play the devoted husband forever; the longer they're in public, the riskier it will be. When Joe informs him that the INS agents have just arrived, Ian decides to make the most of it. He tells Mary that he and his bride will be staying, and they would like everyone to know how deeply in love they are. He toasts his wife just as Eve and Kevin arrive.

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