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Port Charles Update Thursday 2/8/01

By Beth
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At the spa, Lucy thoroughly enjoys her massage--which is interrupted by Livvie, who decided to join her after all. Fortunately, Lucy is happy to see her. When Livvie admits that she ran into Jack on the train and actually got locked inside the baggage car with him, Lucy worries about what happened when they were alone. Livvie says that he told her the truth, prompting Lucy to ask her masseur to give them a minute alone. After he leaves, she asks what Jack said. Livvie says that he told her how much he really cares. She knows that Lucy probably expects her to be furious with him, but he was just so sweet. Lucy worries that Livvie slept with Jack "too" while they were there. Livvie wants to know what she means by that. Lucy just thinks that Jack has been around and probably slept with a lot of women. She doesn't want Livvie's heart to get broken. Livvie assures her that Jack isn't like that. Besides, she didn't sleep with him. Lucy apologizes for assuming that she had. She pours two glasses of fresh carrot juice and gives one to Livvie. Livvie apologizes for barging in. Lucy doesn't mind at all, but she's aware that Livvie can't stop thinking about Jack. Livvie admits that she can't help it; every time she wants to hate him, he does something really caring and loving. She just melts whenever Jack touches her. "But you probably know what that's like," she says, causing Lucy to choke on her juice. Lucy knows what it's like to be affected that much by a man. Livvie admits that he also drives her nuts with his mixed signals. She never knows where she stands with him from one minute to the next. Lucy advises her to take a break from Jack, at least for now. Livvie was afraid of that, but she admits that Lucy is probably right.

Ian returns the INS agent's ID but states that no one will question him or his wife without an attorney present. He doesn't like people bursting in and invading their privacy. When both agents argue, Ian claims to have nothing to hide. "Ask away," he says. The agents intend to ask their questions, but separately. They can do it there or downtown; it's up to him. Ian tells them to use their apartment downstairs. Marika, the female agent, goes downstairs with Arianna.

Eve asks Kevin whether he really thinks it's possible to turn back the clock to before she met Ian. Kevin believes that they can get past all the pain they've caused each other if they try. She doesn't see how, and she doesn't know how everything went so wrong. "Why wasn't loving each other enough?" she asks, tears streaming down her face. Kevin asks her not to do this. Eve blames herself for not trying hard enough, but Kevin assures her that they both tried. It just wasn't meant to be. Eve is worried that he will hate her. Kevin assures her that he could never hate her. In fact, he's grateful to her for everything she's brought into his life. They came into each other's life when they needed to, and now that time is over. If they were truly meant to be together, no one would have been able to break them apart. Eve still feels that she's failed, but Kevin doesn't agree. They made their dreams come true, built something wonderful, and then hit a fork in the road. He has absolutely no regrets. Eve is still in shock about the way their life together turned out. Kevin tells her that they're as close as they've ever been. Eve feels the same way. Taking her hand, Kevin promises to always honor their friendship and to be there for her, in good times and bad. Eve also promises to be there for him in good times and bad, or if he just needs a shoulder to cry on or a cup of hot chocolate. "As long as you promise not to cook for me," Kevin says. Eve laughs and thanks him for loving her. Kevin thanks her for some of the most incredible memories of his life. Pulling her close, he assures her that they're going to be okay.

Arianna's interview goes well. She answers the woman's questions intelligently and thoughtfully, describing Ian as kind, gentle, and caring, like no other man she's ever known. He is special in so many ways, such as asking for her opinion about things even though he must know more about them than she does. He treats her as if she's important. Arianna can describe Ian's eyes perfectly, and she's very familiar with his likes and dislikes. It's obvious that she cares about him and is falling for him.

Ian's interview doesn't go nearly as well. At first, he calls on his feelings for Eve to get him through the questions, and he states that he can't imagine loving anyone else. Eventually, that stops working. Ian can't give a straight answer about anything. He doesn't know what color Arianna's eyes are or what perfume she wears. He does know that she seems to like vegetables. He states that while he doesn't know every detail about her now, he intends to find out in time. Mr. Martin assures him that they will all find out. The women return, and the two agents step outside to consult about the case. While Arianna was pretty convincing, Ian was definitely not. The agents go back inside and announce that they will stop by periodically without warning. After they leave, Ian and Arianna exchange worried looks.

Lucy just doesn't want Livvie to waste time on the wrong person. "Take it from somebody who knows," she advises. Livvie asks what happened with Kevin, and Lucy replies that she made a huge mistake that Kevin can forgive but isn't likely to forget. In Livvie's opinion, things could still work out for them, but Lucy isn't so sure. When pressed, she admits that if Kevin were to apologize and say that they belong together forever, she would have to let him forgive her. She starts to argue that Livvie's situation is different, but she ends up saying that it isn't different at all. If Livvie really thinks that Jack is worth fighting for, maybe she should talk to him about their feelings for each other. Lucy has learned that honesty is definitely the best policy. Livvie thinks she's right. She wants to call Jack and find out if there's anything worth saving. The problem is that he's already left town, and she has no idea where he went. When Lucy says that someone must know, Livvie realizes that Jamal might. As she goes to find the phone and call him now, Lucy warns her to be careful not to mess up her pedicure. As soon as she's gone, someone knocks on the door. Lucy is astonished to see Jack. She tries to get rid of him, but he's not listening. He wants to ask her a favor. "Look, Lucy, I know you don't owe me. You already stuck your neck out to hide what we did from Livvie about almost sleeping together," he admits. "What?!?" Livvie asks, having returned with a phone.

Back in their apartment, Ian feels confident that they passed the test with the INS agents. He asks Arianna what she's doing. Carrying a pillow and extra bedding into the bedroom, she tells him that they have to be prepared for the surprise inspection. They have to look like a real married couple sharing a bedroom.

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