PC Update Friday 2/9/01

Port Charles Update Friday 2/9/01

By Beth
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Ian can't quite believe this. Arianna wants to share a bedroom with him? Arianna informs him that they have to share a bedroom and even a bed in order to convince the INS agents that their marriage is real. Ian agrees that she has a point. He promises to respect her privacy and never take advantage of the situation. It's all very upsetting to him. When he points out that they passed their first interview, Arianna states that it will get harder. Ian doesn't think so, because they're going to work on their answers together. Arianna is convinced that they'll be caught. She decides to get her things and start packing. Ian warns that it's all over if she leaves now. In Arianna's opinion, it's already over; Ben has won. She drops her things, and the photo of herself with Ben falls out. Ian is surprised to see that she still has that picture. Arianna tells him that memories are all she has left of better times, when she had a home and a family. Ian tells her that she has a home now, and everything will be all right. After they fool the INS agents, she can start her life over. Arianna comments that it shouldn't be hard for him to play the part of a man in love, because all he has to do is think about Eve. Ian wants to think about Arianna now. He knows he didn't go so well in the interview, but he'll work on it. He'll learn everything there is to know about her so that they can pass the test. Arianna still doesn't understand exactly how they're going to pull this off. "How. Well, all right. First, we'll make sure that they believe that we do share the same bed. And then we'll show them that we're starting to build a life together. We'll -- we'll go shopping. We'll buy things, girlie things -- flowers and pictures of flowers or pillows with flowers, something," he says as Arianna looks at him with devotion. Ian will also need a job so that he can pay for all this. He decides to ask for his old job back at the hospital. Arianna is afraid that Ben will come back while she's alone, but Ian assures her that he is behind bars and will stay that way.

At the hospital, Eve stands inside the on-call room, where the awful truth about Ian's marriage runs through her mind. She's unaware that she has a stalker; Ben is standing in the doorway behind her.

Livvie is convinced that Lucy and Jack slept together. They both try to explain that it's all a misunderstanding, but she doesn't believe a word they say. Lucy tells her that they didn't go all the way. Besides, she had no idea who he was at the time. Jack confirms that, saying that he freaked out when he found out that Lucy and Livvie knew each other. He's sorry, and he would take if back if he could. Livvie informs him that he can't. Lucy reminds Livvie that she and Jack had both just hit rock bottom; they were really hurt, and sometimes things just happen. Livvie believes that it would have happened again right here at the spa if she hadn't walked in. Jack protests that he just wanted to ask Lucy for a favor. He was hoping she could cover for him, because he told the police that he was working for her. Livvie doesn't believe a word of it. She thinks that Lucy tried to talk her out of sleeping with Jack because she wanted him all to herself. She refuses to listen to any more lies. She never wants to see either of them again. Jack tells her that it's all his fault, but Lucy says that they were both being very stupid that night. Livvie states that they're wasting their time. She's through being the innocent little idiot of Port Charles. Obviously, Lucy was never really her friend. Livvie can't believe she had feelings for Jack. Suddenly, she realizes that Kevin knows about this and didn't tell her. She's had enough. She gathers her things and announces that she finally knows what she wants; she's never been more sure of anything in her life. After Livvie storms out, Jack realizes that there's no use in running after her. He blames himself for hurting her in spite of everything he did to keep her from getting hurt. He suddenly realizes that he loves her. Lucy believes that she can help him get Livvie back. She just has to come up with the right plan. Jack worries about the way Livvie left. He's afraid that she's going to do something crazy.

As Ben watches Eve, Chris comes along and informs him that the on-call room is for doctors only. Ben gives him an insincere apology and walks away. Chris is surprised to see Eve, who is going through some notes. Seeing the tears in her eyes, Chris asks what's going on. Eve tells him that she and Kevin decided not to renew their vows. In fact, they're splitting up. Chris is sorry that she's hurt, but he never thought Kevin was good enough for her. Eve is offended by his disrespect for Kevin; she has never known another love like his. Confused, Chris asks why they're breaking up. Before she can answer, Ian steps inside the room.

Arianna tears up the photo and throws the pieces into the trash. Ben lets himself into Ian and Arianna's apartment to speak to his sister alone. Arianna doesn't understand how he got out of jail. Ben explains that it took the right word in just the right ear. Nothing is impossible when it comes to their uncle pulling the right strings, and although the number of strings was extensive, Ben can now stay and keep an eye on her. He will make sure that she finds happiness and settles in. It's the family wish, and there's no use fighting it. Showing her a small gift-wrapped box, he tells her that it's a gesture of his good will. Arianna would prefer that he leave, but that won't happen. He places the gift in her hands and insists that she open it. She removes the lid and looks inside. It's a silver rattle for her baby. Hurt, Arianna reminds him that she lost her baby. Ben informs her that this is for the child she will bear Ian. He will believe in her marriage the day she can prove that she's carrying Ian's child.

Seeing the chemistry between them, Chris now knows why Eve and Kevin are giving up. "What? What did you say?" Ian asks. Eve glares at Chris, who doesn't know what the problem is. Since his shift is over, he heads for home. Ian asks why Eve didn't tell him about the breakup. She says that they've both been very busy lately. She asks about his new bride, and he says that she's fine. He would rather hear about Eve and Kevin. Eve states that there isn't much to tell. She reminds him that they were having problems before the kidnapping. Being apart for so long certainly didn't help. The good thing is that they're still friends. Today is the first day of the rest of her life. Ian doesn't buy it. He wants to know what else is going on. Eve doesn't feel that she owes him an explanation. She tells him to go live his own life; he should concentrate on his own happy marriage and stay out of hers. "I am just your colleague," she says, trying to leave. Ian stops her and says that they're not just colleagues. "We're what, Ian? What are we?" she asks tearfully. Ian wants an answer from Eve. She doesn't feel that he has the right to demand the truth after he went off and got married behind her back. He refuses to talk about that. He knows that Eve is keeping something from him. She refuses to say anything. She tries to leave, but he grabs her arm. He wants the real reason for her breakup with Kevin. Eve admits that she remembered everything. "I remembered that we fell in love," she tells him.

Chris comes home and prepares to get some much-needed downtime. As he walks toward the bed, he sees Livvie waiting for him there. "Glad to see me, Chris? All of me?" she asks seductively, revealing her nude body.

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