PC Update Wednesday 2/7/01

Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/7/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Unseen, Karen and Frank are breathing heavily. A pair of Karen's shoes is in the middle of the floor. Karen isn't sure this is the right thing to do, but Frank tells her that it's a little late for second thoughts. Karen admits that he's right; they can't stop now. The camera pans the room to reveal them bringing the very heavy old computer into the house. Frank plugs it into an outlet, causing major sparks to fly from the old computer. He immediately unplugs it. He doesn't know what happened, but they can get it fixed. Karen asks him to move it out of the middle of the room. Under her breath, she expresses a preference for the patio, but she tells Frank that it can go by the window. Frank good-naturedly moves it for her, hurting his knee in the process.

Home from their ordeal, Arianna wonders whether getting married was a mistake. Ian reminds her that they didn't have a choice. Arianna is amazed that he would do so much for her, especially going as far as marriage when he's in love with someone else. Ian reminds her that Ben will come looking for her when he gets out of jail. They need to make him and everyone else believe that the marriage is real. He wants to get her a ring, and he thinks that she should change her name. As they talk, Joe and Gabriela stop by. Gabriela is surprised to see Arianna, who apologizes for leaving the nurse to deal with Ben. Gabriela understands. Pulling Arianna to him, Ian announces to his friends that he and Arianna are married. Surprised, Gabriela congratulates Ian and Arianna on their marriage. Joe is really stunned. He invites Ian upstairs to help find something with which to make a toast. Gabriela is suspicious and assures Arianna that she can talk to her. Arianna says that she and Ian will be happy together.

Karen insists on looking at Frank's injured knee, which needs ice. Karen confides that it was a nightmare growing up with Rhonda drinking all the time. Frank understands; his dad was the reason he and Joe were always hanging out in the street. He remembers Karen as "Joe's scrawny little friend." Karen thought of him as Joe's cool older brother, who was also kind of cute.

Waking from a restless nap on the couch, Eve opens her eyes and finds that Kevin is home. He doesn't know what to say; he didn't expect to find her there. In Eve's opinion, his surprise at seeing his wife at home is a good place to start. It's hard for Eve to tell Kevin what's going on with her. She apologizes for hurting him, and she tells him how her memory came back during the ceremony. Until then, she had forgotten about falling in love with Ian. Kevin admits that she wasn't the only one who broke a wedding vow. He tells her that he found his way back to Lucy. Eve is stunned, but now everything that Lucy said makes sense to her. She doesn't blame Kevin; he didn't know that she was alive. She tells Kevin that Ian is now married; some things just weren't meant to be. She doesn't want him to know that she remembered everything. Kevin promises to keep her secret but asks whether she would be with Ian right now if he weren't married. Eve realizes that she's ruined everything. She wishes she knew how they ended up this way. She wishes there were a way to turn back the clock. "Maybe there is," Kevin says.

Karen admits to being scared of anything that rocks the boat. Frank asks whether that includes him, but it doesn't. Her clothing gets caught on the computer again. Frank thinks it's trying to tell her that it wants him to come to her rescue. Karen feels that she has to be honest with him. The computer is ugly. Frank was wondering how long it would take her to say that. He offers to store it at his place, and she readily agrees, stipulating that she gets to visit it whenever she wants.

Joe tells Ian to cut the bull. He knows that Ian loves Eve, not Arianna. Ian reluctantly tells Joe about Ben's plans to perform an honor killing simply because Arianna was raped. Now they need to make everyone believe that they're happily married. Joe reminds Ian that this is illegal, but Ian doesn't believe anyone will find out. He is stunned to hear that Kevin and Eve didn't renew their vows. They're interrupted by Gabriela and Arianna. Gabriela and Joe have to head back to the hospital, which means that they'll have to celebrate some other time. After they leave, a man and woman knock on the door. They're from Immigration and Naturalization Services, and they're looking for Arianna. They intend to deport her. Ian informs them that she is is wife. This is a new development, and the INS agents have some questions for them.

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