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Port Charles Update Monday 2/12/01

By Beth
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Alison puts up a lot of decorations for the Valentine's Day party at the Recovery Room. Frank comments that all the lights will make his electric bill go through the roof. Alison knows all about that. She's been planning a surprise for Jamal that keeps getting more and more expensive. She's actually a couple thousand short. She even thought about asking her grandmother for a loan. Fortunately, that case of temporary insanity passed very quickly, but she still needs to get hold of some cash.

Having overheard Alison chattering about money, Jamal thinks about the offer from Travis that could get him an easy $2000. He rushes back out of the bar, only to run into Jack outside. Jack is desperately looking for Livvie. Alison joins them and tells Jamal she's glad the movie is done, because that will give them more time together. In her opinion, that job was beneath Jamal, and he will definitely find something better. Jamal points out that he doesn't exactly have any prospects. Jack interrupts, saying that he has to talk to Alison. He needs to know whether she's heard from Livvie. Alison says that she hasn't, adding that she's not sure she would tell him if she had. Jack just wants to make sure that she's all right. Jamal asks whether she's in some kind of trouble. "No, not since she stopped dating him," Alison remarks. Jack asks her to help him find her and then go back to hating him. Jamal urges her to help. Annoyed, Alison says that Livvie mentioned stopping by the hospital to see her grandmother. She goes inside to make one phone call for Jack. Jamal is really curious about what Jack did to make Livvie mad at him. "Did you forget her birthday or something? Wreck her car? Get caught fooling around?" he asks. The look on Jack's face supplies his answer. Jack admits that he was messing around with Lucy.

"You mind telling me why you're naked in my bed?" Chris asks Livvie, averting his eyes. Livvie tells Chris that she's waiting for him. Chris reminds her that the last time she tried to seduce him, she was really just setting him up. Livvie invites him to frisk her if he thinks she's wired. She wants him to make love to her. "What happened, Livvie? Jack busy tonight?" Chris asks. Livvie wraps herself up in the sheet and walks over to Chris. She tells him that he's the one person who hasn't let her down, and she's finally come to appreciate him. Chris realizes that something happened with Jack, and he reminds Livvie that he warned her. Livvie knows that, and she gets it now. She's through with that loser and ready to concentrate on Chris. He rightly assumes that she's using him to get back at Jack. "What if I am?" she asks, letting go of the sheet so that it will drop to the floor. "Are you going to kick me out of your bed, or are you going to make love to me?" she asks, telling Chris to pick one.

Arianna can't believe her brother could talk to her about having another baby when she just had a miscarriage. Even if she wanted to, it wouldn't be safe to have one so soon. Ben calls that a ridiculous notion and blames Eve for putting it in her head. In his country, no woman would be permitted to think that way. Arianna argues that Eve had nothing to do with this, but Ben isn't listening. Arianna tells him to forget about Eve and just tell her why he's there. Ben informs her that the only way she can redeem herself is to give the family a legitimate grandchild. He places his gift on a table and reminds her of the consequences of failure.

Eve tells Ian that she finally remembered everything. She goes into detail about some of her memories, and Ian prompts her with a few more. He is thrilled for her. He asks whether this is why she left Kevin. "I told him that I fell in love with you," she admits. Ian can't believe this; Eve is finally free, but he isn't. He tells her that he waited so long for her to remember, when he really wanted to hold her and tell her everything. Eve doesn't understand why he didn't, but he explains that the doctors advised against forcing her memory. He tries to tell her about Arianna, but she stops him. She's not sure why Ian married someone else, but she knows that he loves her. Arianna barges into the on-call room to talk to her husband.

Jack tells Jamal that Kevin walked in before anything actually happened. Livvie was the one good thing in his life, and now he's lost her because of this. Alison returns with the news that Livvie hasn't been to visit her grandmother. Jack can't imagine where she is. Suddenly, he thinks of a place he hasn't looked. As he rushes off, Alison drags Jamal back inside. Jamal corners Frank about Alison's need for cash, but Frank refuses to get in the middle of this. Alison catches Jamal being nosy and calls him on it. Jamal asks her what she's keeping from him. Alison tells him that it was just a crazy idea she had that they can't really afford. It's okay, though, because she just got a nice tip from some customers. She assures him that they'll be fine. Jamal is determined to carry his own weight and not let her pay for everything. He phones Travis to ask whether the deal is still on the table.

Chris wraps the sheet around Livvie again and sits down with her. He admits that although he's wanted her for a long time, he doesn't want her when she's acting like some wounded little girl. Livvie can't believe he's turning her down. Neither can Chris; it must mean that he really likes her. When Jack starts pounding on the door, Livvie urges him not to answer it, but Chris promises to get rid of him. He opens the door, and Jack barges in, demanding to know where Livvie is. Wearing only a shirt belonging to Chris, Livvie appears in the doorway from the bedroom. Chris had expected her to stay in there, but Livvie points out that she doesn't need to hide her relationships from Jack. He's the liar; she's not.

Arianna needs to speak to Ian about Ben. Colleen comes in and asks Eve to come out to the desk. Eve tells Ian that she'll be right back to finish their conversation. Alone with Ian, Arianna tells him that Ben just paid her a visit. She knows that he's suspicious of Ian's feelings for Eve, and he blames her for putting him behind bars. She's a little worried about Eve's safety.

Eve looks at a package wrapped in brown paper. Colleen tells her that she found it there with Eve's name on it and thought maybe she was expecting it. Since she wasn't, Colleen goes off to try to find out where it came from. As Eve looks it over, Ian appears and warns her not to open it. He gently takes the box from her.

Jack punches his brother in the face. Livvie is furious. Chris orders him to get out, but Jack refuses to leave without Livvie. She informs him that she's exactly where she wants to be. Opening the door, she tells him to get out. As Jack silently walks out, Livvie shoves him the rest of the way and then closes the door behind him. Chris states that she's getting good at this. He recalls the time she tried to make Rachel think they were sleeping together. He wonders whether she even knows what she wants. He wants her to take responsibility for her actions, because it's the only way she will ever stop being the victim. He tells her to grow up and become the beautiful, amazing woman he knows she can be.

"That guy has three different kinds of cheese on his cheeseburger, and I really feel that I should say something, because it's not very healthy," Alison chatters. Jamal stops her and says he has to take off. Frank asks Alison whether she and Jamal are okay, and she assures him that they will be. Once he figures out what she's done for him, he'll be thrilled, and their money problems will be over. 

Jamal meets with Travis to make the arrangements for earning his easy money.

Colleen returns and says that it's a present from Amy Scott, the little girl with the ruptured appendix. She has the card, which Amy forgot to attach to the present. Eve opens it up and takes out a Valentine's teddy bear. Ian examines it and decides that it's safe, while Arianna explains why he's concerned about it. Colleen tells Eve that Amy wants to see her, and Eve tells Ian to wait for her. Arianna gives a chance to get out of this. She doesn't think it's fair to keep him away from the woman he loves. Eve returns to finish the conversation, as promised. Taking her aside, Ian explains the situation fully. Eve is shocked by the news that Arianna has been marked for death and that this marriage is her only hope. Ian is confident that Eve understands the gravity of the situation, but he assures her that he loves her more than life itself. It has to be this way for now. When Eve assures him that she does understand, Ian takes his wife home.

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